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  1. Pattern Ghost

    This Week in MMOs

    It's a shame that EQ Next turned into vaporware. I thought they had some potential with the new tech.
  2. Pattern Ghost

    How to Build: Personal waterfall?

    Sounds like life support, usable by others. So long as it's not an unlimited water source that can be abused by creative players (i.e., the flow can't be majorly diverted), it should be relatively cheap.
  3. Pattern Ghost

    Please no more Royal Wedding

    The Royal family got another much-needed injection of attractive genes. I'm happy for them.
  4. Pattern Ghost

    Only for Dying...

    Good points! Thanks to both of you for the info. I've never really used the disabling/impairment rules, so those didn't come to mind.
  5. Pattern Ghost

    Black Lightning on CW tonight

    Not really a bad plan. It's probably the best superhero show outside of Netflix at the moment. I ditched Arrow partway through last season or the one before, but still watch the rest. None are really high on my priority list, though.
  6. Pattern Ghost

    Black Lightning on CW tonight

    I never really minded the deaths. It's not a collection of characters I'm terribly attached to.
  7. Pattern Ghost

    Only for Dying...

    This is what I was wondering? What's the distinction between regular Body and the limited version? Unless you're talking prior to 6th Edition, but then you could just take No Figured Characteristics for -1/2, because all Body does in prior editions is prevent death and add to your Stun total.
  8. Pattern Ghost

    Destroy Your Geek Cred!!

    That was probably just a crazy guy from Texas.
  9. Pattern Ghost

    Black Lightning on CW tonight

    Here's how I advised my wife to catch up on Legends of Tomorrow: Read an online summary of the plot of season 1 on Wikipedia or something. Start with Season 2. If you're looking for something that passes the high bar set by the best of superheroic television, then you can skip it. If you're OK with watching a show that doesn't take itself too seriously but embraces its comic book roots more than most superhero shows, then you might find it fun. The tone of the show is similar to the late 80's run of JLA with Blue Beetle and Booster Gold that was a bit on the lighter side. (I'm thinking Giffen, but all I find is JLI, not JLA and I thought it was the main book at the time. Eh, memory's getting fuzzy.)
  10. Pattern Ghost

    Black Lightning on CW tonight

    Yeah, I don't think we're supposed to think too hard about them.
  11. Pattern Ghost

    Sectional Body Armor: Reality vs. Game Play

    Thanks. I only have 4th Edition Dark Champions, and no idea what box it's in at the moment. Thanks. I thought they looked like a soft armor piece. And "ballistic groin protector" sounds better than the first thing I thought of . . . codpiece.
  12. Pattern Ghost

    Black Lightning on CW tonight

    In the same scene, they also referenced Supergirl. So, that rules out the main/original Arrowverse. Not sure if Supergirl's universe has a Vixen, or if they're in some third universe either with both or with both as comic book characters.
  13. Pattern Ghost

    Black Lightning on CW tonight

    I thought it finished strong. Looking forward to season 2. I think it's the CW show that best exemplifies the genre, with the runner up being Legends of Tomorrow after season 1 (which was a turd). Agree with RDU Neil on Thunder's Brick Tricks multipower, complete with limitation. Makes me wonder if one of the writing staff plays Hero. 😃
  14. Pattern Ghost

    Sectional Body Armor: Reality vs. Game Play

    That actually sounds better than my list above. The last time I did something similar, my base premise was that the first item on the list should be the smallest projectile capable of killing a healthy human, same as here. But then I looked at how much Body that would take. Today, I just set the lowest category to 1 DC and started adding DCs, thinking that I didn't want to be hitting 4d6 and 5d6 RKAs on the higher end, or at least not too fast. So, a 1 pip killing attack, with the highest Body multiplier on the hit location can only do 2 Body. If you use the base couch potato stats of 8 BODY, that's only a quarter dead. If you bump the pea shooters up to 1/2D6, they can do up to 6 BODY on a really good roll. Not instantly fatal, but close enough for gaming purposes, and still works if you progress the DCs into other broad categories of firearms. (Said categories could be debated, too.)
  15. Pattern Ghost

    Sniping a scope.

    I clicked on the thread to basically say what Old Man and pinecone said. (There's a cop show title for you, Old Man and Pinecone.) Basically, it's a fun description for someone rolling a 3 on a called head shot.