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  1. Clonus

    Please no more Royal Wedding

    Personally not that fond of baseball.
  2. Clonus


    Lapis Lazuli, Lorelei Lee
  3. Clonus

    Changes in a world with superpowers

    Nah. Since they aren't really build to withstand ordinary guys with crow bars in the real world and those guys are more common it's probably not cost effective to build them to resist an actual superstrong guy.
  4. Clonus

    Changes in a world with superpowers

    The design of safety deposit boxes and bank vaults. They'd have both electronic and mechanical locks to reduce the number of villains who would be able to finesse the locks. Safety deposit boxes would have recessed doors to make it harder for the superstrong robbers to get a grip and tear them out or punch in. Vaults would have rods that extend outward when the door is closed to leave no space in the vault which is large enough to accomodate a human body. Clowns would be out of luck as children's entertainers because the clown themed supervillains would make them figures that only inspire dread, or at least nervousness. (Remember one of my superhero universe aphorisms is Never Trust A Clown). The rise of mask clubs, places where people can go to dress up like superheroes and supervillains to socialize drink and dance, always knowing that some of their fellow patrons may be the real thing. Improved treatment of brain trauma and broken limbs due to certain super-geniuses with a vested interest in researching how patch up their injured team-mates.
  5. Clonus


    The Midnight In Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThmsgBxqLsU Human Twilight is frightened that her new super powers indicate she's relapsing into her evil form... I actually considered including this one, but while I really like the first two lines after that I think it clunks a bit, so I rejected it. Still it's the only song in that particular TV special that I'd ever want to listen to twice. Ain't Got Rhythm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Oj79WGfQec In its first season Phineas and Ferb decided to become one hit wonders as I recall, and so of course they had a song. The suits liked it so much they pushed for every episode to have a musical number, and it is friggin' amazing that with that kind of schedule that so many of the musical bits were so good. Of course it helped that most of them were really too short to be considered even if I was looking that far back and I wasn't. I mean I love "I Want A Girl With A Suit of Armor", but it's only 30 seconds long. Of course it wasn't all good. Phineas and Ferb's success with music inspired a lot of these other shows to try to put songs in and thus many terrible My Little Pony musical numbers were spawned. Ain't Got Rhythm however comes from "We're Getting The Band Back Together", the musical episode of Phineas and Ferb, so it's long enough and it's catchy and it's funny. Just not deep or subtle. The Birds of Prey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAFP0IoMfsA Catwoman, Black Canary and Huntress insult the sexual prowess of every male superhero they know...except for Batman because it's his show. His TV show and he's in the audience on the show.Really good singing voices but not much substance to the lyrics. Trap of Love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5ezpBKEdAE Daphne becomes a guest performer with the Hex Girls to bait the latest fake monster, and takes advantage of the opportunity to tell Fred he's a crap boyfriend. I didn't include it because I was only listing recent songs out of laziness. Also, not such a fan of any incarnation of Scooby Doo. Still it isn't the song's fault that the animation was more than a little low end. Fabulous https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkwyQZXzdF8 Another catchy song from the same episode. I rate it higher because "Unless of course you look like me, because that gives you individuality!" is funnier to me. Say That We're Sweethearts Again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3N0MbhBpMY Harley Quinn sings a tribute to the Joker and it's brilliantly appropriate in it's wacky viciousness. But ineligible not just because the cartoon was in the 90s but also because it wasn't written for the cartoon. It dates to 1946. Music Meister: https://youtu.be/InsuBdkyoqQ?t=44 The best song from Brave and the Bold's musical episode. Neil Patrick Harris sings as the mind controlling villain. His voice is great, but the song lacks the sinister resonance of Battle or Under Our Spell. Needless to say the live action Music Meister didn't even come close though. And now for something completely different. Awaken: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDea7laHD4E So why wasn't it on the list? Well for a start. I've never seen the cartoon it was written and recorded for. While some of the videos on the list were ones I only knew through youtube, I only recently learned that these videos featured songs from Metalloclypse. So I didn't even consider it. Probably wouldn't have made the list anyway though. Although it's a good parody of black metal, it's the video that really makes the song and the video wasn't on television for...obvious reasons. Ghost: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6me64vxpjM Sadie Miller...or Sadie Killer does her follow-up to "Working Dead". When a musical number is worked into an episode, I like it when it says something meaningful about character singing it. This one's more subtle than Working Dead, which went with the obvious "Sadie doesn't like her job". This one's about an issue that has gone back to her childhood, her conflicting desires to be seen and not to be the focus of attention. Her first musical number on the showwas one about wanting to be famous...but when her mother pushed her to perform it in public she shied away. Now she's actually getting that show business career...her mom didn't even recognize her in make-up I don't like "Ghost" as much as "Working Dead". The strain on the voice-actress in singing the rage-filled part while staying in character as Sadie is audible I think. But I think I would have put it on the list except it only came out after I made the list. One side note. Her remembering to turn off the mic before dropping it has nothing to do with the quality of the song, but it's a great little touch. Open Up Your Eyes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZvSriNSvUk "Tempest Shadow" does her best to give us a Disneyesqie villain song and it's a bit overblown. It's not a bad villain song though...but ineligible because while My Little Pony FIM is a TV show, this was the theatrically released movie of the TV series, one I've never seen.
  6. Clonus


    First in a series of romance novels, Null and Void is set in one of those alternate realities where magic suddenly started to start working because magic is whimsical that way, and the most powerful magicians proceeded to fend off the catastrophes that were happening all over the place. And y'know, crown themselves as kings and queens. Convenient for a romance novelist who fancies royal weddings. To be fair they haven't totally abandoned democracy. Which leads to this passage: "Representative Dorothy Hughes of Dallas," I called. "If His Royal Majesty of Montana accepts your dowry of goat doodles, have you given thought who will replace him for the auction?" "No, Representative Hughes. His Royal Majesty of Montana will be participating in the auction." That he was participating so he could have a chance to do what I'd challenged in my own damned dreams only stoked the flamed of my fury even hotter. "As this auction is for charity, Imaginary goats are not a viable currency." "I'll contribute five hundred dollars per goat," she chirped. "I second the motion," a woman called out. "I motion we open the floor on the monetary value of the goat dowry." The protagonist is that classic trope, the person believed to have no magic in a world where the majority has it. Usually these characters turn out to actually possess some vast power that has been hidden or gone unrecognized. Guess what happens? Actually it's kind of interesting. As a presumed "null" in her job at the start of the book, she is regarded with with disdain. The culture has an irrational but entirely believable belief that nulls are somehow less useful in the workplace than people with magic, even when the magic utterly trivial and the job is something like code developer for which there is no magic which would be useful. But she's also regarded with a bit of fear, not of anything she could do but of contamination, that contact with her might "infect" them with her mundanity. And the funny thing is, they aren't entirely wrong. Her secret power is being not just a null but a nullifier. So yeah, contact with her really could cause them to lose their powers for a while. I'm not sure whether it's actual world-building or just authorial convenience that while our spunky underdog heroine does experience prejudice and does live in a society where the laws don't give her equal rights, almost all of the actual prejudice she experiences comes from the people who have talent...but not much of it. The upper class find her amusing and likeable and so she makes an effective lobbyist for the cause of null civil rights. So does this indicate that it's the lower classes who have the most issue with nulls because they need someone to look down on? Or just that by golly she needs to marry the King of Montana because otherwise the book is in some other genre?
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    Using them to mean the same thing puts you right back into Steampunk's TL(x+y) being used for both realistic stuff and superscience and we have seen what a clusterFUBAR that was.
  10. Clonus


    No. He has undeniable strengths but a great manager can fire people when they need to go. He talks Ensign Ro out of resigning despite her being an obviously problematic officer and even though it would have been the best choice for both her and Starfleet. Ro went on to an inglorious career of being wrong about everything until finally she deserted, committed treason and probably died when the Maquis were wiped out. He let Riker turn down two promotions despite that objectively not being in the interests of either the organization or Riker’s own career prospects. He cultivated personal loyalty in his crew to the point where they couldn’t cope adequately with an outsider being assigned to command the ship. He gave Wesley Crusher a rank and a job that Wesley had not earned and was inadequately trained for. He let multiple occasions silde when various crew members, especially Crusher, endangered the safety of the ship and never gave them so much as a verbal reprimand. Oh and then there was the incident with Lt. Commander Nella Daron in “Lessons”. I’m not just talking about him getting into a romantic relationship with a subordinate and then transferring her out when things got awkward, questionable though the judgement involved in that was. No, I’m talking about something else. They were in the middle of space and Picard goes down to stellar cartography to find out what that section is doing to occupy so much of the ship’s computer resources that routine functions are unavailable, and there he meets the head of stellar cartography. For the first time. To which my reaction is…”What the hell, dude?”. Look, she may not be bridge crew but a lieutenant commander is not a low ranking officer. She’s one of his division heads. And if he wasn’t a lying liar who lies and the Enterprise-D’s primary mission really was exploration as he claims, then stellar cartography is central to that mission. Map making may not be exciting, but it’s over 90% of what explorers actually do. So why didn’t he meet her the moment she came on board? That is bad, negligent management. The least that a manager can do is be familiar with everyone immediately under him in the table of organization.
  11. White Tiger (Marvel) Tigerclaw (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) Lion-Mane (Marvel) Cougar (Image Comics) Puma (Marvel)
  12. Clonus


    Let us concede, for a moment, that the law of love, and the condemnation of tyranny and oppression seem logically to involve, as a result, the condemnation of slavery; yet, if slavery is afterwards expressly mentioned and treated as a lawful relation, it obviously follows, unless Scripture is to be interpreted as inconsistent with itself, that slavery is, by necessary implication, excepted. The Jewish law forbad, as a general rule, the marriage of a man with his brother’s wife. The same law expressly enjoined the same marriage in a given case. The given case was, therefore, an exception, and not be treated as a violation of the general rule. The law of love has always been the law of God. It was enunciated by Moses almost as clearly as it was enunciated by Jesus Christ. Yet, notwithstanding this law, Moses and the apostles alike sanctioned the relation of slavery. The conclusion is inevitable, either that the law is not opposed to it or that slavery is an excepted case. To say that the prohibition of tyranny and oppression include slavery is to beg the whole question. Tyranny and oppression involve either the unjust usurpation or the unlawful exercise of power. It is the unlawfulness, either in its principle or measure, which constitutes the core of the sin. Slavery must, therefore, be proved to be unlawful before it can be referred to any such category. The master may, indeed, abuse his power, but he oppresses, not simply as a master but as a wicked master.
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    Random Song Lyrics Thread

    My return is a mystery Thought you had control of me I'm offended that you're so surprised. That first defeat was a practice round But I pulled myself off the ground And I've already planned your demise. - I won't stop fighting cause I'm not done yet You're gonna regret This time I won't let you forget. You're not gonna get away this time I'll strike when you're blind You'll awake just to find you are mine. - You thought you won Thought the battle was over But I, I, I, I'm just getting stronger. Enjoy your freedom It won't last much longer Cause I, I, I, I keep getting stronger. When the sky turns to grey When the light fades away You will say, I just keep getting stronger! You can try to prepare Or attack if you dare I don't care, cause I'm just getting stronger. I, I, I, I'm just getting stronger! I, I, I, I'm just getting stronger! I, I, I, I'm just getting stronger! I, I, I, I'm just getting stronger! - I am the nightmare that replays in your head I am the shadow lurking under your bed. And when I lose it's never really the end You should have known I'd have a plan for revenge. - And I won't stop fighting cause I'm not done yet You're gonna regret This time I won't let you forget You're not, gonna get away this time I'll strike when you're blind You'll awake just to find, you are mine You thought you won, Thought the battle was over, But I, I, I, I'm just getting stronger. Enjoy your freedom, It won't last much longer Cause I, I, I, I keep getting stronger. When the sky turns to grey When the light fades away You will say, I just keep getting stronger! Stronger every day Stronger every day... I, I, I, I keep getting stronger! I, I, I, I keep getting stronger! I, I, I, I keep getting stronger! I, I, I, I keep getting stronger!
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    Random Song Lyrics Thread

    Tired from work Hate my job I really ought-a be in mourning But I got another shift this morning Everyday feels like it's never ending What's the point of all the time I'm spending Here, at this, dead end job Oh, we are the working dead And we lurch for minimum wage But I'd really rather be Eating your brains Look at you, you seem so bright and healthy And your minds are full of joy and wonder Stay a thousand miles from the condition That I've got from all the stress I'm under Don't come near me or you might encourage All these terrifying sudden urges Seeing you makes skipping work so tempting Don't you know that in the night I'm temping? Here, at this, dead end job Oh, we are the working dead And we lurch for minimum wage But I'd really rather be Eating your brains