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  1. assault

    Who’s on the cover of Enemies 1?

    Yes, there was an unsuccessful competition, with few entries, none of which were apparently suitable. The name Holocaust had already been applied to the characters in a "Cardboard Heroes" set produced by SJGames.
  2. assault

    What’s an extra limb good for?

    It doesn't seem to have been stated in the 1e text. It's not among the changes described in Different Worlds #23, which is otherwise a good bridge between 1e and 2e. (I personally played "1.5e" for quite a while using these changes, effectively skipping over 2e entirely.) But 2e has a change. It adds the sentence "Each Extra Limb gives the character an additional +1 OCV in hand to hand combat." 1e has a bunch of bugs like this. In this case, if I hadn't read the 2e text, I might have allowed characters with Extra Limbs to do occasional surprise maneuvers, do extra non-combat things at the same time and generally wing it. And those last two words are key to the whole game regardless of edition.
  3. assault

    Defenses compared to Attacks

    I had better respond to this too. I'm going for "generic supers". I'm trying to work out what other people think they are like. I haven't cast a vote myself, but I see most characters (heroes and villains) being down around 1.5, with another cluster around 2.5, and not much in between.
  4. assault

    Defenses compared to Attacks

    This is the kind of feedback I am looking for. Neither of these options had occurred to me.
  5. assault

    Help with a real Vixen

    Checking your website, you are talking about 6e. The main impact would be on her Complications. Enraged/Berserks, various strange reactions to things/people/situations. Perhaps, for example, her animalistic senses make her susceptible to certain things. (Tear gas?) Psych Complications, Distinctive Features, Hunteds, Whatever. All her complications could be derived from this, or maybe just some of them. She might still have a Secret ID, have Hunteds other than the big bad, more or less human Psych Complications and so on. To me, the generic "spliced with animal DNA" power set means increased physical characteristics, with, in this case, enhanced senses (useful for a character of her type). I wouldn't bother giving her functional fangs (Killing Attack). She could, under some conditions, exhibit cosmetic ones, potentially giving her a bonus to intimidation based Pre attacks, although at the expense of exposing her no longer entirely human nature etc. (Probably worth 0 points, on the basis of benefits vs drawbacks.) So she'd pretty much be who she would normally be given her Nightwing/Phantom Lady shtick, but with a perfect excuse for boosting her characteristics and senses. And some nice potential subplots.
  6. assault

    Defenses compared to Attacks

    Relative levels of defense compared to attacks make a big difference to the feel of a game. Relatively high defenses can lead to slugging matches, which can be time consuming in real world time. Relatively low defenses can lead to fights being over quickly, but can also result in them featuring lots of defensive maneuvering, which can be time consuming in real time. Defenses in between these can lead to both problems. Hmm. Maybe this should be a poll. Levels of defenses can also impact on what types of characters will appear in a campaign. At a certain point "trained humans" start to wear armour, "mutants" tend to feature defensive powers as part of their mutations and so on.
  7. assault

    What about a speed of 12?

    I wonder if the impact of scene stealing could be reduced in a smaller group. In some cases it could be worse, obviously. A two player group where one player's character is completely dominant is no fun for the other. But what if the player of the non-speedster is the stronger personality, and the speedster's player tends to listen to them? In effect, the speedster would often be carrying out plans the other player made, which is much less annoying for that player. This is complicated by speedsters not really being good characters for inexperienced players. The very frequency of their phases mean that player indecision can waste a lot of time, and their usually comparatively weak defenses means that they can come unstuck very quickly. So the ideal speedster player is one who is both experienced and willing to defer to other players. A little sad: the Golden Age Flash was the de facto leader of the JSA until he was given his own title. The Silver Age Flash played a similar role in the early issues of the original run of the JLA. I guess such speedsters have to settle for being Quicksilver. Or use builds less dependent on Dex and Spd. Perhaps 29-33 Dex and 7 Spd. The reduced cost might allow for a less one-sided build, but most of the savings would be swallowed by reducing the number of Disadvantages the character takes.
  8. assault

    What about a speed of 12?

    The flight allows him to move over water, up the sides of buildings and so on. It also gives him access to non-combat movement rates which increase as the number of points of flight increase. He would almost certainly buy his flight up with experience. Even without those factors, 10" flight gives him a 5" half-move in combat. That's not a lot, but at least it's better than the 3" half-move he gets from his default running.
  9. assault

    What about a speed of 12?

    OK, a first draft of a 12 SPD speedster, using 1-3e rules. In this case, 1e is identical to 2e and 3e. Characteristics first. 10 STR 0 38 DEX 84 18 CON 16 10 BOD 0 10 INT 0 10 EGO 0 15 PRE 5 10 COM 0 12 PD 10 14 ED 10 12 SPD 72 6 REC 0 36 END 0 24 STUN 0 Total Characteristic Points: 197 points Powers/Skills 20 10" Flight, 0 END (only works when the character is touching a surface, +1/2) 5 0 END cost on 10 Str. (The sample characters in 1e tend to list their reduced endurance costs separately from the related powers. Naturally, I did this in the case of the STR, but not in the case of the flight. That's the real 1e way to do things!) 10 Armor (+3 PD/+3 ED) 30 Martial Arts Total Power and Skill Points: 65 Total Character Points: 262 --- Review: He can't run, can't take a hit, can't throw a punch, and costs too many points. He's a good first draft though. Yes, he could be a scene stealer, but his actual role in a fight would tend to be crowd control, agent suppression and Martial Throwing everyone in sight. He's not tough enough to be one of the heavy hitters. Personal comment: I love building characters like this. The simplicity! It's a shame that he would have to either take lots of Disadvantages or ruin the simplicity with Limitations. :(
  10. assault

    What about a speed of 12?

    Movement costs endurance, but not that much. From page 37, 1e: "All movement costs END pips at the rate of 1 END pip per 5 inches of base movement distance used. Noncombat movement at multiple distances does not increase the END cost of a movement action." So, not a character with, say, 10" Flight (only works when the character is touching a surface, +1/2) has to spend 2 END to use their full flight. In this case, that would cost them 13 points. Of course, they could reduce the END cost to 0, bringing the cost of their flight back to 20, with the limitation in place of course. That's makes them a pretty slow speedster, but they can do it all day. OK, I'll do a full example draft in another post. Nothing more than a first draft, mind you. I wouldn't play it.
  11. My impression is that RPGs have actually made something of a comeback in overall popularity. Unfortunately D&D and Pathfinder hold most of the market, leaving what is left to a massive crowd of smaller games. HERO is just one of the latter. It's niche within a niche. While it could theoretically grab a larger share of the market, it's a small, highly fragmented market. As an artistic venture that's fine. As a business model, not so fine.
  12. In no particular order: In theory PS238 could be used to play games unrelated to the comic and/or its setting, but this wasn't supported in the text. The setting isn't highly developed outside the school setting in any case. There's good stuff there, but its fragmentary. The characters are kids, but it's not a game for kids in the sense of, for example, Hero Kids. Mechanically, it's still the (5e) Hero System, although the Sidekick version.
  13. assault

    What about a speed of 12?

    Sorry, I must have missed something here. What is the "2 end per inch of movement" referring to?
  14. assault

    What about a speed of 12?

    I've sketched out, but never played, 12 SPD Flash homages. 400 points 6e works well. 350 points would be OK for 5th. I think 350 would also work in 1e, despite the extra END cost. That's without Limitations. With them, 300 points should work. Think Johnny Quick rather than the Flash. For the sake of efficiency, it might be worth dropping a few points of SPD though. 9-10 is near enough to 12, and if you are using limitations on the character, it wouldn't be too hard to buy 12 with experience over time. Am I talking through my hat? Let's try a quick proof of concept. As a reminder, I'm working with 1e, avoiding cheesy options, especially the ones eliminated in 2e! Let's assume the character would be a novice with few if any skills, base Int, Ego and Com, and only a moderate Pre. We can modify most of the character's abilities with Only In Hero ID (+1/4). I'll ignore that in the following. The points below are unmodified. The character's powers can be bought for about 100 points. Use Martial Arts as the main attack "power", because it's 0 End. Otherwise, it's defenses and movement powers. Add the frills later. Usually I budget about 100 points for characteristics other than Int, Ego, Pre and Com. (I boost Str, PD and ED when I buy powers.) This is influenced by the 2e-3e suggestions. In this case, I'd run heavy on Dex, and ignore Spd until the next step. Obviously the next step is to slap on lots of Spd. That will cost less than 100 points, depending on the points spent on Dex in the previous step. You will need to do a fair bit of tuning, but the result should be a character with decent defenses, a decent attack, high combat values (but only base ECV) and a 12 Speed. His or her movement powers might be regrettably slow on a per phase basis, but not necessarily. This wouldn't be a perfectly balanced character, but wouldn't be unbalancing to a game, wouldn't be cheesy, and wouldn't be crippled by a "very low defense and/or a very weak attack" unless the GM insists on it. In which case I would scrap the character, because it wouldn't be fun to play.
  15. Another "Powered by HERO" game that failed was PS238. I think in that case the property was too obscure. It also had the problem that the characters were meant to be kids, making it less attractive to players who didn't want to do that. That said, it was pretty close to being what I would like to see as a "Powered by HERO" superhero game. I'd personally scrap all the references to Heroic level games in such a product. Or, naturally, scrap references to Superheroic level games in Heroic games. The result would be a subset of a common set of rules, without distractions and pointless verbiage. And now I need to start a thread on Superheroic power levels, because I'm thinking about my "Dream/Heartbreaker" version of Champions.