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  1. I had forgotten how lame that Hulk vs Thanos fight scene was.
  2. I've got an idea for a NPC private investigator character who I'm not sure how to model in 6e without it being hugely expensive. He does mostly the spooky fringe cases of the supernatural: things where the cops or a normal private eye would be completely out of their depth but where you would feel silly calling on a heavy-hitter like Dr. Strange. And besides, this guy is in the Yellow Pages while Dr. Strange isn't. The main gimmick, that he's known for, is that his extremities are sometimes a bit out of phase with the real world. Like if he's gesturing broadly, his fingertips might pass through a desk or a wall but so quickly that the people he's talking to aren't quite sure if they actually saw what they saw. In game terms, he can reach most of an arm (or another limb) through something and manipulate things on the other side with 5 STR. He can do stuff like open a locked door or window, flip on the lights, adjust the display inside a jewelry case, feel what's in someone's pockets, feel what's inside a lock-box, drop candy from a vending machine without paying for it, pick up a piece of paper on a desk and bring it close to the window to read, etc. Anything you could do with your arm or leg, he can do with whatever length of limb he has stuck through to the other side. He can't see through the barrier unless the barrier is normally transparent. If someone grabs his arm while it's pushed through something, he can only exert 5 STR when trying to pull his arm back through. 5 STR is literally all which can be exerted even if Grond is trying to help pull the arm back through. Also, the arm physically exists in the intervening space so if, for example, he accidentally pushes his arm into the power cable going to a light switch, he could electrocute himself. And he can feel the difference between various substances so he can feel the difference between empty space, studs, nails, Sheetrock, etc. when sticking his hands through a wall. As a SFX, it'd be nice if, for example, when arguing to Iron Man that he could poke him in the chest with one finger (for emphasis) and the finger go through the armor and poke Tony himself. That'd be a great hero (or villain) freak out moment but isn't overwhelmingly important and could be a GM handwave SFX rather than strictly by the rules if necessary. The idea sounds a bit like a Sense power, a bit like STR with an Indirect advantage, a bit like Desolid with a huge pile of disadvantages, and a bit like Telekinesis with disadvantages. Maybe it's a multipower with all of those options? Maybe it's only one of those? Maybe it's something totally different? I also haven't fleshed out the rest of the abilities an experienced but barely supernatural private eye might have so if you have some low cost ideas....
  3. I'm slightly too far to make it unaccompanied to a game. But for my sanity, I need to know if the genre is Champions (or Fantasy Hero, etc.) and which edition.
  4. Rumor around the industry is that both Legends and Arrow are cancelled after wrapping up their next season. But I don't know if that's set in stone or not.
  5. Writing is now a chore for me rather than the effortless joy it was for decades. So I consider the time I'm able to write to be precious since I have so little of it compared to the past.
  6. If you misrepresent what you are wanting to accomplish by posting and thereby waste other people's time in writing a response, I would argue that you are being rude. If you are intentionally misrepresenting, then I'd argue that you are being intentionally rude.
  7. My grandmother married at age 13 (my grandfather was 18 years old at the time). And she had my father at age 14. She remained married a little over 65 years. There's a hell of a lot of difference between supervised dating with permission then getting married with permission and what Michael Jackson was doing.
  8. Barbara Streisand speaking of Michael Jackson and about two men accusing Michael Jackson of sexually assaulting them as children. “His sexual needs were his sexual needs, coming from whatever childhood he has or whatever DNA he has," Streisand told The Times. “You can say ‘molested,' but those children, as you heard say [grown-up Robson and Safechuck], they were thrilled to be there. They both married and they both have children, so it didn’t kill them.” Another of her statements in the interview was “I feel bad for the children,” she said. “I feel bad for him. I blame, I guess, the parents, who would allow their children to sleep with him." https://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/ny-barbra-streisand-michael-jackson-accusers-thrilled-sexual-needs-20190323-7z3b2dqgbzh7jfs4yyhqhdfjyi-story.html https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6841461/Barbra-Streisand-says-Michael-Jacksons-accusers-thrilled-there.html Umm, yeah...I don't think she understands, at all, why she is getting criticism for what she said in the interview.
  9. You determine the maximum number of absurd penalties which the most anal-retentive GM at a convention could possibly throw at your character then buy that many skill levels in your everyman ranged blocking ability?
  10. You're statement was "I don't get why so many folks (it's not just here) are bagging on the flerken" which seemed to imply that you wanted an explanation of why people are bagging on the Flerken. If you had been honest up front and told me, "I don't care why people are bagging on the Flerken" I wouldn't have wasted my time writing up an explanation for you to read. In case I wasn't clear up to this point, I find it irksome when people deliberately waste my time.
  11. Her Flerken's name was Chewie. The other known Flerken's name was Goose. The MCU people more likely to run into Star Wars infringement problems than run into Top Gun infringement problems. Just because Disney owns both Star Wars and the MCU doesn't necessarily mean that the two sections of the company play nice with each other.
  12. I was thinking of it as being more of a "hold the patient's hand until he gets better" power. The patient should start looking and feeling better quickly enough to let the healer know whether the effect is working or not (i.e. before the healer invests a huge amount of time). When the patient's body becomes a completely hostile environment for a disease, I wouldn't GM rule that a healer would have to keep the power going for days or weeks in order to kill off that bacteria or virus. YMMV. Of course with long-term continuing charges, you could get around the hand-holding part, but at some point in extending the time the power works, it'd just be cheaper to buy a transform.
  13. That's a very common complaint. We went through that to some extent ourselves (my wife kept complaining and pushing until our case worker admitted that there was only one person in their HUGE office who knew how to properly code the paperwork so that it would be processed rather than being merely shuffled around from worker to worker until some part of it got lost).
  14. 1) For people who are not watching Marvel's Agents of SHIELD television show, their only exposure to Kree (stated explicitly as such) was Ronan who was described as an extremist and therefore presumably not a representative sample of his race. So the Captain Marvel movie was an introduction to the Kree for most of the audience. The Captain Marvel movie was also served an introduction to the Skrull race (and did an extremely poor job of that, in my opinion). The Flerken were a third race tossed into the movie, at random and with no explanation of why it should have a spot in the movie. There was nothing in the movie that "being a Flerken" accomplished that Goose "not being revealed as a flerken" couldn't have accomplished just as well with only very tiny alterations. The Carol Danvers character existed in the comic books for 38 years before a Flerken came into her life and it was eight years after that when she first found out that her "cat" was really an alien lifeform. I think the MCU could have slow-rolled that reveal by saving it for some other movie and have helped the pacing of this movie. 2) As I said earlier, having the Flerken pick up four alien humanoids while Nick was holding the Flerken made zero sense from a physics point of view or from the powers which a Flerken has. If they want to display a Flerken as a Flerken, fine. If they want to imply that Fury is given superstrength by holding a Flerken, that isn't fine at all because the MCU isn't planning on "holding a Flerken" being something which gives someone superstrength. That was just an example of bad writing. 3) Flerken are intelligent enough to understand idiomatic English (comic book canon) but aren't intelligent enough to refrain from scratching out someone's eye for absolutely no reason (which real cats who are house pets can easily do)? No, that's just more bad writing. If the movie hadn't suffered from not adequately developing the two alien races it was already introducing to the audience plus had done a good job of writing the Flerken (instead of screwing up majorly twice), I wouldn't have had a problem with the Flerken being part of the movie. If Fury had put the cat down and been fighting an alien and Goose had swallowed four aliens while Fury's back was turned, that could have been a great comedic moment. Fury would have had a "what the hell happened" look on his face when he turned around then glanced down at Goose who was casually licking his paw and pretending that nothing odd had happened. If the cat had been defending itself and Fury got his eye accidentally scratched while trying to save it, that could be understandable. But apparently I'm supposed to, as a moviegoer, like the Goose character even though it attacks allies at random and does them permanent serious harm? If the movie had introduced any other Marvel alien race by having it randomly claw out the eye of one of the most popular characters in the MCU, I wouldn't be expected to like that alien race based on that experience. Why should a Flerken be any different? Why should the people who wrote this movie expect me to treat a Flerken any differently? Why should I emotionally treat it as a cat when the writers went out of their way to shove my face in the fact that it wasn't a cat? The writers portrayed our only example of the Flerken race as being a HUGE jerk. That doesn't endear me to this Flerken or to the Flerken race in general. The writers should have easily got that much information out of test screenings of the movie, long before it was released, even if everyone in-house was too stupid to figure it out.
  15. You could very easily talk me into not allowing the blocking of melee attacks be an everyman skill. I have some experience in not being able to block ranged "attacks". I have no experience at all with being in a brawl and trying to block a melee attack. I suspect that if I had tried at some point that I would have been spectacularly unsuccessful repeatedly.
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