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  1. Lawnmower Boy

    Hi, this was a fail. Don't look at this

    That's where I make my gin!
  2. Lawnmower Boy

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    You can't spell "escalation" without doing jet fighters with your hands and going "pew-pew-pew whee!"
  3. Lawnmower Boy

    In other news...

    Everything is fine! It's all under control.
  4. Lawnmower Boy

    [fiction] Politics, Damn Politics

    It's always darkest right before it gets worse! Hmm. I think I need to think about this some more.
  5. Yay! Pogo's back. (And that Fish Guy.) ... I can't wait until Canada has the technology to travel the stars, condescendingly lecturing other species. For now, I guess we'll just have to stick to America.
  6. Lawnmower Boy

    School is out: RIP Bob Dorough

    Schoolhouse Rock wasn't a Canadian thing, for obvious reasons, but the Simpsons parodies were a blast. More importantly, the last time someone died and I blamed Hermit for it, we got a new "Adventures of Fish Guy" installment. Since everything's about me, it's pretty clear that this is Hermit's fault.
  7. Lawnmower Boy

    RIP: Harry Anderson

    This is sad. He was too young to go, and it would really make me feel better to blame someone for it . . . . It was Hermit, wasn't it?
  8. Lawnmower Boy

    The Coming Epic Failure of the DC Movie Universe

    Oh, those comics were awesome! A team of unflattering national stereotypes turned into particularly stupid superheroes? What's not to like?
  9. Lawnmower Boy

    The dietary habits of HERO Forum members.

    I'm single, and have some discretionary income right now. So I very much enjoy breakfast out two days a week. I have a usual routine involving a low key local cafe with great atmosphere, where I get scrambled eggs with a lovely, fluffy croissant, and get the red blood cell levels in my caffeine stream down to an acceptable level; and the 50s themed Sunshine Diner, a (slightly overpriced) Kitsilano institution where I usually get Eggs Benedict. On long weekends, I sometimes try other places, or have dry cereal at home, which is a treat, because on work days I have oatmeal, which can get tedious after a while. I especially like the Kitsilano Diner on West Broadway (8th), which does Carolina-style (North? South? Is there really a difference?) breakfasts and also ribs, on days when my last-shift-of-the-week ends before 10 and I'm feeling like sit-down dinner in a restaurant on my way home. Al-Basha's on W. Broadway is a donair/falafel place, but I usually get the platter if I'm going by in a hurry. Uncle Fatty's Pizza, also on W. Broadway, is nice for takeaway pizza. I like Pineapple Hut on Burrard and Double D's Pizza on W 4th next to the Comic Shop, but haven't been to either place for a while. I regret the passing of the Spoon Kitchen on 4th, and haven't found a takeout place I like so well since. At home, I like to cook, but am increasingly willing to be lazy and do a supermarket prepared meal. I have more important things to do, like goof off on the Internet! At work, I'm the boring guy who brings peanut butter and jam sandwiches. You have to economise somewhere, and that half hour for lunch erodes pretty fast if you try to do something ambitious, which is too bad, because there are some nice restaurants in the West Point Grey Village, and they're struggling a bit as the neighbourhood depopulates.
  10. Lawnmower Boy

    The Sutherland Presidency

    I prefer press secretaries who haven't had their mike eaten.
  11. Lawnmower Boy

    Hyperman in the hospital

    Three brain surgeries? I haven't even had one! This is so unfair . . . .
  12. Lawnmower Boy

    [fiction] Time Enough for War

    Pardon the delayed response. I feel like I'm holding this conversation in slow motion, but I have a really good excuse! (Something about being busy, not enough spare time: Hey, you can't prove differently without access to my browser history!) Anyway: My reading of Albert Zerstoiten is that he has several, serious personality disorders. I, personally, subscribe to the idea that personality orders (your classic narcissistic and sociopathic personality disorders here) are typically defence mechanisms run amok. As they say, disorders imply that there's something wrong with your life (otherwise, they're just quirks), and in Zerstoiten's case, the fact that he's never been able to form or maintain a healthy relationship with another human being is a pretty strong indication that something is wrong. There's something more serious at the root of it, but the victim lacks (or refuses) insight into his own motives. In Zerstoiten's case, he's probably bipolar, to start with. Most of his grand plans look more like suicidal ideation than attempts to rule the world --I mean, there's a reason that he's not a multi-billionaire hedge fund manager/tech entrepeneur who actually does rule the world! As for his arrogant dismissal of brute strength (and also magic) --Well, that's how narcissism works. At its roots, it is a desperate hedge against personal insecurity. Preoccupied with fantasies of infinite power (desirability, competence, etc), the victim of NPD is unable to concede that areas in which he does not excel have any merit. However, the fact that your intellectually-minded NPD sufferer may "hate jocks" does not prevent them from going gaga over a studly body. In his interactions with Thundrax, and before him, Vanguard, and, as we now know, Sturmvogel; and, more disturbingly, with Powerhouse and Titanos, I detect homoerotic tendencies. Clearly, Zerstoiten is in denial about this, as he is with so much else, but his jealous reaction to Surmvogel's confession about Heidi Kause is as telling as his decision to vivisect Powerhouse. Which, although he's no doubt as much in denial about as anything else in his life, probably still haunts him. I'd say more, but people who diagnose Dr. Destroyer with mental illness in public tend not to live very long. . .
  13. Lawnmower Boy

    [fiction] Time Enough for War

    I guess it's not surprising that Doctor Destroyer had a crush on Sturmvogel back in the day. . .
  14. Lawnmower Boy

    Hyperman in the hospital

    Just to check in to say that the notifications that this thread was live again, scared the bejezus out of me. I'm glad to hear that you're okay, Hyper-Man, and politely request that you stay that way. I hope that your new invisibility (Only When No-One is Paying Attention, -1/2) helps with that.
  15. I see one problem with The Further Adventures of Pogo. One of the supporting characters (I think he talks to fish?) has a steady girlfriend. That kind of moves a character in the direction of having a finished arc. Have you considered writing in a Satan-like character who causes the relationship to have never existed? Just a thought.