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  1. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Go For Broke is a really nice piece of cinema history. Van Johnson stars, but the real heroes of the 442nd are both playing themselves and most of the extras.
  2. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Another quote from the "Seared Champions" style game of Vendetta Rhapsody. We're all at the Third Rail (neutral ground). Flashburn (an enemy super) walks in and begins heckling Techny. Flashburn: Haven't you seen the news? We're buddies now! Technicality: Really? Then let's step outside and get better acquainted. (cracks knuckles) Flashburn: Uh, actually I like it better in here. Techny: That's what I thought you'd say.
  3. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Also from Vendetta Rhapsody: Our heroes are relaxing at the Third Rail when Flashburn (one of the bad guys) decides to come over and sneer at Technicality. FB: "You sleep in that armor? Well, you better start." Techy: "How's the jaw?" FB: "It's fine. I'm healing pretty quick. In fact, I won't be feeling any pain real soon now." Techy: "I think I can guarantee it." Rest of the Third Rail:...damn. FB: *Quickly chugs down drink for dutch courage*
  4. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Technicality got to do her first presence attack in last night's Vendetta Rhapsody game: "So far I've shown some restraint. Back off now or I'm going to Lose. My. Patience!"
  5. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Quotes from Session 12 of Shadows Angelus: "Who ordered the Star Destroyer?" - Tyger "You're getting down? Give me a PS: Funk roll." - GM "Want their penis size?" - GM to Tyger, who rolled a 3 on his PER roll. "They must've got those grenades from the lowest bidder." - GM, when grenades failed to injure Hemelshot. "He IS LAPD!" - GM to Tyger, after Tyger threatens to kill a perp. "Clade Season!" "Karouk, you said he was down for the count." - Hemelshot "He kept counting!" - Yiska Karouk "You see two unconscious men on the ground in front of you." - GM "I get out my condoms." "They're wearing asian dresses, that means they're short." "I don't want porn." - Tyger "Pod person!" - Hemelshot to Tyger
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