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  1. Doc Shadow

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Sergeant York, Gary Cooper, Walter Brennan, and a very young June Lockhart, Warner Bros 1941
  2. Doc Shadow

    How do you place a fictional city?

    I usually place Hudson City in Connecticut turned 90 degrees so that the city is oriented East/West rather than North/South along the bisecting Stewart River that branches off of the Connecticut River further north. But sometimes I'll place it in New Jersey.
  3. Doc Shadow

    Anyone else looking forward to Battletech

    No. They do not. https://battletech.gamepedia.com/Battlemechs
  4. Doc Shadow

    Where is Penny Dreadful

    Dark Champions: The Animated Series
  5. Doc Shadow

    2018 Ultimate SUPERDRAFT

    Pym particles are pretty specific. "Scientifically endowed Shrinking and growing powers" you can have, "pym particles" you can't as they've already been claimed and trademarked.
  6. Well that's one must see crossed off. Thanks for saving me some money Disney.
  7. Doc Shadow

    2018 Ultimate SUPERDRAFT

    I'm back and rosters are updated. There are still a few with holes in the order., mostly empty support slots that need to be filled. You have until Sunday the 19th to take care of it and list your titles. Oh and please choose a name for your comics company.
  8. Doc Shadow

    2018 Ultimate SUPERDRAFT

    Just to let you know, I will be away until Monday afternoon. Not sure if I'll have an internet connection or not, so be good. Or at least careful.
  9. Doc Shadow

    Star Trek 4

    Good. I positively hate the abomination that is AbramsTrek.
  10. Doc Shadow

    2018 Ultimate SUPERDRAFT

    Anything: Taskmaster (Anthony Masters) Anything: Hro Talak Support: Leftenant Shawn Fynn, former mercenary, now pilot for Moon Knight
  11. Doc Shadow

    2018 Ultimate SUPERDRAFT

    Rosters are updated.
  12. Make that another in not liking Venom camp. In fact you can put me in the "I find Venom disgusting" camp. It was shortly after he was introduced that I stopped reading Spider-man. And I haven't been back since.
  13. Doc Shadow

    2018 Ultimate SUPERDRAFT

    Anything: Donavan "Red" Grant Anything: the Crimson Dynamo armor (for Grant) Support: Bethany Cabe, Chief of Security, Wayne Enterprises
  14. Doc Shadow

    2018 Ultimate SUPERDRAFT

    Rosters are updated.
  15. Doc Shadow

    2018 Ultimate SUPERDRAFT

    Anything: Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker Anything: The Grim Reaper (Eric Williams) Support: Christine Everhart, investigative reporter