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  1. dsatow

    Clue Aversion

    OK, I've had situations like this and this is how I handled it in a campaign. YMMV. PS: It's a lot harder in CON games or games where you have little say over what the players bring (like say a communally GM'd campaign). 1) If you are going to have mysteries in your group, make sure your players know that there will be mysteries to solve. They will tend to buy up their INT and deduction skills and possibly buy things like forensics and criminology. 2) Never have them roll to spot evidence or never tell them what they need to make it by. Just have everyone roll perception and tell them to tell you how much they make or miss it by. If they all fail, then simply say there was a bonus to their perception modifier (make up something like "Your experience in super power combat gives a bonus the police don't have in ordinary crime.") and the players who made it the closest are the ones who spotted the clue. 3) If they continue to ignore the plight of the DNPC, kill the DNPC. Yes, that is correct. Kill the DNPC (or effectively eliminate the NPC from the game). Its an NPC, or effectively your character, not the players. I can see the NPC getting into serious trouble and no longer wanting to be their DNPC. In the situation you describe, you could give the player 1 last chance. The DNPC is supposed to have a date with the hero but doesn't show up and doesn't tell him about breaking the date. If he goes to her apartment, she's not there and the villain is burning her apartment down. Stopping the villain will lead to the question of where is she. If he doesn't care, that's fine; she's gone. If you don't want her dead, she is rescued by another superhero (one who will annoy the hero) whom she has fallen in love with. Make the player get a different NPC or buy off the complication. If its a second reporter, well people in the industry do like to gossip and the player though, handsome, rich, and smart, never seemed to pay much attention to his last girlfriend... 4) The two skills most heroes need, especially if the players are a bit clueless to your mechanizations is deduction and tactics. Deduction is great for "Hey, this is the plot thread!" rolls and Tactics is good for "You ain't gonna win!" rolls. Apply rule #2 to these rolls as well. 5) Recap adventures in the beginning of the session. Most players don't take notes. They don't remember what happened last adventure let alone the one, one or two adventures ago. Emphasize the clues they have found. 6) Even with all these things, players can be dense. Auto pilot them. If you ended with their discovery of the burning car, the next adventure auto pilot them, by saying, "Last adventure, you found someone's body in your girlfriend's car. In your concern for her safety, you go to her place and check up on her where she leads to this startling confession 'I think someone might be trying to kill me.'" If they still aren't biting, go to #3.
  2. But you could get a great car like this! Seriously though, if they want to add that kind of mechanic, why not. Hero allows people to do their own thing.
  3. Sorry late to the game. In the last fantasy game I run, I made everyone buy everything with points. The idea was, it was a Xena/Hercules style game. So weapons, magic or what not, that you would commonly have, needed to be bought with points or you would lose them between episodes. Treasure was never defined as X gold pieces but as X xp worth of generic treasure (about 1 pt per player for the big treasure at the end). If the player wanted to be rich, they simply bought wealth. If they wanted a magic weapon, the treasure haul would have the weapon amongst the items and the player would buy it with xp. Fighters could have multipower pools defined as anime style attacks. I dislike power pools, so not even the villains had them. Sadly, that game died mainly due to my fault of being unprepared and a bad work situation, but the treasure idea worked well IMHO.
  4. Sorry, late to the game but I used to do limits on levels in heroic games. I don't do that anymore mainly because I haven't run heroic level games in a while. The rule basically was you may not have more than 2x the levels as the next higher cost (a pyramid scheme). So you could buy 1 2 pt point level, or 1 3 pt level and 0-2 2pt levels, or 1 5 pt level, 0-2 3 pt levels, 0-4 2 pt levels). With my current batch of players, I probably wouldn't implement it, mainly because they only buy a few levels and I generally run 6th, which makes buying levels for only OCV less attractive.
  5. Having slept on the topic and rethinking what I was last arguing I think I agree with Killer Shrike comment, that ultimately its a challenge mechanic rather than what type of dice are rolled. I still think NDB doesn't vary enough but the main crux of the thread is whether a dice pool challenge mechanic would work. At some point, I think I''ll just have to run an experiment and see how the results would turn out.
  6. LOL, it never seems to work for me. Thus came about our house gaming quote "Aborting to dodge is useless."
  7. Because, if I use it to help newbies acclimate to the system and I change genres or power levels, changing the system to hit would cause more confusion to the newbie. If a mechanic is too unbalanced, then gain a significant edge is too cheap in a point based game. If one CV can cost only 2-3 points (a skill level) or a martial maneuver can give you +2-5 for only 4-5 points, who wouldn't want to escalate this for their character. +5 to DCV for a dodge, to drop someone's chance to hit to way less than 10%? I'd be in.
  8. Shouldn't any new die system try to be fair on all HERO game ranges? This would mean that the dice rolled should seem fair at the low end for heroic games as well as at the high end for superheroic games. A 2 CV change at normal human levels (5-6) would be devastating.
  9. I knew a guy who did something similar for his agent zombies. Upon taking body and losing a limb, the zombie would instantly summon the separated body part (like an animated arm or leg) which would continue to attack. If the zombie and limb survived the attack, they would reattach defined as healing limbs and summons going away.
  10. Each die on average does 1 Body. Sixes do two body and ones do zero body. Assuming just 3d6, out of 216 possibilities only 27 will be less 2 Body. (1 die will be a 1, and the other 2d6 rolls a 1-5,1-5; plus the event that one of the two dice rolls a 1,6 and 6,1). Similarly, we can reverse the numbers, where 27 rolls will do more than 3 Body. Meaning 162 rolls will be 3 Body. (216 - (27 x 2)) That's a 75% (162/216) of 3 body.
  11. I'd allow it in my games, as i see it no more dangerous than a big flash or mental illusions/mind control "Hey you're blind". A lot of my villains (probably 1/4 to 1/3) have another targeting sense. A few have combat sense.
  12. That is HERO. A minimum of one STUN taken per BODY taken after defenses and other modifiers such as hit location.
  13. I thought of that, but using the normal dice mechanic for damage in HERO in the to hit system alas would result in not a dynamic enough variable for combat. Too large of a majority of times, they would just hit their CV. I hadn't thought about this, but the manipulatives, as your term for them, would still need to add and subtract a number (their OCV bonuses and penalties) to get their base value and then roll. I generally do this too, but it doesn't seem to help. Its the calculation of their OCV and then the subtraction that seems to be the problem.
  14. I understand your frustration, my wife and I play mexican train (a domino game) every other sunday with her parents. He parents and I group tiles in 10 to score, but my wife can't grasp that in her head for some reason and needs to count pips.
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