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  1. Twilight

    2018 World Cup

    I admit I'm pulling for Germany myself. That being said, the idea of Mexico winning the whole thing is rather appealing. Just imagine how certain Americans might react.
  2. Twilight

    WWE Snark-Free Zone

    Actually I can't, at least not yet. I checked the Hot Topic online store and they don't actually have Golden Lovers t-shirts yet. Could get one for the Elite though.
  3. Twilight

    WWE Snark-Free Zone

    I do actually. I don't know where it actually is at the moment but I have one. A New Japan t-shirt too. Wanted a Los Ingobenerables de Japon one but the store didn't have any in my size.
  4. Liked the first movie, liked the second movie up until that ending which I despised then and despise now, walked out of the third one.
  5. I didn't see any coherent personal motivation from Killmonger. One moment he's Klaw's goon helping him achieve his plans with nary a comment, then out of the blue he's the big bad of the movie ranting about protecting Wakanda and such. Maybe if they'd built him up over a couple of movies, took the time to make him sympathetic BEFORE they established him as a mass murderer with no remorse I might be better disposed to the character as it is I have absolutely no investment in him or his goals. I do not understand what he does, I don't care what he does and making him the big bad of the film killed my interest in a movie that I was very much enjoying prior to that point.
  6. I think he's a two dimensional hypocrite and the idea that he could convince T'Challa of anything is patently ridiculous given that Killmonger didn't give a damn about anybody but himself. Killmonger's father now he could convince T'Challa he was right because he legitimately believed, I never once believed that Killmonger was doing anything but paying lip service to his father's beliefs in order to get what he wanted. The fact that he openly admitted to killing black people with no remorse makes it clear that he doesn't care about his father's goals of protecting black people. For me the movie went downhill the moment Killmonger took over as villain, I was far more interested in T'Challa getting his revenge on Klaw or why M'Baku's people chose to isolate himself in the mountains and waited until this moment to challenge for leadership of Wakanda.
  7. I saw Black Panther today. It was really good up until the point they started to try and make the villain sympathetic, which was a step to far for me. You want to make your villain a remorseless murderer and terrorist who kills the people he claims he's trying to protect? Fine. Just don't try and make me feel sorry for him because that ship has already sailed. I walked out of the movie at that point.
  8. Twilight

    WWE Snark-Free Zone

    Also all the fans who showed up to the Manhattan Center were hosed, as the majority of the show was held in another building entirely. JR and Jerry Lawler had so little to do that they fell asleep at the commentary table.
  9. Twilight

    Wonder Woman

    I was under the impression that they started with the Pickelhaube (hope I spelt that right) helmet but they ended up switching it out because it was absolutely useless for protecting the head. The helmet design associated with the Nazis started use at the end of WW1, since it actually provided better protection.
  10. Twilight

    Hate free, snark free, holiday movie thread.

    I second The Muppet Christmas Carol. I also try to watch Muppet Family Christmas on YouTube every year. It's one of my absolute favorites.
  11. I just did a quick count of my picks and yes, I have ten.
  12. Seeing the holiday in peril, Gokai Silver makes that special transformation that only happens once a year and becomes....GOKAI CHRISTMAS!!
  13. So if it's time for pick number nine, I'd like to add another hero to the list. In the face hordes of agents and ninjas Santa calls out his secret weapon....KRAMPUS!!
  14. Well in that case, the villain who's threatening Christmas is not alone! They've hired the dastardly ninjas of The Hand to aid them in their scheme!
  15. The dastardly villain who's trying to destroy Christmas....is actually an organization....cut off one head and two shall take it's place they are HYDRA!! Though if I'm meant to have eight things picked by now, does that mean I have one more pick available?