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  1. Psybolt

    RIP: Stan Lee

    He inspired me. He inspired millions. He was special. It felt like he would always be here. Excelsior. Stan Lee, RIP
  2. 5-way tie with two votes? Hm. I had only planned on having three inductees. Hm. I could always do a run-off... Nah... Welcome to the NGD Award honorees for 2018: Marv Wolfman Roy Thomas Steve Gerber Marie Severin Joe Kubert The rest will have to wait until next year. Congrats to the inductees and thanks to those who took time to vote in my little poll. I appreciate it.
  3. One more day to vote. Leaders are very low vote totals.
  4. Psybolt

    2017 Word Association Game

    Loony Tunes
  5. You may choose five comic book creators from this list. The top 3 vote getters will be inducted into the EYG Hall of Fame in the 2018 NGD Forum Award. Poll is open until Wednesday, November 7th. Please vote! There are two polls because there were too many choices on the poll to have it be just one. So there are two polls listed. The choice for "None Above" works because I believe you need to have a vote in both polls to make it work. So if all five of your choices are in the top poll, then you need to have the bottom poll clicked on the "None in the bottom".