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  1. Heimdallsgothi

    Traveller Hero is BACK!!!!

    Just saw this thread and purchased my copy Talked a few friends into ordering one as well
  2. Heimdallsgothi

    Discussion of Hero System's "Health" on rpg.net

    Personally I would rather have a POD of 6E1 and 6E2 than either complete version But thats me I'l wait till they are available via pod, or I can get a version that I can print via Lulu
  3. Heimdallsgothi

    Discussion of Hero System's "Health" on rpg.net

    I wish 6E1 and 6E2 were available as POD I'd buy at least books, and have 8 players that would probably end up with full sets as well I already own the hard covers, as well as champions complete and fantasy hero complete When I am looking up hero, its the main books I go to the Complete series is shelf material mostly
  4. Heimdallsgothi

    The Books of the Undead, Volume 5: Ghouls PDF

    volume 5 would make it the fifth in the series
  5. Heimdallsgothi

    Looking For Input On Potential New Fantasy Product

    This is the issue I've always run into when trying to run a Hero Game. If you do not have someone to teach it to you, then it can be very challenging to learn on your own. The game is not build for the 12-14 year old GM's first starting out. While it is certainly possible to use Hero to model Conan, Middle Earth, and Even pathfinder, there are no real guidelines on how to do so. There are several vague discussions on active point caps etc, stat limits etc. But nothing on 1-3 level D&D has a 30pt cap, 4-7th level D&D has a 45 pt cap, Conan has a 40pt hard cap on sorcery skills etc. Even something as easy as a sword (as built in HS6E Fantasy hero is difficult to figure out just how they made it on your own (Ive come pretty close, but intuitive its not) For a new GM, they aren't going to simply leave D&D and Pathfinder for Hero. The sheer volume of work necessary to create a setting when you can buy entire multi year campaigns twice a year for pathfinder. I ran a rise of the runelords campaign for almost 2 years, My current campaign is a Savage Worlds game, using the Pathfinder Kingmaker adventure path, we are in our 6th month. In converting kingmaker to savage worlds it took me about 3 hours to get the general guidelines down, another 5 hours over the next few weeks to convert the remaing creatures and encounters. We have about another year to go. If I tried to convert that adventure path to hero, on my own, with no play experience... Id would take me less time to buy the books at minimum wage. Fantasy Hero already exist. Its a great book as it stands, but even in that book they discuss lots of various fantasy genre types, but very little in game mechanics on how to emulate a specific genre type.