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  1. Psybolt

    Agents Of SHIELD!

    Probably not Tim Curry 10 years ago. He would be pretty past his prime. Maybe Jason Segal or Seth Rogan or Will Ferrell
  2. Psybolt

    Agents Of SHIELD!

    Just you
  3. Psybolt

    Superdraft: Back Benchers Unite!

    I believe I have one more option pick to use. option: Siege Perilous WHAT HAPPENED: The Siege Perilous wound up in the city of Pleasant Hill as a way to continue to keep super villains at bay. Undercover SHIELD Agent Willie Lumpkin is here as a mailman and he has a connection to a group of young female heroes, led by Ms. Marvel, to protect the artifact. The Master, wanting the artifact for himself, was able to summon Godzilla and sent the King of Monsters on a rampage into Pleasant Hill, forcing Ms. Marvel to call together her team of Mary Marvel, Shuri (whose technology is behind the reformed Pleasant Hill), Lyja (who lives in the city undercover as human), Miss Martian (same) and Molly Hayes. Title: The Siege of Pleasant Hill
  4. Psybolt

    Agents Of SHIELD!

  5. Psybolt

    Superdraft: Back Benchers Unite!

    Option: The Maker (391 issues)