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    Skills: useful or just for flavor?

    Neat idea, and an excellent point (bolded above for emphasis). In my game, I give each NPC villain 5 1-point Quirks (stolen pretty much directly from GURPS) that I often use to define a thing or two they're bad at (Couldn't Carry a Tune in a Bushel Basket, Fashion Disaster, etc.), as well as odd psychological quirks (a shapechanger who Loves to Imitate Arnold Schwartzenegger, a man-rooster with No Sense of Humor, etc.) While I'm hesitant to penalize a player for 0 points, I'd think giving him the option to take a few -1 point "non-skills" is a neat idea.
  2. BoloOfEarth

    Worst action movie clichés

    There was one time where James Bond (in the book) knew that the assassin who had him covered with a pistol was an incredible shot, so while the assassin was monologuing (of course) Bond shifted his suitcoat to put his cigarette case over his heart. Wouldn't have helped against a head shot, sure, but at least it was semi-plausible that the cigarette case was in the right spot at the right time.
  3. BoloOfEarth

    The Incredibles 2

    Like many babies, he has Life Support (no need to sleep), Activation 12-, Only when parents are asleep. And he knows how to use a remote control better than Dash.
  4. BoloOfEarth

    Please Review NPC

    If most PCs' main skills are at 19-, then you don't really need to do anything, though I'd still drop 1-2 Overall levels. Just as long as he doesn't out-shine the PCs at their chosen specialties. I think him being 17- versus their 19- is a good thing -- it shows why he selected them to take his place. (I'm just not used to starting PCs having that high of skills.) That he has that 17- pretty much across the board gives him credibility as the mentor. I assume he used to have something like 20 STR and 15 CON, but the age thing has brought them down to 10 apiece. Same basic idea with the END, STUN, and REC. I'd suggest having minor infirmities come out in play - a PC sees a slight tremor in the guy's hands before he clenches it to get it back under control; looking mildly embarrassed that he has to put on reading glasses; and of course the limp and probably using a cane or walking stick* due to the lame leg. *Said cane / walking stick of course being something special, like having a concealed electrified sword, or shoots gas pellets, etc. All in all, a good character (at least IMO).
  5. BoloOfEarth

    Power Build Help: Dive Bombing

    Well, I'd have a 60-point Multipower, OAF (-1) [60 AP, 30 RP] with ultra slots for stuff like: Concussion Bomb: Energy Blast 6d6 (Physical), Penetrating (+1/2), Explosion (+1/2), 8 Charges (-1/2) [60 AP, 2 RP] Cluster Concussion Bombs: Energy Blast 5d6 (Physical), Penetrating (+1/2), Explosion (+1/2), Autofire (3 shots; +1/4), 15 Charges (-0) [56 AP, 3 RP] Note: He can use this a total of 5 times. Armor-Buster Bomb: Energy Blast 8d6 (Physical), Armor Piercing (+1/2), 8 Charges (-1/2) [60 AP, 2 RP] Frag Bomb: RKA 2-1/2 d6, Explosion (+1/2), 8 Charges (-1/2) [60 AP, 2 RP] Gas Bomb: Energy Blast 4d6, NND (LS: breathing; +1), Explosion (+1/2), Constant (+1/2), 8 Continuous Charges of 1 Turn Duration (-0) [60 AP, 3 RP] Smoke Bomb: Darkness to Sight Group 6" radius, 8 Continuing Charges of 1 Turn Duration (-0) [60 AP, 3 RP] In addition to his Flight, I'd have something like +2 Levels DCV, Linked to Flight (-1/2) [10 AP, 7 RP] and +3 levels DCV, Only in a Dive (-1) [15 AP, 7 RP], with "Dive" being considered as at least 3/4 of his Flight in a given Phase heading downward. So if he has 20" flight, in a half-move he uses 10", of which at least 8" is used to drop at least 16" in height, and he uses the other half Phase to drop bomb(s). I'd give him at least 2-4 Range Skill Levels with all Ranged attacks [6-12 RP]. (Since he's generally targeting a 3 DCV hex, he doesn't need all that many.) I'd also have some levels in Flight, so he can turn faster (or more appropriately, pull out of his dives faster). If going with Smoke Bombs, having Radar might be a good idea.
  6. BoloOfEarth

    Superhero Cosplayers

    Is the shirtless guy passed out in the background Florida Man's sidekick, Beer-Holder? ("In the words of my people, Hold My Beer!")
  7. BoloOfEarth

    Please Review NPC

    Regarding being OP, It really depends upon what skill areas the PCs shine. If, for instance, one PC is a master criminologist, well, the mentor has a potential 18- Criminology roll (including his Overall Levels), which kinda makes the PC irrelevant. Personally, I'd consider reducing or removing the Overall Levels if you don't want him to totally outshine the PC heroes. Now, if the NPC has some Complication (such as Physical: Early Onset Alzheimers) that makes those skills questionable, that's another matter. Or if he's crippled and can't go out to fight crime any more (though there still may be concerns about over-usefulness of his noncombat skills). Or he knows he's not long for this world (Physical: Pancreatic Cancer) and holds back on using his considerable skills because he wants the PC heroes to be able to stand on their own when he's gone. What are his Complications, BTW? Question: He has Linguist, but only one Language (English, which since he's paid points for it I assume it's not his native tongue). What's the point of Linguist?
  8. BoloOfEarth

    Order of the Stick

    Love the shades on Belkar. And methinks Mr. Scruffy is going to act soon to help the Belkster break the domination.
  9. BoloOfEarth

    Please Review a Base for me

    Are alarms already effectively covered by the Security Systems? Unless it's an open-floorplan warehouse, you probably should have cameras (Clairsentience) to cover different rooms, as well as the underwater access, plus views of the area outside the warehouse. But it's not required. I'm guessing from your posts elsewhere that there's a computer planned for the base as well. (Or is the Spyder Computer located elsewhere?) If the base is to be well concealed, you may want the Comm System and Secure Mind Link to be IIF Immobile rather than OIF. I'd suggest a DNPC (Normal) or two who work at the base. Based on your "Returning to GMing" thread, that may already be covered by the Spyder and the old guy. You may want detailed records of past cases of the missing main hero of the city and his foes (IOW, a few Knowledge Skills).
  10. BoloOfEarth

    NGD Scenes from a Hat

    She kicks your butt. But then again, what do you expect from a game named something like Street Slaughter 7 - Time To Rip Out Someone's Lungs? NT: Ridiculous video game names (Whether from a real or fictional game is up to you.)
  11. BoloOfEarth

    Supers Image game

    Beatrice Lyfe was an angry old spinster crone who felt she was always getting dumped on by the world and all the people in it. (Well, except for that kindly Mr. Peters down the street. He always had a smile and a kind word for her, even when she was a touch grumpy.) She would have just lived out the rest of her miserable existence scaring the local kids and glaring at the neighbors, if not for a trickster demon who made her a deal: Beatrice's immortal soul in exchange for power and immortality. Beatrice found herself (or more specifically her mind) transplanted into the body of a lich whose mind had been separated from its body and banished into the void millennia ago by a league of heroes. She now goes around as "Auntie Lyfe" (the press misspells it as "Anti-Life"), terrorizing - and often killing - anybody who gets in her way. (Well, apart from Mr. Peters.)
  12. BoloOfEarth

    Supers Image game

    I had a sentient spellbook in a prior game, so I'm giving this one to steriaca (though I like the name Merlynda).
  13. BoloOfEarth

    Returning to GMing

    Those details help fill in some holes. Thanks. I like the idea of Brute (as a new player) getting an intro to the combat system, even if it does take some game time. If he doesn't mind another player knowing stuff about his character, having one of the more experienced players give him tips and suggestions might help (and keep at least one other player from getting bored). I'm still a bit mixed on the hacking-the-sub, however. The two players who get cards have the choice to to there or not, but DF doesn't get that choice. You could maybe get the same results with Spyder hacking the system enough to pass along an electronic invite, with directions to the underwater tunnel. If much of his power is centered around his vehicle, losing control of it might piss off the player.
  14. BoloOfEarth

    Returning to GMing

    You need a reasonable explanation for who hacked DF's vehicle and why. DF's player will be (understandably) concerned about that. If it ties directly into the plot of the adventure, all the better. Also would go over better with the player if he's able to circumvent the hacking just moments before it's about to crash into the bay. Do DF and Bandit receive cards as well? Personally, I like when a bunch of seemingly disconnected incidents are actually tied together. For instance: The muggers have a unique hand weapon, maybe something that scrambles the short-term memories of the target or makes him more amenable to suggestion. The hacking has all the hallmarks of a hacker DF put in prison... and recently escaped, reportedly with help from a meta similar to the one who fights Brute, though his specific identity can't be proven. The hacking was possible due to an off-the-shelf GPS system that is easily replaced, and is sold by a smaller firm whose parent company owns the warehouse Bandit's been casing. The meta who fights Brute has brass knuckles with an electrified setting that disables whatever limb they hit for one Phase; head hits blind / deafen the target for a Phase; body hits cause a low-level invisible transparent Entangle. Since such a weapon is against the rules, he can only use it sparingly. Bandit sees stuff similar to the muggers' weapon and the meta's electro-knucks in the warehouse, and the people in the warehouse are communicating with someone via iPad who has apparently hacked into the city's police radio / computer system to keep people away while the shipment is being received or sent out. Once they're all together, the heroes compare notes, track down who is behind it all, and take him down. Just an idea, no requirement to use any / all of it.
  15. BoloOfEarth

    Advice on a Street Gang antagonist.

    How about a few Canned Tornadoes?
  16. BoloOfEarth

    I surrender: The Fox Armory Project

    Looks good thus far. Of course, I'm glad the bola is right up front. I think you should avoid any further thrown weapons whose names are earlier alphabetically.
  17. BoloOfEarth

    The Incredibles 2

    Took the whole family to see it yesterday. We all really enjoyed it a lot. My eldest daughter (age 25) said it was worth the 14-year wait. Be forewarned if you have a problem with strobe-type flashing lights, as they happen a couple times during the movie I thought it very fitting to see on Father's Day (which coincided with my birthday this year). Bob taking care of the kids was well done, IMO not getting too cliched or too slapstick, while putting enough of a "superhero problems" spin on things to make it good. Once again, they did a great job of balancing multiple main characters, giving each a chance to shine (including Frozone). Pixar did another excellent job depicting a family, admittedly not perfect, but showing family members still love and care about one another. Sibling rivarly and spouses not seeing eye-to-eye on everything, but still working together when it counts. Maybe a touch too much emphasis on Jack-Jack at times, but some of that stuff was LOL material. (I won't spoil which bits). And Edna remains a real treasure. All in all, an excellent movie (at least IMO).
  18. BoloOfEarth

    Funny pics

    For some reason that makes me think of this:
  19. BoloOfEarth

    Parts for a Time Machine

    I had three links in my first post. Granted, they weren't all great, but as I said, you can take pieces from various things and come up with some useful results. For instance, from the http://www.scifiideas.com/technobabble-generator/ I got: " Don't forget to calibrate the transitory particle interceptor, or you could wind up with an unwelcome subharmonic oscillation. " From that, I come up with the "transitory subharmonic oscillator."
  20. BoloOfEarth

    Worst action movie clichés

    Guns that never run out of ammo. Successfully defusing the bomb by blindly pulling / cutting a random wire at the last second.
  21. BoloOfEarth

    Parts for a Time Machine

    Don't be afraid to mix and match things from various technobabble generators. Synaptic sub-harmonic manipulator Regulated ion injector Temporal resonance regulator Phased kemocite grid Secondary pulse-wave modulator Dynamic flux compensator Harmonic tetryon buffer Reactive gravimetric stabilizer
  22. BoloOfEarth

    Parts for a Time Machine

    The Doctor: Looks like a spatio-temporal hyperlink. Mickey: What's that? The Doctor: No idea, just made it up. Didn't want to say "magic door." http://www.scifiideas.com/technobabble-generator/ http://www.springhole.net/writing_roleplaying_randomators/malfunctionmaker.htm http://enneadgames.com/generators/technobable-generator/
  23. I suspect Jagged was trying to be sarcastic - which really doesn't come across well on the Internet. If I'm wrong, my apologies.
  24. BoloOfEarth

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    I expect these snippets from Trump's comments on the Iran nuclear deal could be used word-for-word a few years from now. Hopefully by another speaker, however.
  25. BoloOfEarth

    Create a Hero Theme Team!

    (I hope a Bigfoot-type being is supernatural enough. I thought about using a drop bear, but didn't have the heart to do it.) Drew Barstow hails from Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory. An avid hiker and amateur explorer, he often ventured into the Outback to see what he could find. One day, he was trekking through a remote area when he happened upon a badly injured humanoid, about 7 feet tall and covered with fur. Barstow did what he could for the creature (a yowie, legendary cousin to the Bigfoot or Yeti), but it was obvious the end was near. As the creature breathed its last, it grabbed Barstow's arm and looked deep into the Aussie's eyes. Barstow was blinded by a flash of light... and when he could see again, the creature was gone, replaced by an amazingly old Aborigine. At first, Barstow thought he had imagined seeing the giant furry creature. However, shortly after that encounter Barstow began to have visions, memories of things he'd never seen or done. In these visions, he was the yowie. He thought he was going crazy, until one day he discovered he could actually transform into the yowie at will! Barstow found that in yowie form he could access centuries worth of memories - apparently, the yowie was a spirit form that could transfer from a dying host to a new host. He also discovered that he was incredibly strong, tough, could leap great distances, and regenerated damage at a remarkable rate. He could also see in the dark and follow trails by both scent as well as heat traces (Infrared vision with Tracking). Deciding to use his newfound abilities to help others, he took the blatantly obvious name Yowie (though his teammates often refer to him as Yow).