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  1. Cygnia

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    Dolphins' Minkah Fitzpatrick files trademark application for 'FitzMagic'
  2. Cygnia

    Funny pics

  3. Cygnia

    In other news...

    No, this is what Florence is causing... Expert warns Florence floodwaters may carry venomous snakes into homes
  4. Cygnia

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Starting season 2 of "American Vandal" on Netflix.
  5. Cygnia

    Funny pics

    "Eager students" indeed.
  6. Cygnia

    A Thread For All Things Creepy And/Or Scary

    Spiders blamed after broken siren played creepy nursery rhymes randomly at night to UK townsfolk