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  1. archer

    Help with first character?

    No, it matters that you were deliberately rude to me in three posts in a row because you couldn't bear to take part in a polite discussion. That is all that really matters
  2. archer

    Help with first character?

    I usually get my ideas from the rules as well which is why I cut-and-pasted from the chart. In any case, we are still comparing the slightly increased cost of an OAF smoke grenade plus OAF vision goggles (which are good for other things such as seeing what is happening at a distance in poor lighting) against 17 points spent on Combat Sense.
  3. archer


    A man-eating lion escaped earlier this week onto the Harvard University campus. Unfortunately, it starved to death before authorities could locate it.
  4. archer

    Help with first character?

    DARKNESS TABLE Cost Per 5 1m Radius Darkness Affects One or more Targeting Senses or Sense Groups
  5. archer

    Help with first character?

    Here's the formula: Smoke Bomb (affects normal vision) variations: 5 Infrared Perception Here's another: 5 Nightvision And another: 5 Ultraviolet Perception COMBAT SENSE Cost: 15 CP for a base 9 + (INT/5) roll; +1 to roll per 1 CP; +2 CP to make the ability a Sense
  6. Been there, done that, bought the comic book.
  7. They completely lost me when they talked about making an Aunt May prequel spin-off major motion picture.
  8. archer

    The Power of Friendship

    If you want the friendship to happen without any effort on the character's part (no skill rolls and no meeting the person or talking to him involved), you are looking at Mind Control or Transform area of effect, continuous, etc. If it's just that he makes friends of everyone he meets, buy the appropriate PRE and social skills so that he doesn't blow his rolls. Give him Well-Connected so he can turn his friends into contacts cheaply.
  9. SarcophaGuy 55 STR 45 26 DEX 39 23 CON 26 10 BODY 13 INT 10 EGO 13 PRE 10 COM PD ED 5 SPD 16 REC 46 END STUN Appearance: In hero form, he appears as a classic mummy body with an Egyptian Pharaoh headdress. His face looks much like a metallic sarcophagus face turned to life. When the wrappings move to reveal other parts of his body, those parts appear to be metallic just as his face. He's a lot faster than he looks. His voice is deeply resonant but somewhat hollow which makes him sound breathless. Herman Garfunkle (no relation) always had an unnatural attraction to everything Egypt despite growing up in a normal rural Louisiana setting. He graduated from school five years early and went on to college to study Egyptology. On his first spring break, he decided to go to Egypt rather than to the beach with the rest of his classmates. While there, he was spirited away by an irresistible mystic force and was returned forty days and forty nights later with hazy memories of meeting with ancient deities who needed his help...and with the ability to transform into a being who could provide that help. Thus was SarcophaGuy born! When speaking English, SarcophaGuy has a thick Cajun accent but that accent doesn't carry over when he speaks other languages. Herman could "correct" his English but he thinks that it is everyone else who talks funny. (mostly 4th edition) Life Support: immortality 8< (an old version of the aging slowly power, roll per day or per phase during combat if someone has a power which interacts with immortality) Life Support: can breathe while buried or confined (like a mummy or someone sealed in a sarcophagus) Regeneration 1BODY 8< Armor Infravision N-Ray vision only through sand, sandstorm, stone, and loose dirt Shapeshift back into his former appearance. Note this does not alter access to his powers except for the stretching/swinging because his wrappings disappear. Also note that he is obviously still underage in his original form (and his original form is aging slowly as well). Multipower Change Environment create sandstorm Energy blast with variable special effects (sand, flies, frogs, etc. think of the confrontation of Moses vs the Pharaoh's court wizards) TK only in desert countries as in the Middle East, actual deserts, or in places with ample sand such as beaches, a typical manifestation of the power would be a sand or stone hand Multipower Tunneling only through sand or loose dirt Stretching (living bandages/wrapping) Swinging (wrappings) Running Leaping Gliding Martial Arts (Hop-Towea, a formerly lost ancient Egyptian art. It is pronounced hop-toe-way-uh.) 3 Leg Sweep 5 Defensive Strike 5 Defensive Block +1 OCV +3 DCV Abort 5 Defensive Fast Strike +2 OCV +1 DCV STR +2d6 4 Flying Grab -1 OCV -1 DCV grab, full move PS Archaeologist PS Student PS Cook Linguist Traveler Jack of All Trades Scholar Eidetic Memory Languages: Ancient Egyptian, Summerian, Ancient Greek, Ancient Hebrew, Modern Greek, Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Yiddish, Persian, Arabic AK: Egypt, Middle East, published archaeological digs KS: Egyptology, Summerian History, Ancient Astronaut "Theory", Mythology, Astronomy Watched: Egyptian Deity Watched: Catholic Church which fears he's trying to restart an ancient religion Watched: various fanatical Muslim groups Enraged when a powerful being presents a threat to harm sacred ancient Egyptian sites Overconfident Driven to pull his weight on the team (common, strong) Much too serious for his age (uncommon, moderate - doesn't know how to relax and have fun) Takes his mission seriously and thinks he's supposed to be the avatar for the gods' return 10 Celebrity (frequent, minor) - (constantly bothered by paparazzi and the public, the character is constantly asked to set aside time for a myriad of social events and appearances. The nature of this Disadvantage is akin to not only living in a fishbowl, but also being the most colorful fish. Many people, especially in the Middle East, treat him as a god come back to life and just want to be close to him. Others consider him to be a hoax peddler out to scam people and show up to protest his appearances. Whether any of this turns into Hunteds and people out to harm him will be determined during the campaign.)
  10. I went to college with a fellow from Ghana who was planning on going back there as a missionary. He had some horrific stories of the grinding poverty there among the general populace. I don't think I could take being a full-time hero there. I went with Melbourne. I can always agitate to build alternate bases in other cities. No offense to Melbourne but it's the furthest city away from everything on continent and the world map except Tasmania and New Zealand. For the young hero group, I went with Egypt or New Zealand. I had a friend whose uncle's house overlooked the Helm's Deep setting in New Zealand. He always made the place sound idyllic. As for Egypt, I could play my hero SarcophaGuy. defender of the ancient sacred crypts of Egypt.
  11. archer

    Which Champions Franchise would you join?

    I did research a couple of years ago to help prepare a disaster preparedness forum in the greater Seattle area which was designed to bring together city, state, national, military, and volunteer civilian assets, make them aware of potential problems and potential assets after a disaster. The goal was to try to come up with a plan or plans to work together quickly and smoothly rather than having the fragmented responses we've seen post-disaster in some areas. I ended up looking hundreds of things from dams and their potential flood zones to using the couple of decommissioned aircraft carriers in the area as landing strips. What struck me at the end is that there was a lot of nuclear material and a great many nuclear reactors in the area even when you didn't count in visiting military ships.
  12. archer

    Steve On The BAMF! Podcast

    Very cool.
  13. archer

    Help with first character?

    I don't use it due to the expense, it costs 17 if you don't want to blow half a phase to use it. And even then, it only works when you make your skill roll, You can generally buy a vision power which lets you see through your own smoke bomb and through darkness 100% of the time for 5 points (or with an OAF for only 2 points). You could even add 360 degree vision for another 5 points and still come up cheaper than combat sense. Combat Sense is fine for building villains where I'm not trying to build on a specific budget. But when building a PC to play, I'm always scrambling to shave a few points here and there to buy something else...and Combat Sense has never made the cut. I could see someone buying it when trying to write up the powers of some specific comic book character like Daredevil. But not for general use.
  14. I find if I take a sharp knife and slice a banana into 3mm slices then eat the slices one by one that it changes how I perceive the texture of it.
  15. I'd much rather have the Serpent Crown introduced into the MCU than have the Darkhold come to the big screen.