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  1. That's okay. I really liked his, and he worked in LEXX, which I did not.
  2. I'm not so sure that first one will necessarily be accurate.
  3. No, it wasn't Michael. Thanos killed it. It was one of the threads turned to dust by the Infinity Gauntlet.
  4. It was Superman. He is, I heard, a bit of a d***. I think they even had a website about it.
  5. I actually had thought a reasonable off-switch was a requirement for UAA, but couldn't find anything in the rules that specifies this. However, that is the way I use it in my campaign -- a character with Teleportation UAA has the restriction that it doesn't work against anybody who also has Teleportation. For Clinging Darkness, maybe a Flash AoE attack targeted on the center of the Darkness?
  6. Thank you all for the kind words. I never really thought of Dad as a badass. He was the kindest, most even-tempered man I've ever known. I've only seen him really lose his temper once - someone 20-30 years his junior made the mistake of saying, "Bill, you've never had to do without." I was outside the building they were in, and could hear Dad clear as a bell... "I've never had to do without?! YOU never went through the Depression! YOU never went through the Dust Bowl! YOU never fought in the war!" That's the only time I ever heard him come close to complaining. Otherwise, he was the type to find a silver lining in the darkest storm. Badger has it right. That generation had a unique perspective, and truly were the Greatest Generation (at least IMO). We could all stand to learn a lot from them. But I don't want to hijack this thread, so that's all I'll say here.
  7. The robotic head's eyes lit up. "Alert! Alert! The Conquerors are currently robbing the Fifth-Third bank branch on Sixth Street!" "Do I have to go?" asked the tall, dark-haired man. "Don't you know, Juan is a lover, not a fighter." "If we have to go, so do you," said the lovely lady Too. She replicated, and her duplicate ran to grab a selection of martial arts weapons for the pair of femmes to use while her original grabbed spare batteries for their force field belts. "Besides, I've seen you use that blaster pistol of yours. You're a lover and a fighter. Tray, could you please remotely power up the ship?" "Already done," said the robotic head. "I am connected remotely and ready to be placed on the link-tray in the cockpit for direct interface." Juan removed the head from it's sitting room link-tray and carried it out the door. "And where is Fore?" He may be pretty, but he's not all that smart, thought Too-1. Agreed, thought Too-2 over their mind link. "If I was to hazard a guess, I'd say that he saw this coming through his 'Fore-sight' and is already in the ship, strapped in and ready to go." "That is correct," said Tray. "He also directed me earlier to ensure the ship has a full load of fire extinguisher foam in the forward sprayers." "Did he say why?" asked Juan. Too-2 shook her head. "Does he ever? Honestly, things would be much easier if he shared what he sees in those prescient visions of his." Too-1 added, "But noooo, doing so would 'endanger the time-flow.' So we have to guess." They both followed behind Juan as they ran to the ship.
  8. Having a PC in my current Champions campaign with darkness powers (Shadow Boxer), I can justify the Only Works in Darkness/Shadows (-1/4) limitation. Heck, a bright sunny day would severely limit this, depending on the power, and clever foes can work around this. For instance, Shadow Boxer has Clairsentience with the limitation "Only from darkness/shadow". One villain group (the New Gods) had covert trucks where their agents were monitored and directed by their field commander. After the first time Shadow Boxer spied inside a command truck to find out what they were up to, the New Gods started installing LED panels covering the floor, ceiling, and walls of those trucks. Just make sure the situations where the powers are limited are comparable to the amount of the Limitation. (IOW, if it's -1/4, then it shouldn't happen frequently.) However, I would say that, if the player tries to weasel out of every instance where you say, "Sorry, there's too much light for you to do that," then he needs to decide -- is the power going to be limited at all, or is he going to have to put all his XP into buying off that Limitation? As to the Clinging Darkness (1) I don't think it should be allowed to have that Limitation, since it's creating its own darkness/shadows, unless you mean that it can't be used against someone who is brightly lit, and (2) it's easily defeated with things like Sonar, Radar, Danger Sense, etc. Again, not every foe should have these enhanced senses, but it's not outside the realm of possibility, either. BTW, Doc D, the "Usable as Attack" means the AoE Darkness can be targeted onto an individual, moving with him/her. It doesn't cling to an area, it clings to the person on which it was targeted.
  9. He was on hospice all of 3 weeks. Passed away this past Thursday afternoon, peacefully and in no pain, with family and friends by his side. I missed being there by 5-10 minutes, but at least he wasn't alone. And I got to see him practically every day for the last few months, and spent about 4 hours with him Wednesday evening. This was a man who finished high school and worked his way through college during the end of the Great Depression, flew B-24 bombers out of Italy during WWII, and not a word of complaint. Even taking into account my own bias, I think he was one of the greatest men I've ever met, and I was blessed to have him as my father, and in my life as long as he was.
  10. When I'm looking at this, why am I hearing the Gilligan's Island theme?
  11. Well, maybe if you used a little tenderizer... maybe a nice marinade...
  12. Maybe God just didn't want you to see it. He may be embarrassed about the things some people do in his name.
  13. What do they call it if an Italian American only has one arm?
  14. Elaborate. (just kidding) I finally got to watch this over the past few days. Enjoyed it a lot. After watching the first 4 episodes, I mentioned to my daughter that she might like it, especially Five. That was Saturday. By Sunday she had binge-watched all 10 episodes. And I was right, Five was her favorite character, followed by Ben and Klaus. She did say something to the effect that "it seems like the whole team only has five brain cells that they pass between them, and Five usually has like three of them." She watched a few episodes with me, and there were occasions where she'd point out, "Oh, it's Diego's turn with some brain cells" or "Hey, Luther got to use a brain cell!"
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