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  1. All-Star Superman (2) Avengers Under Siege (5) Batman: Year One (7) The Cartoon History of the Universe – Gonick (12) Crisis on Infinite Earths (2) Doctor Who: The Forgotten (11) Gaiman's Sandman run (9) Thor - Simonson's  run (9) Squadron Supreme Maxi-Series (4) The Cowboy Wally Show -- Kyle Baker (11) The Dark Phoenix Saga (6) Watchmen (3) West Coast Avengers: Lost in Space and Time
  2. Appeals Court Blocks Alabama From Executing Muslim Inmate Without the Presence of His Imam
  3. Help solve a mystery: How did this snow bear's creator make its belly button?
  4. Adventurer parents to hold Alignment Reveal party for their new baby
  5. *ahem* The Cowboy Wally Show -- Kyle Baker (1988) Doctor Who: The Forgotten -- IDW (2009)
  6. KFC Created A Faux Bearskin Rug That Looks Like Colonel Sanders For Valentine's Day
  7. That is Winston, the shop cat for my local comic store. He is a sweetie. ❤️
  8. Karim Hossam: The rise and fall of a match-fixing tennis prodigy
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