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  1. Pattern Ghost

    In other news...

    The sharks are coming in to chow on seals on their way South. Kind of a dine and dash situation.
  2. Pattern Ghost

    In other news...

    He had one. Inside his house. The glass breakers should stay in the car.
  3. Pattern Ghost

    In other news...

    I think RDU Neil was joking about the dog locking him in. On a more serious note: A good reason to carry a Resqme or a Lifehammer.
  4. Just think of it as a family drama with glowy fists.
  5. Iron Fist Season 2 came out on Netflix yesterday. I'm on episode 7. Much improved, IMO.
  6. Pattern Ghost

    This Week in MMOs

    Looks like Wildstar is dead. Not sure of the shutdown date yet, but it has been announced to the gaming press, apparently. RIP. I would have played more of this if the frantic combat wasn't so hard on my hands. I was kind of hoping the FTP launch would keep them going, since they fixed a lot of the initial issues. Oh, well. Another one bites the dust. Or is that bytes the dust?
  7. Pattern Ghost

    The cranky thread

    I'm in Snohomish, so no worries on those two accounts here, either. However, if Rainier blows, the ash will likely do me in. Edit: USGS map: https://www.usgs.gov/media/images/mt-rainier-lahar-hazard-map
  8. Pattern Ghost

    The cranky thread

    Are you in Seattle or Tacoma? Seattle doesn't seem at much risk from lahars, and no risk from pyroclastic flows.
  9. Pattern Ghost

    I'm old

    Happy Birthday! It must be tough getting to that age while clinging to the bottom of the Earth by your toes. Good job!
  10. Pattern Ghost

    I'm old

    Yeah, but my "GET OFF MY LAWN!" signs just got back from the printer. What would I do with them?
  11. Pattern Ghost

    I'm old

    /passes Doc Shadow a glass of warm milk.
  12. Pattern Ghost

    I'm old

    I turned 50 yesterday, you're a spring chicken badger compared to me.
  13. Pattern Ghost

    In other news...

    For the colonoscopy, they usually put you into a twilight state for the sedation. You'll basically be high and floaty.