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  1. dsatow

    DunDraCon 2019

    Does anyone know if HERO is being represented by one of the dealers?
  2. You always could aid or drain without changing trip sheet

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      Ahhh.  I had no reference, so I was completely puzzled.  Thanks!


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  3. Because fair is fair and I think this is the harder question. Note I left out Champions:New Millennium to make it that much harder a choice. I've kept the names hidden in case you don't want people to know. I'll admit, while it has nostalgia, Champions I,II,III is probably my least favorite.
  4. dsatow

    Campaign Prompts

    Every time I try to GM a common background/origin, I get met with a look of "Meh.". Unless it allows for a wide variety of characters and backgrounds, things like "You are all mutants.", "You all get your power when <BLAH> happens." doesn't seem to sit well. I think a part of the problem is that all the players tend to have character play styles which tends to not sync up with each other (ex: one person only plays mystical characters, one does all tech, one does silly, one brooding, etc.)
  5. dsatow

    Champions for High School D&D Players

    I would also put in, "Except for damage, roll low, not high."
  6. dsatow

    Where to sell classic collection?

    I'd probably put it on EBay and then place an ad here(forums) describing what you are selling (include pictures!). I'd also cross post and put an "ad" on the Facebook pages too. I'd explain your situation like you did in the first post and say that you want to sell it to someone who will value it as much as you did. You should weigh the books and ask the post office how much media mail would cost to ship anywhere in the continental US and/or abroad. Personally, I'd put in a bid myself but I don't know if that would be the best bid you can get.
  7. dsatow

    Improving Intimidation

    The value of a limitation is subjective to the GM, players and campaign. A -1 limitation is just a general starting point for an estimated 1/2 effective use case and one can argue that "offensively", Presence only for attacking can be used in skills more easily like in Oratory. Depending on the GM and playstyle of the players, I can see the limitation being -1/2 to -1 1/2, so a general -1 seems fine to me.
  8. Second Chances Halfway House Second Chances is a boarding house set up to assist supervillains in their efforts at reintegrating back into society after they've served out their sentences or for those who've gotten released early for good behavior or after serving on the in the government's version of the Suicide Squad. It's a government-sponsored halfway house dealing in former supervillains. Qualified former supervillains are watched and allow to reintegrate into society. Funding for the effort is moderate to low depending on the current government attitude towards "reformed" supervillains so the house was put in a fiscally responsible location (a poorer section of the city). Strangely, this has reduced the number of complaints about the house and increased it success rate compared to similar houses in other cities. Originally created by Steve
  9. dsatow

    Affects Porous

    I just treat porous as similar to desolid can't pass through solid materials.
  10. Hero, IIRC, did have mass combat rules sometime before 5th but it wasn't used very often.
  11. dsatow

    Martial artists and defense

    Even if the SFX is active, it's a passive defense. The criteria is resisting damage or avoiding getting hit (not counting the soaking the damage third class I postulated).
  12. First off, I don't think we disagree too much. So while this might look like I am countering your arguments, I understand most of your arguments Actually, I am not a lawyer and there may be valid reasons they don't do this (I unfortunately have had to proofread those silly software license documents - you know the ones you guys ignore when you click I accept). I do know they have very lenient contracts for publishing HERO content and the contract use to be easily obtainable. The problem I see here is that unless the core producer is producing product, auxiliary companies can't make suitable profit from selling accessories. But I really am not disagreeing this point with you just stating that there may be reasons. I think that while the rules can be contract bound, they should let the characters made by the rules be OGL. Think of it like using a compiler for a computer. If you want to sell the compiler you have to sign legal contracts, but the software made from the compiler is free to distribute as your own work. So if someone like say Marvel wanted to release Avengers in HERO, so long as they don't introduce rules into module, I would say, let them. If they want to release Conan the Barbarian in HERO, let them. Actually, I've found this to be different with HERO. Unlike other game systems with possibly the exception of GURPS, even when GMs use the company provided setting, HERO campaigns tend to veer away from published settings very quickly. This is I believe one of the strengths with HERO over the competition. You don't want VIPER in your campaign, simple, remove them. Take what you want and leave the rest. In Pathfinder or D&D, if you don't like goblins or orcs, you can reskin them but you can't really get rid of them in most of the modules. Try reducing magic items in the game setting and you have to jump through hoops or the game becomes really lopsided in the monsters favor. This isn't to say that the adventure arcs shouldn't be done. I think the adventure arcs are very useful and would be in demand. But they need to be crafted in a way to be useful to those people not running the adventure as a locked set. (see below when I respond to your points 2 and 3). I want to agree but my brain tells me to say no. One of the reasons I think the HERO system is so enticing is the custom crafting of your hero. If you have 6 players, and 4 want to play a tank, if they are all alike they will miss out on part of the reason HERO is better than a lot of the competition. But I do agree with a quickstart or beginners box and I think the way to do this is to have no frameworks and with something like Champions Powers but all set to a common power level like say 12DC. So you can have the Fire Blast for 40, 50, or 60 active points. And Fireball for 40, 50, or 60 active points. Or super strength at 30, 40, or 50 active points. I'd probably merge these to points into one. I agree that Hero's products lately are information overload and probably should be broken out of one source book. (I think it's probably because the earlier source books did so well that they overdid it.) As an example, let's take Vibora Bay. Vibora Bay could be the setting for a large adventure arc. The first module might be stopping some of the paranormal gangs in a war on the streets of Vibora Bay. It would give you the layout of Vibora Bay and its map as well as the details of the hotspots of Vibora Bay. The second module might introduce Black Mask and Black's Mask's history when an old villain is back in a new form causes problems. It would introduce some new NPCs, organizations, a locales in Vibora Bay. Since this module's problems originates in the past of Black Mask, it would serve to enlighten players on the historical perspective of the city. The third module might be a political one with a corrupt and possibly super powered politician. It would introduce how the city is run and maybe the criminal underworld elements. More and different locales in Vibora Bay would be explored. Government and governmental organizations, media organizations, well to do areas of the city, etc. The fourth module would start out like the other 3, but this time the big bad is introduced. The BB is the one who backed the villains in the other 3. The module would be an ambush of the heroes. Something difficult due to a prepared villain but not insurmountable. More city locations might be explored, areas not explored in the first three modules because the BB already has a base of power there. The fifth and final module would be the fight against the BB with their elite forces. Final information would be other jumping off points and anything not covered in the previous books. I agree production values need to be there. I would suggest color but I think one of the reasons they don't do color is because it increases the cost of the gamble in producing the book. What they should do is introduce cool art even if its black and white. If you look at the first half of GAC6e, it's background material. A little too much background material as you noted earlier, but I have a problem with the art. It looks like all the art is copyright free art from the era. I think this is a loss. While probably cheap and easy to insert into the text, all it adds is ambiance. It doesn't inspire you to play the game. Better would have been comic book black and white art of the characters in action that they have from the back of the book. As an example, in GAC6e p10, they have a picture of a poster for women to work in factories. Just for reference, pgs 7-15 are all about the comics industry in this era (side note, I think the chapter shouldn't have been in the book). The picture doesn't even relate to the chapter. Change this to a drawing of the cover of a 40s comic of Captain Patriot fighting Sturmvogel would have been much better. The cost of an image is a one time cost while the cost of color pages is an ongoing cost.
  13. I think they should look into doing more kickstarters for updated versions of the 6e books and/or Champions Complete. I think Paizo has the correct model for the business. HERO should do the same for Champions but not Fantasy Hero (as most fantasy supplements from other games can and will undermine FH sales). I think the Champions line has such a strong following and presence in the market place as to dominate the market place. Create and publish the core books then add supplemental books to drive the market and keep the game relevant and alive. Publish Core books with corrections as need demands. Keep stock low but available or possibly only print once every 10 years or so after older used stock gets beaten up by their owners. Publish modules in an overall arc, then bind the arc to make an adventure path with some new material. Create a pre-painted miniatures line for the adventure path. Random blisters pack can include well known existing Champions villains and NPCs. Create printed poster sized maps for the adventures. Support a community of gamers to keep games being played and standardized. (i.e. Pathfinder society)
  14. dsatow

    DunDraCon 2019

    I'm running the last installment of the teenagers games I've been running for the past few years called Graduation Day. People will be allowed to bring in up to two characters to the game (parent 12d6 and student 9d6).
  15. dsatow

    Martial artists and defense

    In general, there are two categories of defense (though I postulate a third but I'll mention this smaller category later). The first category is sometimes termed an active defense. It is the category where the target tries not to be hit in t he first place. This includes High DCV, High MDCVs, dodging, blocking, desolidification, etc; i.e. preventing the need to resist the damage because no damage takes place. The second category is sometimes termed as passive defenses. It the category where the target resists or mitigates the damage. This includes PD, ED, resistant defenses, damage reduction, damage negation, Combat Luck, Mental Defense, Power defense, etc. There is no way to avoid the damage, so you resist the damage that is coming. GMs generally do not like players to have a high value in both because it makes it hard for the villains to affect the hero without the villains resorting to twiddly attacks (ex: the AVAD with the defense being hardened impenetrable touch flash defense). NOTE: There is a third category which is to withstand the attack. The idea is that even if you take 30 Stun past defenses (in a 12d6 campaign for example), the target with 180 Stun, 60 Rec, and 60 CON will basically ignore the attack. (PS: I have a couple of villains like this. They annoy the players.)