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  1. assault

    Please no more Royal Wedding

    Could have been. Mary I was married to Philip II of Spain until she died. (He remarried twice afterwards.) But there was plenty of inbreeding even without that. William III and Mary II were cousins, for example.
  2. assault

    Stats for a wooden stake?

    When it's long it's a spear. When it's short, it's a dagger. Stabbing anyone through the heart with it will kill them, barring resistant defenses. A Vampire will get to suck more in comparison.
  3. assault

    Marvel Character Write Ups

    Easy for a billionaire with yachts, private planes and company facilities around the world. Harder for a nomadic guy on a motorbike. Still... build him as a standard old 175 point normal. Add his bike for, say, 25 points. He probably should be the one paying for the multiform. Otherwise the spirit of vengeance is paying points for the ability to become weaker. What's that? 80 points? 280 points for normal guy so far. Nothing too weird. What now? A gun? A ramshackle trailer in the middle of nowhere? A bunch more contacts based on his nomadic lifestyle? Another 40 points here, for a running total of 320. Actually, he could easily have some mildly superhuman abilities, even if he doesn't know it. His Other Half might be able to provide its host some protection. Nothing too radical, just enough to keep him alive in a pinch. Say, some resistant protection and a bit of mental defense or similar. 20 points? Running total 340. Struggling now. The guy isn't "really" normal, of course. Being possessed by a demon tends to do that. But there's only so much that can be done. Maybe boost up his characteristics somewhat. "Normal" means "cinematic normal", after all. A bit more Dex, Spd, OCV, DCV, PD, ED, Stun, Body will help him survive without being noticeable. We could burn 50 points here easily. 390. And the other 10 points is rounding error.
  4. assault

    We lost a good one.....

    Oh. None of the words that would follow that are suitable for the forum. One of my favourite posters. I think I might have a beer later. I don't know if Hyper-Man drank, or really anything about him in person, but a small personal wake seems reasonable. I might also grab one of his character designs, rename him in his honour and use him as one of my world's Big Heroes.
  5. Just the mood I'm in at the moment.
  6. From the other side of the world, the NRA looks like it has become the equivalent of a tobacco industry lobby group that calls itself the "Smokers' Rights Association" or something similar. Yes, I am aware it has a more interesting history. For example, back in the day Black veterans set up NRA chapters in order to allow them to train members of their communities to defend themselves against the Klan. And also, the NRA were in favour of gun control when the Black Panthers were exercising their open carry rights in California. But that was all old US politics. Now it doesn't seem much more than an industry lobby group with more than the usual level of grassroots support and a degree of constitutional protection. It's hard to be polite about that.
  7. assault

    In other news...

    ‘Not science fiction any more’: The Tasmanian tiger could soon be back from extinction
  8. assault

    Batman builds/STR Chart/NCM

    If we want to benchmark characters, how about 1956 DC? Marvel wasn't publishing superheroes at this time, and the subsequent flood of DC superheroes hadn't started yet. Basically, there were the following characters: Superman/Superboy (I'm just going to consider Superman from now on.) Wonder Woman Batman Flash (started being published in 1956.) These all had their own titles. There were also the following backup/supporting characters: Robin Aquaman Green Arrow Speedy Batwoman (Kathy Kane) (Technically there was also the Martian Manhunter, but who cares about him?) This gives us a good set of benchmarks. I'm going to roughly clump them together. We don't need to argue the finer points. In terms of strength, from highest to lowest: Superman Wonder Woman Aquaman (Mostly a "guy who talks to fish" at this point.) Batman/Green Arrow Flash/Batwoman (adults) Robin/Speedy (kids) Dex/Speed: Flash/Superman Wonder Woman Batman/Green Arrow Batwoman/Robin/Speedy Aquaman? (Maybe on a part with the characters immediately above) "Toughness" Superman Wonder Woman Aquaman (Arguably, he could be comparable to Wonder Woman. I wouldn't object to a build that did that.) Batman/Green Arrow Flash/Batwoman/Robin/Speedy (Split these up if you want. The point is that they are inferior to the characters above.) Obviously these lists can be disputed, but I think they are broadly correct. Batman and Green Arrow consistently show up in the middle of the lists. That's why I argue that Batman is a mid-range superhero in terms of power, not one at the bottom of the pile. Add other characters to taste, but I don't think a fair sample would really change things.
  9. assault

    Batman builds/STR Chart/NCM

    The key thing with Champions is "design for effect", not "design according to dogma". Of course the two aren't entirely distinct, since "dogma" determines the effect you want. In this case, Batman sucks. (And all the other comparable characters don't exist, or suck even more.) If we want to examine it from a game mechanical point of view, we could consider the following theoretical characters: "Batman1": This character is subject to NCM, doesn't exceed the limits it suggests, and instead buys "other stuff" to compensate. I would never play this character, so I will leave it for other people. "Batman2": This character is subject to NCM, but pays the extra cost to exceed the limits it suggests. "Buttman": This character isn't subject to NCM, buys the same characteristics as "Batman2", and can blow smoke out of his butt. (Darkness) "Iron Munchkin": This character is subject to NCM, but buys the same characteristics beyond the NCM "limits" as "Batman2" through a focus, and buys some other stuff as well. They all spend the same number of points. If NCM is a Disadvantage rather than a campaign guideline, three of these characters get 20 points for it. The other ("Buttman") takes a different 20 points worth of Disads. Do these Disads disadvantage the character more than NCM? If so, "Iron Munchkin" wins. If not, "Buttman" gets extra stuff "Batman2" doesn't, for no extra point cost. If we need a baseline for considering the different characters, maybe "Batman2" buys his Dex to 26 and his Spd to 6. Everything else is below the NCM "limits" and thus costs the same for all characters.
  10. Mainly I just stick the extra 50 points into OCV and DCV, and shave any other points I need elsewhere. In practice, that's "colour" skills. My scientist characters, for example, are scientists because I say they are, rather than because they buy big slabs of Science Skills. Even in an extreme case, a scientist is a scientist if he spends 3 points on (say) Physics, and not 28 points on a list of stuff that is usually irrelevant anyway. At times I've increased Dex to 28 for the skill breakpoint. So, basically, little change except for fewer skills. And I've mainly gone back to 2nd/3rd edition, because the extra fiddly detail of 5th and 6th does nothing for me.
  11. assault

    In other news...

    The world might have been a better place. The nutters would still have played their games, but they wouldn't have had as much to work with.