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  1. I think the laws you use should depend on the behaviours you wish to encourage in your players. Don't want them to slaughter every NPC who look s at them sideways? Have a law against murder. Also consider "peace bindings" on weapons or outright bans on weapons inside town limits. Laws against arson are important. It's funny to watch but every new player goes through the phase where "let's just burn the whole thing down" is their go to solution. At least in my experience. With a whole table of new players I reckon you will have this in spades... But more importantly be able to enforce the laws. If the PCs can easily slaughter the whole town guard the laws are irrelevant in any case. re. air traffic control. Maybe consider what sort of laws govern sea ports and apply them. Things like docking rights and fees. Ships standing off in the roads, out of the way, waiting for their turn to land. Requirements to the use the city pilots for landing. I can't see these rules being needed for individuals flying under their own power, no more than a farmer plodding into town with a sack over their shoulder would be subject to traffic regulation. Although there might be customs laws that are applied... in which case fliers would have to land at specific landing strips. How to distinguish between fliers from outside the city and those whose journeys are entirely within city limits then becomes an issue. Another thing that occurs to me is that laws are probably not going to be applied with universal fairness. Let's face it, that doesn't happen in our modern, post-enlightenment world. Aint happening in middle ages land. So locals, who know the town guard, maybe childhood friends or even relatives, get a light hand. Out of towners face much more rigorous law enforcement. Certain types of foreigners, merchants really, may get special privileges if the local government is trying to encourage trade. Or discourage trade. And as always one law for the rich, another for the poor. Just some random thoughts. 🙂
  2. Yeah, it's a bit vague there. What I think is going on is that Ward's dad WAS given immortality dragon bone juice. The immortality dragon bone juice gives someone limited immortality. I base this assumption on the fact that the Hand keep harvesting the dragon bones. I am assuming that they need to take it periodically. When they do take it for a period of time (and that period would have to be more than a century based on Madam Gao's claim that she spent the 17th century being tortured) you can't die unless you are beheaded. Eventually the juice runs out of juice and you got mortality again. As for getting more violent with every death, who's to say that the Hand aren't getting more psycho as they go along? They're ninja assassins after all. Elektra came back crazier than before. Of course this begs the question, why waste some of the very limited amount of immortality dragon bone juice on Ward's dad? But this is all my guesswork. The shows are very vague about the details. Which is probably deliberate on the part of the producers/writers as they probably wanted to avoid writing themselves into a corner. Which is fair. I mean the Hand have been around for 4 different series (DD1 & 2, Ironfist, and the Defenders) so that means a lot of different creatives have had a hand in their story. (Pun intended.) It's difficult to get consistency under these circumstances and I sympathise with the writers. But in the end this leads to us having a very muddled and unsatisfactory story.
  3. RE. the Netflix shows (I haven't yet sat down to watch Jessica Jones 2 yet so with that in mind...) I'll rank Jessica Jones1 and Daredevil 1 as the two best. Both series are really solid all the way through to great climaxes. Good stories. Excellent characterisation. I enjoyed the central casts in both shows. And the supporting casts for that matter. Top notch telly. Luke Cage has a great start but I'll agree with the folks above who've said the second half was kinda muddled and messy. But a great character, a great setting in Harlem. If they can focus on that more and the need for shoe horning in super villains the show will just get better. Iron Fist was fine. Yeah, Danny Rand ain't that likeable ; he has major anger management issues that make him a bit of a douche. BUT that is kinda the point of this character. Madam Gao makes for a great villain and I was happy to see more of her. I loved Ward and, um, the rest of his family whose names I can't remember. 😞 I gotta ask, what was wrong with the fight scenes? No they weren't wuxia. Nor were they the sort of exhausting, gut-wrenching realism of Daredevil's fight scenes. (I loved DD's fight scenes.) They were somewhere in the middle; that is they standard for action flick fight scenes. Okay, we coulda hoped for more. But they weren't bad. Next I'll put DD season 2. Yep. After Iron Fist. Because there were two completely unrelated plots crammed in there. Not that there was anything bad in either of the two plots. But using the first half of the season as a prolonged trailer for Punisher was just a waste of time that could have been given over to the Hand plot. (Conversely the Hand just pushed the Punisher plot aside; your choice. But since Punisher was getting his own show anyway why cram him in here?) Punisher didn't need to overlap with the other shows. You could still have had Karen Page in the show. And Foggy. And Jerry. But just have him have his own show. I rate this show this low because I just don't like Punisher. But in truth it is a good show. Well written, well acted, well directed, well edited. Shame it's about the Punisher is all. And last The Defenders. It wasn't good. Too much going on. Shoving in cameos by Foggy, Karen, Patsy took up time that could have been used for the plot. For that matter Luke and Jessica just had no reason to be there and it felt like it. Still good performances by the cast. It looked good like all the shows. But it failed at story. Cheers all.
  4. drunkonduty

    Write-up Search: Dresden-esque Techbane Aura

    Oh yeah! I stand corrected.
  5. drunkonduty

    Write-up Search: Dresden-esque Techbane Aura

    There was a recent discussion here about Dispel & foci. Some said that Dispel would destroy the focus. Some said it should only turn it off. Drain has similar issues. I believe that a Drain on BOD that does 2x the focus's BOD would destroy the focus. Anything less than that and the device recovers from it. How an inanimate object is meant to recover without outside help I don't know. How about a fully invisible RKA with 0 range that only effects tech? Make it AVLD with the DEF being dependent on how high tech the item is, with lower tech items get more DEF. This bypasses the recovery problem. Also only a little BOD damage needs to get through to start making the device lose powers. The question I have now is, is it a power the player should pay points for or is it a disadvantage that they should get points for?
  6. drunkonduty

    Black Panther with spoilers

    That's a good scene. And I gotta say it's one I would like to have seen in the main movie. I think it's an essential part of the story. A small part yes, but essential.
  7. drunkonduty

    The Sailor Senshi are in Pittsburgh

    Is it just me or are these girls moving around a lot?
  8. drunkonduty

    Skill-based magic

    Thanks Brian. I am proud of how it turned out. Making a game that beginners could understand was very much the idea you instilled in me with your thread last year. Making character generation simple was my number one aim for the document.The other stuff really just grew out of it. I found that I needed spells for sorcerers. Then I needed to explain how those worked. Then I needed to explain basics of combat. Etc., etc. It's not a complete game. But it's complete enough for new players to grab and play. And if they want more I do keep directing them to Fantasy Hero Complete. One thing I kept comparing it to was the old DnD Basic set from forever ago. That was a complete game in... what was it about 120 pages, including monsters and GM advice? Not much anyway. I wanted the same.
  9. drunkonduty

    Toy Boy: Help Wanted

    Either or. Both work. steriaca, if you like Toy Boy, go with it. Once again, I wasn't trying to rain on your parade.
  10. drunkonduty

    How would you do these powers?

    Being hard to hit is just extra DCV. Buy it with the limitation "only when shrunk" which is worth maybe -1/4. (You can expect the character to shrink in most combats so it's not a big limitation. -1/4 sounds right to me, but your GM may give you a bit more.) You could buy some extra DEX and Speed with the same limitation. As for shrinking to avoid a hit: the rules allow for a character to abort to a defensive action or to activate a defensive power when they are attacked. Shrinking that increases your DCV counts as a defensive power. So the bad guy takes a swing, Wasp Aborts to Shrink, and her DCV goes through the roof. I'm sure other folks will chime in with their own ideas. Cheers. 🙂
  11. drunkonduty

    Toy Boy: Help Wanted

    Erm... don't want to take the wind out of your sails, steriaca. But I feel you should be told. As Ninja-Bear was hinting at above, "Toy Boy" is slang for a young, male prostitute or a "kept boy." "Kept" in the sense that he would have a sugar daddy. So your players may well get a very different idea about the character than what you intended. Yeah. Sorry again, not meaning to be mean. Just, you know, "the more you know" and all that.
  12. drunkonduty

    Skill-based magic

    Thank you. 🙂 I did most of it in my spare time over about 3 months. Then spent another month doing up the spells in HERO designer. I finished up the main bit about Xmas last year. Since then I've just tinkered and edited. I am STILL finding spelling/ and grammar mistakes, despite using spell and grammar check several times.
  13. drunkonduty

    Skill-based magic

    Hi Brian ( and anyone else who might be interested.) I've been given permission to put my home brew thing up here. So here it is. I'd like to point out again that I've gone for simplicity. So this means I've skipped a lot of options that might make for more elegant designs. Also for magic I've avoided doing anything like charges for spells; I prefer the idea of sorcerers being able to cast spells all day if need be. They're paying a lot of points for their spells. The main idea is that character design should be fairly easy for a new player to grasp. So I've used packages that can be mixed and matched as the player wants. I've simplified the skills list and included an abbreviated version of the combat rules. Lastly there's equipment lists and my own take on how weapons and armour interact. Cheers. 🙂 Compilation_v22_draft.pdf
  14. Must... resist... bait...
  15. Thanks to those who recommended Black Lightning. 6 eps in and quite enjoying it. Good cast, script is very good in places. The first two eps were excellent. A couple of ham fisted moments; the attempt to give the main villain a deep and human background (a la the way Cottonmouth was flashed out in Luke Cage) struck me as particularly shoe-horned and ineffective. I have enjoyed all the in-show references to Black Lightning's look. The "Earth Wind and Fire" costume. I can't help but make comparisons to Luke Cage. I think Luke Cage is a better show. For it's villains if nothing else. But I enjoy the family dynamics in Black Lightning. Very well done. I will say it's the best DC show I've yet seen.