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  1. BoloOfEarth

    Ant-Man and the Wasp with spoilers

    The scene started showing Scott's TV with the Emergency Alert System colored stripes and irritating tone, with drums playing in the background, and then the camera moved down the hall to show the ant playing the drums.
  2. BoloOfEarth

    Ant-Man and the Wasp with spoilers

    Caveat: I haven't seen Infinity War, but I've heard enough about it that I think I understood the AM/W end credits scene well enough. That said, the end credits scene didn't ruin the movie for me. I think they could have handled it better -- maybe instead of showing the ashes just focus on the unattended microphone swinging in the breeze while Scott calls for them to bring him back, so you have a minor mystery as to what happened to the Pyms. And in the other scene, don't show the TV, just the ant playing drums. People might assume it all related to IW, but maybe not.
  3. BoloOfEarth

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Riiiiight. Just like he said he misspoke about the white supremacists and Klan at Charlottesville . And then later recanted his recanting.
  4. BoloOfEarth

    Look Out! A Bus!

    Doh! I totally should have thought of Physical Manifestation! Thank you for that. I'm using 6th edition. Really, she doesn't really need additional Limitations since she's generally using the full VPP for single powers. It's just my CDO nature that requires I specify every detail.
  5. BoloOfEarth

    Look Out! A Bus!

    I'm using the Champions Powers' construct for Lucky You (a Major Transform to add Luck to the target, with Rapid Healing so it only lasts a handful of minutes), but I'm thinking of adding Selective AoE to it so she can use it on multiple teammates at once. 1) Am I correct that her teammates can choose to not use their own Power Defense to defend against this? I couldn't find that spelled out in the rules, not even when looking at Aid or Healing (which are similarly beneficial). 2) If she's in the Area of Effect, does she also Transform herself to get additional dice of Luck? Or is she automatically exempt from her own Transform?
  6. BoloOfEarth

    Look Out! A Bus!

    I'm creating a luck-based character, and she has a VPP (75 Control, 60 Pool) to represent her causing bad luck to others - whether that be a chunk of ice falling on the target from an airliner passing overhead, a bus careening out of control due to failed brakes, a gas main blowing up just under the target's feet, an electrical line snapping and hitting the target, etc. I'm hoping for some guidance, as well as ideas for using her in game. Some of the attacks will require physical objects (a falling stage light, the aforementioned bus or electrical line), and I figure they should include Indirect and may have Side Effects affecting the environment. If the attack is obviously caused by her but is coming "through" those objects, I figure I should use OIF (Object of Opportunity). However, if she's trying to be subtle (so nobody can see it's coming from her), I figure I'd need Invisible Power Effects, as well as making the OoO be an IIF. Does that sound right? Or is it still OIF since the target can still see the object coming his/her way? Should there be any other Limitations on such attacks, e.g. "May be intercepted / deflected" since a hero could stop the bus from hitting the target, or teleport the target out of the way of the falling stage light, or grab the writhing electrical line himself? If so, what value do you think such a Limitation would have?
  7. BoloOfEarth

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    After seeing who was elected, I'd question US intelligence as well...
  8. I won't argue with you. Still trying to win the lottery so I can pay you to write full time, BTW.
  9. BoloOfEarth

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Lloyd Dunne isn't the brightest bulb in the lamp, which might explain how he found himself accidentally inside the particle accelerator during its power-up. (He was visiting his much smarter brother at work and was looking for the bathroom.) Now Lloyd has the ability to render himself, as well as anything close to him, thinner than a sheet of paper. He now calls himself Two-Dim (though some call him Too-Dim).
  10. BoloOfEarth

    Ant-Man and the Wasp with spoilers

    Just got back from seeing it. Enjoyed it a lot, though now I have the song Come On, Get Happy running through my head. I remember before the first Ant Man came out, a local DJ was dissing it, saying that shrinking was a "useless, stupid power." I think this movie did an even better job than the first of proving how very wrong that thinking is.
  11. BoloOfEarth

    NGD Scenes from a Hat

    My first bionic augmentation contains a part that increases to ten times its size when stimulated...
  12. BoloOfEarth

    NGD Scenes from a Hat

    10:00 - Introductions 10:15 - Opening statements 10:35 - Putin takes off his shirt and poses for pictures 10:45 - Tweets from Trump on "Greatest Opening Statement Ever." 11:00 - Putin plays "Got Your Nose" to distract Trump from tweeting constantly. Secret Service agents assure president his nose is still firmly attached to his face. 11:10 - Tweets from Trump about "Going out for covfefe with Vlad" 11:30 - Putin points at various countries on a globe, saying "I'm gonna have summit this place, and summit that place, and summit that other place..."
  13. BoloOfEarth

    NGD Scenes from a Hat

    She bumps you... all the way across town. NT: Crazy things Trump did in the UK that didn't make the press. (The sillier, the better.)
  14. BoloOfEarth

    tracking/hacking cell phones

    Agreed. Clairsentiece (Hearing Group), Mobile, Only through "senses" of others, One sense only (normal hearing). Maybe require an Attack roll based on locating the cell phone.
  15. BoloOfEarth

    Considering Teamwork

    If the grantor controls it totally, you'd need to add a +1/2 to the UBO. With that, I'm not sure if the grantor can selectively take away powers for some but not all people in Usable By Nearby. If so, that might get around having to give the power to your enemies as well as your friends.