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  1. On the trained normal thing: most superheroes aren't Superman. It's much more common for them to be like Cyclops - a normal person with a single power. Someone who is inferior to Batman, Green Arrow or Hawkeye in every respect. But nobody says they shouldn't be in a superteam.
  2. assault

    Golden Age

    To point out the obvious, preventing PCs from being drafted is an out-of-character concern. In character, the question is why were they rejected when they volunteered?
  3. assault

    Hero Does It Better

    To be honest, I can't see what's particularly objectionable about the post. In HERO terms, the PCs' origins/backgrounds help define the setting/campaign, and, specifically, the campaign's Big Bad. This is perfectly conventional campaign design. What I wouldn't do with Gaean Reach is try to play its system. Stealing its premise is something completely different. Speaking of which, I've got (the film) Barbarella recorded. I think a decent game could be (loosely) based on it... Obviously a lot of stuff would need to be made up. Unfortunately the original comic isn't easy to get hold of.
  4. Heavy use of Mook rules would help. Having to keeping track of Recoveries would generally be a Bad Thing, although a very simplified Recovery rule might be OK. Essentially, the trick would be to find a way of reaching the same results as the full rules most of the time, with a fraction of the effort. Say, the same result 80% of the time with 20% of the rules. That said, "skirmish games" cover a lot of ground. They can involve half a dozen characters/units per side, or a hundred. You could virtually use the full rules for the smaller games. It's the bigger ones where you really need to cut things down.
  5. assault

    Golden Age

    Actually pretty easy. Neither of my grandfathers were allowed to enlist, despite being of prime military age. One was a rail worker, the other was a metal tradesman. At least one was in the Volunteer Defense Corp (Australian Home Guard equivalent). He'd tried to enlist at the start of the war, but was rejected, despite being a trained pilot. Given the type of professions typical of Golden Age PCs, it wouldn't be hard to justify them most of them being rejected from serving, or at least being stuck pushing pens on the homefront.
  6. assault

    Hero Does It Better

    A few years ago, Pelgrane Press put out Gaean Reach, based on Jack Vance's SF. I wouldn't use the system, but the concept is neat. Basically, the PCs are seeking revenge. Exactly for what is up to them. It varies for each PC. The game just gives a name: Quandos Vorn. Here's a post on the designer's blog: Five Reasons to Hate Quandos Vorn.
  7. "When you get around to it", just like everything else.
  8. assault

    Aquaman Spoiler Thread

    So when is the next Fish Guy story coming out?
  9. assault

    Third Edition Renaissance

    A significant factor in the OSR revival of earlier, permissive, editions of D&D.
  10. assault

    Third Edition Renaissance

    Short version: no. If I do so, I would end up pulling stuff out of context, and I don't even have the latest draft, let alone the finished product. I don't want to give a wrong impression. There is a good game in there. It's streamlined and there are some important changes, but an experienced Hero player would pick them up quickly.
  11. assault

    Third Edition Renaissance

    First: try not to build up too much velocity! A bit of flight or gliding works wonders. Acrobatics is nice too. Of course, most teleporters can't just cancel velocity.
  12. assault

    Dark Seraph Question

    That's what I had in mind.
  13. I re-watched Elektra the other day. It reminded me of how many duds were produced before the Marvel movies really caught on.
  14. assault

    Dark Seraph Question

    While Michaela Sorenson seems the most likely candidate for the character the original poster was thinking of, it would be genre appropriate for Barbara Preston-Fredericks to turn up in some role or another. Since she doesn't seem to have been officially mentioned anywhere else, that could be any role a GM desires, even a hero.
  15. assault

    Dark Seraph Question

    I can't remember any other references to her, but I'm not a super geek about the CU. In any case, you can use her as you see fit. If she does turn up somewhere else in CU lore, you can always swap her out for one of the other members of the coven. (How did she survive? Did she survive? Why is she walking around when she was supposed to have died? Etc.)