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  1. The Babylon Crier The Babylon Crier is one of two competitive newspapers in Babylon City. The Crier is a conservative newspaper with a large number of reporters dealing with crime and corruption in the city. Because of it focus on crime and corruption, the locals have called the newspaper the Babylon Cry for a while. While the newspaper is a bitter pessimistic in its outlook, most of the articles on crime and corruption usually get ferreted out by supers. Several investigative reporters have won Pulitizer Prizes based on articles they have uncovered.
  2. dsatow

    Defenses compared to Attacks

    I'm generally of the assumption def should be (3.5 x dice) - 15. i.e. an average of 15 stun should get through on an attack. Of course, this depends on the CON values of your players.
  3. dsatow

    Archetype Arts

    Yes, it's still in 6th ed. See 6e1p320.
  4. dsatow

    HERO master

    Just reminded me of the Holiday Inn Express commercial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dOHEw8izno
  5. dsatow

    What’s an extra limb good for?

  6. dsatow

    What’s an extra limb good for?

    Before 4th ed, it gave the +1 OCV. 4th ed and on, it only cost 5 pts and could be any number of extra limbs, all of which were considered "off hands". I do remember a cheat before they ruled you couldn't do that legally in 4th of using "Usable at Range" with Extra Limb.
  7. dsatow

    Hi tech Plots

    Terrorist by Nature - Super terrorists have raided the CDC and taken hold of an experimental new virus. Unfortunately, the virus is highly unstable and prone to mutating. The terrorist plan to release the virus on a large population center unless $1 Billion in unmarked bills is sent to them in 48 hours. If the virus is release, the virus has mutated into creating a large amount of paranormals (think Wild Cards virus). Lullaby - A new sonic weapon has been developed. When used, everyone takes 5d6 AVLD Sonic Flash Defense damage in 32m radius for one turn at a 6 Speed. The last time it was used, it took everyone out around a bank with people driving in cars blacking out and crashing. What is intriguing is that the weapon is actually a crying baby. A genetically engineered child who when he cries does sonic damage to everyone. The villains wear special sound dampening suits to prevent damage to themselves and has a carrier to carry the child (looks like a large dog carrier).
  8. dsatow

    Hi tech Plots

    Hi tech polluter - A big business man is pumping toxic waste into the sewers/subways where the homeless have been hiding out. The toxin in true comic book fashion is mutating them. Alien Nature Observation - The Galactic Union, a conglomeration of alien world, has mark Earth as a pre-spaceflight applicant, meaning that due to unusual activities (i.e. supers) there is a chance that humanity might encounter a space faring race outside their solar system. The aliens have put a group of 5 alien races to monitor and intercede in Earth affairs to see if membership into the Union is possible. 1 of those alien races has found that while they do not have mental powers on any other alien race including their own, they can mental dominate and control the human race. Another alien race has discovered that humanity's brains make a perfect aphrodisiac/hallucinogen. The other three are doing the work unbiased and have differing view points on Union membership. The Dominating race wants to put the Earth under its wing as a territory in a "mentoring" position. The druggie aliens want to make Earth a nature preserve so that they can hunt humans in culling operations. Adam - Adam is an AI which is making human replacement androids and warbots. It has several goals. 1) the creation of another AI (propagation). 2) the spurring of research and development (ingestion of data). 3) And world conquest for the BETTERMENT of humanity. That's right, the AI wants to make the world a better place, but humanity is fearful of machine based rulership so its doing both a subversive tactic to take control and an overt FUD tactic to get humanity to unite for the better. Clone - Scientists are looking to use the genes of mutant supers to create a superhuman soldier. Unfortunately, the newly created superhumans decide to rule earth. New India - Humanity is finally able to travel the stars using the stargate technology. Their first planet they encounter outside the solar system is inhabited by intelligent cute small blue furry creatures. Unfortunately, the planet is full of a rare metal (Nth, vibranium, etc.) and companies are scrambling to exploit the natives and strip the planet of its resources. The aliens though have a horrifying secret which could have jeopardize all mankind. Spread the wealth - the government has prevented the wide spread adoption of futuristic weapons (blasters, beam sabers) to the general populous. Unfortunately one unscrupulous super believes that knowledge should not be restricted for the betterment of humanity and starts sharing blaster weapon information on line.
  9. dsatow

    Reduced Endurance

    Most of my players use full end all the time. They only become concerned when a combat lasts more than two turns. A lot of my villains have a lower end mode attack for battles lasting longer than 2 turns or in turns where they push. I usually design villains to have enough end and recovery to last 2 turns minimum. Most will run if they reach this point and are losing.
  10. dsatow

    U-Con 2018

    Sounds like fun. Good luck with the convention!
  11. Yeah. I personally think the system could revive but they would need to broaden the sales product base and online presence. That's something that costs $$$ so it would be as likely as the Champions movie unless a halo investor came along.
  12. dsatow

    HERO master

    I seem to remember some Avengers comic where the Scarlet Witch or the Wasp mentions that Cap teaches all members of the Avengers at least the basics of self defense.
  13. dsatow

    HERO master

    No wonder he's so angry. He's never alone. I mean just think of how frustrated he must be when trying to use the bathroom... 😆
  14. Sorry about adding more entries. I kept hitting return after typing a line and it kept kicking me out. Bad habit from typewriter days.
  15. Just curious, what would people want to see from Hero games.