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  1. dsatow

    Superhero Cosplayers

    That cosplayer is very impressive. Most cosplayers I admit look good playing Wonder Woman in a stereotypical way, but this woman also has very nicely defined muscles for the pic. Probably lots of hours in the gym. Makes me look at my one defined muscle (38" waist) and think, "Man, I got to lay off the oreos."
  2. dsatow

    How do I make ... Gleipnir

    I would control both the sidekick and the PC but the PC and the sidekick could separate and do stuff on their own.
  3. dsatow


    While true, most people are designing tasers based on movies, comics, etc. Its just like lasers don't go "PEW!", do knockback, or generally cause an object to explode.
  4. dsatow

    How do I make ... Gleipnir

    I was thinking of him as a sidekick to my PC. But this would allow the sidekick to rescue the PC if necessary.
  5. dsatow

    How do I make ... Gleipnir

    But how would the costume form with no controller work?
  6. Gay Pride Rainbow Parade The city has had a gay pride parade since May 22 1989 but the affair was not as well known as many of the other gay pride celebrations in the United States. In 2005, the LGBT community was banned by organizers from participating in the St. Paddy's Day parade. In response, the LGBT community moved the Gay Pride Parade from May 22nd to March 17th which began a 9 year parade war between the two groups. Pope Francis stepped in and has seemed to settle the two factions down and the Gay Pride Day celebration having been moved back to May 22nd. The both parades now carry a contingent from the other parade. The St. Paddy's parade has a LGBT float and the Gay Pride parade has an Irish float in commemoration of Ireland's legalization of marriage equality.
  7. St. Paddy's Day Parade The local Irish community originally settled in the Tenderloin and started a tradition of the St. Paddy's Day parade. Restaurants host several celebration (mostly beer oriented) before during and after the parade and a good time is had by most. Unfortunately, there is a dark lining to the parade. The parade is made up of mostly Catholics and Christians. Depending on the current religious climate of the Vatican, the parade goers may include the LGBT group. Under Pope Benedict XVI, the parade took a more exclusionary route which lead off into the city's Gay Pride parade, a more minor affair to become larger than the St. Paddy's Day Parade. This led to violent clashes between right wing conservative Catholics and left wing LGBT groups. The current pope, Pope Francis, wrote letters to both parties which seems to have settled down both parties to an extent.
  8. Chinese New Year On the last weekend in January, the Chinatown section of Little Asia celebrates Chinese New Years. Many restaurants offer specials and the streets are heavily decorated. The police have a hard time as there is an increased criminal presence in the town, but mostly, the criminals do not interfere with the festivities. Firecracker refuse litter the street as long strands of fire crackers scare away the demons from properties. This long standing tradition including the awesome presentation of the dragon dance by one of the local Wu Shu centers seems to genuinely bring good luck to the Little Asia, as the end of January and February seem to be high income months from the stores in Little Asia.
  9. From the manga Gleipnir, its about a boy who gets the ability to become mascot costume like what you see at a baseball game or amusement park. Literally, he becomes a costume which the heroine wears. Now he's not limited to just the heroine; he can be worn by anyone and has been worn by another. The person gets strength, defenses, and speed while wearing him. The mascot costume form has a gun which does a ranged attack. When he changes out of 'hero' mode, everything dissolves (not the costume wearer) back nothing, so the gun will melt even if its in another person's hands. Its also a disguise to the wearer. If no one is inside him, he is still strong but not as strong as when someone is inside him. So its not a multiform, since when worn, he is not in control. How would you make this character?
  10. Well, Incredibles and James Bond share a lot in common.
  11. dsatow


    I doubt she'd like to be manhandled eaither.
  12. Obon Festival In the second weekend in July, the Japantown hosts the Obon Festival and Obon-Odori. Participants traditionally wear yukata, or light cotton kimonos. Celebrations include a huge carnival with rides, games, and summer festival food like watermelon. The festivities end with the Obon-Odori, a group dance done usually in a circle around an open square near the Buddhist temple. One of several superheroes have traditionally been invited to participate in the ceremonies and dance. One of the first supers, Speed Samurai, when participating in the Obon-Odori ended up, comically not dancing well despite trying his best. This became, for the month of July the most viewed video of the month and boosted Speed Samurai's popularity ranking. The end of the video show many of the Obon-Odori dancers clapping and encouraging Speed Samurai to continue dancing. Other supers who have bowed out of the dancing portion have not had the popularity boost as though who do whether or not they dance well or not. In the end, sociologists believe the boost is because the superhero has become more approachable and human.
  13. So, if I wanted to make an area of effect that penetrated through walls, how would I do this? Is indirect correct? Or is AVAD? Dr. Weird Destiny casts a temporary curse on Morbid, the sorcerer. The curse makes anyone near Morbid fall asleep. AoE damage attacks are normally blocked by walls, so someone on the other side of a wall from Morbid stay awake but that's not what is wanted.
  14. dsatow

    Still Confused By UBO

    Just as a note. I would as a gadgeteer not give out invisibility belts. I'd just invest in a Invisibility Spray paint! The effects would last only an hour or two and then leave the user bright pink. The paint could also be washed off. This would allow the gadgeteer to immediately use the points after making people invisible. Now from my gadgeteer character: "Bwahahahahahaha!!!" Sadly, my character would also spray paint the wall next to the women's locker room and forget that the women would also see him.