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    Batman builds/STR Chart/NCM

    I prefer to think of it as a dead lift and still move or maybe drag/push and move.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Mobster - Standard Goon.hdc This is a standard mobster. They are very slightly better than a cop but if hit will probably fold faster than the cop who has better defenses.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Mobster - ExMilitary Mission Ready.hdc This file is the same as the ExMilitary Mobster only with better weaponry for possibly a mission. The assault rifle and flashbang grenades are there if they aren't being stealthy, otherwise they would probably only use the silenced and surpressed pistol. The backup pistol isn't silenced or surpressed as they would need to be in a real pickle to use it compared to their other weapons. He's at the low end of a challenge for supers but can possibly be a threat depending on how bulletproof the super is.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Mobster - ExMilitary.hdc This is a mobster who served in the military as some sort of special ops person. You see them in the movie all the time. Probably still not a problem to the average hero but would definitely be a problem with an under powered hero either without their special equipment or incapable of using their superpowers.
  5. dsatow

    Normal Dice and Does Body & Pen.

    OK, I'm following your thinking better. Thanks!
  6. dsatow

    Normal Dice and Does Body & Pen.

    But can't that be described for just about any powerful character? Silver Surfer's blasts are so powerful that even normal defenses take some body. Superman's punches are so powerful that even normal defenses take some body. Are all his attacks penetrating or just this attack? What the difference between this penetrating attack and a normal full power punch? Please note, I am not trying to be difficult. I am just trying to understand. I take in a lot of what people describe on these boards and use them or a version of them in my own games. I'd like to know why the build is different than just doing straight dice to describe a powerful martial art?
  7. Our Lady of Miracles Our lady of Miracles is a Catholic church founded in 1875. The small cathedral was completed in 1935 and supposedly has several works of art and artifacts donated to the church. The church runs many charities from food and housing to the poor, drug rehabilitation, and religious counseling to emergency shelter for those displaced by super powered action. The bishop keeps a well stocked infirmary and food stores hidden in the catacombs just in case.
  8. Babylon City Farmer's Market The Babylon City Farmer's Market in North Town is by far the largest and most popular of the local farmers markets. Having fresh produce year round every Sunday from 9AM to 1PM, its a popular place to visit if you aren't going to church. Unlike other farmers markets, the prices here are much higher than other farmers markets. The popularity of the market and the 20-40 stalls have made the market more a place to go on Sunday morning than a place to get good farm fresh ingredients at a reasonable price. Still, due to its size, the variety and quality of the items for purchase can't be matched by the other markets and several groups busk for money entertaining the crowds.
  9. I was thinking on my commute this morning, that beyond a enhanced police force, what else would change in a world of comic book supers? Media would change with shows and magazines on supers. And with media popularity, fan clubs and #1 fans. These have all been shown in comic books. But what else? This first thing that came to mind was increased environmental/work safety laws. After all, if you can easily get a super from radioactive goo or exposure to some weird element at work, there would probably be very strong protection laws in place to prevent that, wouldn't you think? I'd also hazard to guess, very well funded hazardous waste clean up crews. Companies would constantly complain and try to skirt these expensive laws and the EPA probably has a lot of clout.
  10. dsatow

    Changes in a world with superpowers

    I wonder if it really depends on the prevalence of the type of powers in that universe from what I hear in the comments. I mean if, you have a high prevalence of mental powers in your game, your universe might have something like the Samsung Tin Foil Cap (r) to protect your psyche. Similarly, if all your battles happen to be in the city, you probably have supers insurance. If your supers knock over ATMs, then you'd have heavily armored ATMs or maybe no ATMs at all. Which begs to question, if you could easily rip ATMs from the walls or control electric machinery, why rob the bank itself? Just knock over a bunch of ATMs late at night.
  11. dsatow

    Different REC based on powers used

    Personally, I don't see the advantage of this over having two end pools. You are still keeping track of the end used for electrical powers and the end used for fire powers. Then again, I don't understand why the poster wants only one end pool. If he could give an example of why from a game effect he wants only one pool, I could understand what he's trying to accomplish. If he wants it to be easier to use fire powers when his end is low, then wouldn't it just be better to just put reduced end on the fire powers?
  12. dsatow

    Normal Dice and Does Body & Pen.

    Question: Why not just build it as a HA AVAD NND (Only vs. Non-Living Objects) Does Body? This would allow you to destroy any object eventually but will not affect combat against villains so would be probably GM acceptable. What is the reason it has to be penetrating?
  13. Wang Supermarkets Wang Supermarkets is a high end Asian supermarket chain. Originally catering to Chinese clientele, about 15 years ago, it was bought out by investment group and its focus changed from ethnic Chinese groceries to all things Asian. The chain has major stores in all major metropolitan areas and has a supply of rare delicacies and other foodstuffs. Health inspections always pass with almost a perfect score even by investigative reporters which is unique when the foodstuffs can contain farm grown river rat. What few people know is that the group which bought the supermarket out is actually composed of various mythological creatures and aliens with special dietary requirements. VIP members can order off a special menu and each major store can supply whatever food stuffs is ordered or in some cases deliver the food stuffs to the buyer.
  14. Locations of interest beyond sleeping and eating.
  15. Chavez and Associates Chavez and Associates is a law firm that has been serving the community for over 25 years. Enrique Chavez is set to retire soon and his daughter Elena Chavez is set to take over the business. The firm has quite the reputation both good and bad and is willing to represent anyone with good legal advice. While the firm will bend the law at times, it has never broken the law and at worse has suffered only reprimands from the bar associations. As such, Enrique has been cleaning up his law firm before Elena Chavez takes over. Rumor has it that Enrique has manipulated supers in taking down some of his more troubling clients with the client nor the super knowing about it. What Enrique doesn't know is the Elena is not the innocent princess he envisions and her taking over the business will both ensure its profitability and move towards a more seedier side of the law.
  16. Sorry, will be a little longer before I post here again. Readying up for Dundracon.
  17. Its taken me a while to recover from Dundracon. I ended up starting a new campaign about 1 month earlier than I thought and restarted my old campaign that went into winter hibernation due to other commitments(holidays, dundracon, birthdays). I'll start filling more stuff up again.
  18. dsatow

    Changes in a world with superpowers

    Some other items: Do you think there would be supers doing tweets on their crimes? Would gun laws change because the Lead Master uses an antimaterial level pistol or Combat Drone uses a plasma rifle? Would more people be armed? Would supers be banned from public office or would just some? A mentalist might not be welcome in Congress.
  19. dsatow

    Changes in a world with superpowers

    I figure current sports wouldn't allow supers, but would other sports allow it? Would you have a WWF style show, professional boxing style show, or an NFL show? Would you watch such shows? How about a reality show like Cops?
  20. Personally, I think the mechanics of the game system work best depending on the personality of the players/GM. I've found some people like rule intensive systems, some like narrative, and some like something in between. I've run rather intensive role playing sessions (few dice rolls) and while some players really like the format, some did not. I've also run all combat sessions and die rolls galore to the same situation. I think it all boils down to personal taste and that's why the hobby has so many different systems for different people.
  21. dsatow

    How does decapitation work?

    It used to be 1x Body before or after the multiplier to impair and 2x Body before or after the multiplier to disable.
  22. dsatow

    Power builds/abuses of Hero

    Villain: "UR2Die, kill the hero." UR2Die: "You must reboot the system in order to install the latest Microsoft patch." Villain: "That's the last time I trust an OS from another supervillain's lair..." Villain: "Fire the deathray!"... "Why isn't it working?!" <messages to engineering> Henchman: "Service desk, Raju speaking" Villain: "Why aren't you firing the death ray?" Henchman: "Have you turned on the Death Ray?" Villain: "Of course, I have." Henchman: "Have you plugged in the Death Ray?" Villain: "Look I designed the Death Ray, don't you think I would know if it was plugged in or not?" Henchman: "Have you plugged in the Death Ray?" Villain: "Its plugged in. Look can you just run a service diagnostic" Henchman: "Is the ready light Green?" Villain: "Just run the service diagnostic." Henchman: "Is the ready light Green?" Villain: "You're just reading from a script aren't you?" Henchman: "Is the ready light Green?" Villain: "Last time I outsource to India..."