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  1. drunkonduty

    Idea for an adventure

    This is very similar to what happens in Butcher's backstory in The Boys. I might use it, or be willing to play in a game with it, if the campaign was described from the outset as being very dark. Otherwise I'd sit out the story line. By and large, I play supers for the lighter, funnier side of punching people in the face.
  2. drunkonduty

    Finally got my FHC!

    But at least you have it now.
  3. drunkonduty

    Order of the Stick

    Yeah, but they aren't quitters!
  4. drunkonduty

    Fantasy Race book project...thinking out loud

    Very nice cover art. As for presentation for the hero section - I'd say stick as closely as possible to the one style throughout the pdf. There's no need for separate art for instance. Stat blocks can be presented much the same way throughout. I'd keep the stats relevant to the latest version of the game. You won't boost sales by making a product for a version of the game that's more than 20 years out of date. As for what you charge for it, compare what you're doing to similar things on RPG net and see what others are charging. But keep in mind multi-system booklets are of lower appeal. Most people play one system. Therefore they don't get much value out of multi-system products and are less inclined to part with money for them. NPC stat blocks are always welcome for any system. The more complex the system the more welcome. High level Pathfinder stat blocks are a pain to do up; anything that saves me work is worth it to me. Good luck!
  5. drunkonduty

    A world building exercise

    Hi there! So life, the real one, has been a giant pain in the proverbial. We have played one session of the game. It was mostly an introduce players to the game session, explaining rules, etc. A sample fight . A situation in which players could use some skills. (Scouting out an abandoned town and now facing down an ogre and her children.) But that was... 3 weeks ago? 4 weeks? And our next session keeps slipping further and further into the future. <Sad face here> If things change I will post updates!
  6. Well, I am late to post this but... The voice changing thing could just be Images to Sound, maybe with the Mimicry skill required to make precise imitations.
  7. I'm not aware of anywhere where Kennedy has said she doesn't like Star Wars. (Unlike Snyder's famous dislike of the super hero genre.) She may have different ideas to you and a bunch of others. Doesn't make them bad ideas. Doing it differently doesn't mean doing it bad. We'll never know what a Hitchcock directed Marx Brothers film would have looked like. It may have been great, it may have been awful. Point is, it wasn't done thus we can't make a definitive statement about it. We can only wonder what it might have been like and say "I'd like to see that, good or bad, it'd be fascinating." As to dividing the fan base and maybe costing Disney money (the only real issue the studio is worried about...) The other 3 Star Wars movies Kennedy has overseen have done very well. Sure some fans have complained. (Is it me or is the Star Wars fan base the most toxic one on the internet?) The Last Jedi in particular has had a lot of vocal criticism from toxi-fans. But it actually has a very strong following. Certainly judging by box office. So a bunch of whiny nerds are upset that it didn't live up to what ever the hell lame-arse ideas they have for the sequels? Who gives a shit. Up to this point in the narrative, not Disney. Solo didn't do well at the box office. Now Disney start worrying. Aside: I liked Solo. If anything I would have gone further away from all the old cliches. Seriously, what are the chances of Solo running into his old girlfriend? It must be a very small galaxy. And rather than Woody Harrelson's obvious betrayal, and Solo's equally obvious double-double cross, I would have liked to see Harrelson as a mentor figure going forward. But I get why they did it this way: there's a whole new generation of young (sometimes quite young) movie goers to whom all this is new and exciting. Old farts aren't the only ones in cinemas. (I'm pretty sure they're a minority.) Movie makers have to take this into consideration but sometimes even playing it safe doesn't yield dividends. So now, on the strength of this one poor showing, world wide gross about 390 million, some execs at Disney are happy to sack Kennedy despite 3 other very successful Star Wars movies. Well, that's Hollywood. I'm sure Kennedy will weather it.
  8. I liked Rogue One, best Star Wars movie to come out since Empire. (I haven't seen Last Jedi but have seen Force Awakens & Solo.) Looking at Kennedy's credits on imdb, well she has overseen some good movies, some bad movies, and plenty of average movies. How much creative input she had in any of them I have no idea. BUT! She is clearly very good at her job. I can tell because she has produced 94 movies to completion. This is a damn sight harder than people might think. Spielberg clearly enjoys working with her and he famously has very high standards when it comes to getting his movies made. I think it's possible to do new things in a story universe. New tones. New types of stories. In fact there is an oft quoted (by me at least) phrase I learned back in film school: "Do anything you want. Just do it well." Snyder's problem wasn't that he went all grim dark. (I'm not a fan of that sort of super hero tale, but that doesn't make it bad.) His problem was he made crap movies. On the other hand Kennedy's Star Wars movies are good. Not great, but good. There's a limitation to making these things: Studio's rarely turn out great movies as they will not (often) take the risks required to make great movies. But if the studio is willing to try to take an old franchise in new directions, that's fantastic. Too many damn remakes out there already.
  9. drunkonduty

    Building healing over time (6th ed.)

    Hmmm... Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but Regeneration is just Healing with a limitation (Self Only.) The healing salve you're thinking about is just Healing with a different limitation (set of limitations really.) You could do a regeneration potion that has the Self Only limitation; but it will only heal the person who makes the salve. Maybe it's tailored to their aura. Or DNA. If you want a potion that can be used on anyone then that's not Self Only and thus you don't get that discount in the points cost.
  10. drunkonduty

    Problem With Mobile Phone Distractions

    What Vondy said. Specific answer to your questions: No, No, and No.
  11. drunkonduty

    A world building exercise

    Love it!
  12. drunkonduty

    Questions regarding running HERO Fantasy

    A classic for an adventuring group is working as agents of an organisation. Knightly order; temple (3 in one: clerics, monk, and paladins), thieves' guild, mages' guild, ordinary craft guild (why not?) These also have built in quest givers. Quest givers is easier for new players who will, probably, have trouble working out what they want to do, or even knowing what they can do. There's escaped prisoners. Naked and on the run is always good for a laugh. The game I'm about to kick off has the PCs as survivors of a destroyed army. As for character design. Keep it simple. Limit the player choices. Try and have a bunch of templates ready to use. One thing I found when I first started with HERO, and everyone else I know who plays HERO had the same initial feeling, is that the freedom of choice is so great that one doesn't know where to start. Templates give players a springboard for their own ideas. But also inspire player choices. Give them a little world background. Cloud castles and dragon dogfights. Or an ancient city that has long been the centre of a world wide trade network whose basements and catacombs stretch down into the depths of the earth. Something to get the creative juices flowing. Or, if you haven't gotten as far as that, throw out a bunch of classic game types (thieves in the big city, knights on errantry, junior wizards at wizard school.) Keep throwing out ideas and getting feedback until you have something that has the whole group excited. Obviously choosing a game style/setting also has the effect of limiting character choice, until it doesn't. Wizard school will have a lot of people playing wizards. Until someone wants to play a unionising house elf, or a groundskeeper who is a high school drop out. You get where I'm going. For magic - I'm going to suggest that whatever you choose for a magic system, have the list of available magic spells already drawn up. If the choice of character archetype is daunting, the choice of what magic to choose is just overawing. (Actually this is an advantage of magic school - the players have a very limited set of spells to choose from at the start and you decide what new spells they get and when. Should let you spread out the work over time.) I like the idea of a magic END reserve with limited REC. For a high magic game it's a good way to put a limit on mages and thus allow non-mages to compete. High fantasy magic is hard to do in HERO if you use the published grimoires. The spells are just too expensive. For a low fantasy feel they work fine. General advice. Everyone tells me that tracking END is hard. I don't see why. People have no trouble tracking hit points in DnD. This aint much different. To speed up play I suggest you get the players to do all the END tracking AFTER their turn. eg: GM: Character X is up. Player X: I kick in the door with 15 STR, throw a fireball, and make a PRE attack. That's, erm, lemme see how much END... GM: Worry about that later. Roll your STR damage to get the door open then make an attack roll. <things are resolved> GM: Cool! Do your END now. Next character is Y. I'd shy away from Multipowers and especially VPPs. The latter because they are literally power designing at the game table. MPS are conceptually confusing to new players. Fantasy Hero Basic.pdf I can't help it, I'm going to upload my own fantasy hero homebrew. It's 6th ed. It's geared toward low fantasy. The most relevant parts for you are at the front in the character design section which has a bunch of mix and match templates for simple characters. The magic section could also be worth a read. None of it is yet play tested. I suspect that any spell that uses an adjustment power is too powerful as written and will probably need to be toned down a couple of Damage Classes. I also include some basic weapons and armour lists you might find useful. Otherwise it's a simplification of the main HERO rules.
  13. drunkonduty

    A world building exercise

    Oh the royal family are definitely descended from the Eternal Pharaoh. I think it adds extra creep factor to Pharaoh's love for their family. As for everyone having some trace of royal blood, yes. I think that's very likely. I'm sure that most of use can find some notable ancestors if we go back far enough. Difference is in Kemet you can actually go meet them. 🙂 Good point about Pharaoh not necessarily being the oldest extant undead in Kemet. Might be, might not be. That's one of those things I can decide on as the game plays out . What I have decided is that the Kemeti learned the art of necromancy from Isis. She was the first to raise the dead, her husband Osiris of course. She later passed the art on to the faithful of her temple. The myth will go something like "As Isis used her art to bring the God to fruitfulness so too the art brings fruitfulness to the Black Land." Being a visitor to Kemet would definitely be dangerous. Much more so than the usual perils faced by merchant travelers. I can see a brisk, although technically illegal, trade in kidnapping foreign sailors and the like. I actually think slavery wouldn't be a thing. There's no need for it when you have a much more amenable workforce of skellies. Skellies don't need feeding. Don't rebel. Don't die in droves from neglect and abuse. I actually get to kick of this campaign on Sunday. As the PCs are Akkadians and on the receiving end of Kemeti aggression I'm not sure how many of these awesome ideas I'll get to introduce. But I will keep y'all posted as to what I get to bring up and how the players react to it. My main worry now is that we have gone and made Kemet so interesting that the players may prefer to play there rather than Akkad. 😛 Cheers.
  14. drunkonduty

    A world building exercise

    La Rose, some great ideas. I think I will borrow the one about the undead being owned by the family unit. But expand ownership to the village unit. The village head -woman or -man being responsible for the care of the "old family" (need a better name.) Certainly individual families take the time to visit and care for their own ancestors. But the village head has the final responsibility of making sure that the village makes its quotas of workers for public projects (pyramids, dams, irrigation, etc.) as well as the village's own projects.