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  1. Pretty much "what archer said". For me, the question of paying points or not boils down to "what function will the castle play in the game?" If paying the points for it does little or nothing but act as a tax on the character, effectively making him or her weaker than the other characters, then it should be a zero point thing. If it makes the character more powerful, then they should pay points for it. If it's essentially a plot hook and convenience for the GM, no points should be charged.
  2. Unfortunately, there were other heroes who weren't so lucky.
  3. Australian senator Fraser Anning punches teen after being egged "Marginal far-right senator had sought attention by blaming the New Zealand terror attack on Muslim immigration" Australia cancels Milo Yiannopoulos's visa after Christchurch comments A hero: Man tells how he grabbed gunman's rifle and scared him away
  4. The armour write-up includes this: Requires A Roll (12- roll; covers Hit Locations 9-14; -1/4) The armour isn't full coverage. The antlion does Body to the Overwatch soldier by attacking the parts of the body that aren't covered.
  5. If a different name is needed (I'm not convinced), Overlord would be a natural choice. For those unfamiliar with Aaron Allston's Strike Force universe, Overlord was the original Big Bad there.
  6. I agree. Point shaving is a thing, and most characters I design should have a lot of things that can't fit into the point total. That means they need to be bought with experience.
  7. The name was first associated with the character in a Cardboard Heroes set of Champions villains produced by SJGames. As a result, when the competition to design the character was run later, one of the rules was that the name Holocaust couldn't be used. Since none of the entries were considered to be of an acceptable standard, there was no winner, and the character was left in limbo for decades. When he was statted out for 5e, the only previous published name was used.
  8. Both appeared in 1st edition. (And 2nd, naturally.) The full list of 1e example villains: Armadillo Dragonfly Green Dragon Howler Icicle Mechanon Ogre Pulsar Shrinker Dragonfly made it into 4e, but was dropped in 5e. The others are still around.
  9. In this case, the bottom of the barrel of the gun is what would be the top of the barrel of the gun if everything wasn't upside down. so, yes. 😉
  10. The whole discussion strikes me as somewhat back to front. The banking thing would, presumably, be a secondary activity of the church, not a primary one. Otherwise it's a bank, not a church.
  11. At home, in a proper gun safe, as far as I can tell. There are slight variations in gun laws between the various states and territories.
  12. My brain says Troll, but I can't justify it. I'm not the Internet variety, I don't live under a bridge, and it's been a very long time since I invaded a king's hall. Maybe I'm just the kind that lurks in a cave.
  13. Irrelevant to handguns though. Sundog's answer is correct. Of course, illegal weapons exist too. The latter seem to be rarely used to commit crimes (aside from actually existing). Mostly they are essentially collectors' items, although organized crime groups and their subsidiary entreprises often have large stockpiles.
  14. Actually no, but irrelevant to this thread anyway.
  15. Incidentally, while (pre-modern) Tuaregs had bows and javelins, their main military weapons were lances and swords.
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