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  1. dsatow

    How many DCs is your Champions campaign?

    It really shouldn't matter as long as you don't take haymakers as a standard attack into account.
  2. Just a question on relative power levels of people's campaigns. Please use your favorite current campaign which you have played in or run in the last year. I am just wondering if the average has changed since 4th ed where they noted most people play at about 11DC.
  3. dsatow

    A Knockdown/Knock Prone Adder?

    Just as a side note, in my group, you can always aim knockback downard instead of away from you. This started a long time ago in a very high powered campaign where even a martial strike would do a minimum of 6" on the average and bricks (in the days of 1.5x haymakers) would send targets about 35" away.
  4. St. Francis University of Babylon City St. Francis University is a small privately run university in Babylon City. Named after St. Francis of Assisi, the university originally produced successful graduates in the health care related fields of biology, biochemistry and the like. Today, the university is suffering an internal personality civil war. The economic department has produced its own successful graduates and as is common in the situation with wealthy, successful graduates, they become part of the board of directors for the university. The majority of the economic graduates on the board desire the University to become more cost effective and profitable while the biosciences group wants to expand medical research and free/low cost medical help. In the middle is the Franciscan priest who has so far been able to strike a middle ground between the two forces on the board of directors. He sees the merits to both sides and frequently mediates a compromise between the two forces. Unfortunately, the priest is getting a bit old and will soon retire. The Catholic church has yet to name a successor and no junior priest at St. Francis seems poised to take on the role.
  5. dsatow

    A Knockdown/Knock Prone Adder?

    Agreed, I tried not to make the response harsh and I don't know if I succeeded. I just wanted to help the OP get the best possible response and as I noted before, I believe at least 90% of the people who read the Hero System discussion forum read this one too.
  6. dsatow

    A Knockdown/Knock Prone Adder?

    Its an optional rule for Knockdown 6e2p112.
  7. dsatow

    A Knockdown/Knock Prone Adder?

    That's not what I am meaning, its a question of "Is there a rule to force knockdown/knockback in a build?". The response has been, "sort of" (you can use the Does Knockback advantage, the Double Knockback advantage, martial arts or build a power to put people on the ground). So, neither the question nor the answers really stated anything to do with a Champions game directly except for your comment. The OP may get just as good an answer here (since most people read more than one forum) but they may get a better level of response in the the HERO System Discussion forum.
  8. dsatow

    Dealing with MultiPower in game

    When I use variable slots in a multipower, I design the slots to be simple to adjust. So, usually a power has no more than one or two advantages if any. For me, as long as the advantages aren't over +1 (unless its a multiple of +1), it's easy for me in my head to calculate the cost. The other way is to make simple break points and then always use the powers within those break points. For instance, if you have a 60 point multipower pool, a good break point is 15. So I figure out each powers cost and effects at those break points. You can merge both methods too. For instance, a +1/4 advantage at break point of 15 is 12 active points of power or about 2DC. A +1/4 advantage at breakpoint 30 will be twice that at 24 active or about 5 DCs.
  9. dsatow

    A Knockdown/Knock Prone Adder?

    Isn't this more of a hero system discussion rather than a champions genre discussion?
  10. dsatow

    'Get over here!' build question.

    This is allowed in 6e1p286.
  11. I'd disagree, since most of the predesigned villains and heroes also went this route. This was just how the game was set up. If your GM set the limits such that the average amount of stun past defenses were 1.5xN (where N=number of dice), then you set your CON to somewhere around 2xN .
  12. dsatow

    Package Deals

    The dark champions pdf was only $1, so I got it but the breadth of the items was exactly what I wanted. Still, I'll include it this weekend to the packages I have. Thanks!
  13. dsatow

    Found on the internet

    One of the web comics I read had this interesting snippet about secret ids and costuming, I'd thought I'd share it. Enjoy! Edit: Original web comic link to image http://shotgunshuffle.com/comic/hit-list/
  14. One more variant build: Desol not vs. Focii usable against others.
  15. In other builds, I can see it as a Body Drain with a limitation for simple recovery of all the Body.