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  1. Also, when and where units landed. For example, the various parachute and commando/Ranger units would have had relatively high casualties, as would have the first units to hit the beaches. (Especially on Omaha beach - the others don't seem to have been anything like as bad.)
  2. assault

    In other news...

    I don't know about Toronto. I've never been there. I've never been to Adelaide either, but visit it in either Spring or Autumn. Otherwise its weather sucks.
  3. assault

    In other news...

    -2.8 ignoring wind chill factor. And being almost the only person with a tropical-grade suntan.
  4. I think it could. A lot of superhero characters work because of their casting, and I think she's got this role down.
  5. The issue appears to be that she describes herself as "gender fluid", that is, "kind of trans sometimes". For certain gatekeepers, that disqualifies her as a lesbian. Also, the term "SJW" isn't useful.
  6. assault

    In other news...

    I've lived in Melbourne and Port Moresby (number 5 on the least livable list). I preferred Port Moresby. Mind you, my dislike of Melbourne had a lot to do with moving there directly after living in Moresby - going from the tropics to the middle of winter. Brrr!
  7. assault

    In other news...

    I used to live in Melbourne. I didn't like it. Volcanic system slumbering near Melbourne
  8. The stupid is awesome. I'm particularly amused by the "not lesbian enough" stuff. Oh dear, the gatekeeping.
  9. The OP is playing 6th Edition, where Street Level Supers are 300 points. It looks like he wants to play something that falls in between Superheroic and Heroic. 275 seems plausible. The obvious risk with the Hero System is getting lost in the maze of options. The massive pile of books the OP has makes that an even greater risk!
  10. assault

    The Alphabet Squad

    The number, location and composition of UN peacekeeping missions varies over time, naturally. In most cases, most of their personnel is drawn from the local region. There are a few nations, Fiji for instance, that use UN missions as a way of supporting the training and funding of their forces. I agree that this composition does not necessarily reflect that of a force of supers. Such a force would have whatever composition a GM decides! Its mission? I'd see that as campaign dependent too. Likewise, its nature would be influenced by the nature of the UN in a particular campaign. But that's true of groups like UNTIL too.
  11. assault

    The Alphabet Squad

  12. assault

    A world building exercise

    A final thought: maybe the skellies wear masks, so you know which one is Uncle Hotep. Maybe made from painted clay, or maybe even leather (skin!).
  13. assault

    The Alphabet Squad

    Both, where possible. Where it's genuinely not possible, go with the codename. However, if it's an international (UN) team, codenames aren't necessarily going to be in English or a language that uses an English like alphabet. You might need to reconsider the details of the concept to deal with that.