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  1. How about redesigning Mental Entangle so it's a Mind Control power. Only one Command - "to be still." This allows Mental Defense to be effective; and gives Breakout rolls to the character. This latter has the bonus of being active rather than passive, which is good for the player. They get to feel like they are doing something. Downside is of course that the gap between breakout rolls gets longer and longer... This could be bad for the dragon in the OP. Another downside just occurred to me: what state is the target in in-between being hit by the mental entangle and their first breakout roll? Specifically , what DCV does the target have? Look at me, posting a solution and the reasons why it's a bad solution, all in the one post. <Zoidberg voice> Hooray, I'm helping!
  2. I like pepper. I do a mean peppered lamb.
  3. Don't even remember my CO handle. I do know that I had a gold membership and, when it lapsed, most of my characters didn't work anymore.
  4. Couldn't agree more on Dr Destroyer. Hate that character. But I do like the story potential for some of his surviving minions to be fighting for control of his organisation. So I'm happy to have him as part of the CU history. But a dead part. I have a soft spot for Mechanon, but his high level versions are too, too powerful. Hell, most of his minions, even the mooks, are too powerful. So I have no idea how I'd ever work it into a campaign... I like all the others you mention too. Tell me, how do you feel about GRAB? I'm a big fan. I want to use them every chance I get. As a group they're tough, but also much more interested in getting away than hurting heroes ( or anyone for that matter.) Over in the Holocaust name thread it was brought up that Haganstone and Invictus would make good rivals/enemies/allies of convenience for one another. I've been thinking about this. I'd love to run a campaign arc (not a full campaign, maybe about a dozen sessions, with a handful of other story lines breaking them up) with these two running for President. I'd call it Fortunate Son.
  5. LL: you're something of a lore consultant here too. 🙂 But I still don't wanna mix up the settings. (Truth is, I don't like the Turakian setting. I know it's meant to be a generic, catch-all setting that satisfy a wide range of needs. But the mish-mash of it, plus the unbelievably long time line of events is too much for me.)
  6. Ladies from the MCU: 1: Agent Carter 2: Okoye 3: Hope Van Dyne 4: Shuri 5: Black Widow My top 3 are a really close run thing. I mean, if there was an Okoye or Hope van Dyne spin-off that might tip the scales... Just in case any Disney execs are reading. RDU Neil: mate, we are just going to have to agree to disagree on this one. 🙂
  7. Not a fan of the "magic is the source of all and it waxes and wanes" thing either. I'm quite happy to run a single origin style game. (Even tried it once - everything was based on alien tech. Iron Persons abounded.) I like the feeling of a tighter narrative frame work in which to operate. But if I do do this I want the catalyst to play a part of the narrative. Most of my games have been open slather , any origin goes, set in the mostly-as-published CU. I also don't like the shared universe concept for all the official HERO settings. Not needed. In fact I hate the thought of the Turakian Age, Atlantis, and Valdorian Age impinging on my bog standard supers universe. This is what alternate timelines and dimensions are for. Hell, I don't even need Champions 3000 to be in the same universe as the regular CU. It can be part of some whacky Legion of Super Heroes vs. DCU sort of thing. (I hope I got the reference right, I don't really know the DCU.)
  8. You can lead a player to the plot.... and hit them over the head with. Repeatedly. But you can't make them pick it up. All you can do in this situation is say "Well, that's what I prepped for this session. See you next session."
  9. @RDU Neil I agree that Captain Marvel is now way over powered compared to the rest of the MCU. Nor do I like the disparity between her fighting Kree hand to hand (she was pointedly holding back, I don't know why she felt the need to hold back, but she did) and taking out a Kree battle fleet. But I still liked it more than the final fight in WW which had me fidgeting in my seat with boredom. Carol Danvers is much more nuanced than Princess Diana. I think Larson did a very good job bringing out that nuance. Gadot did a fine job, just not very nuanced. Okay, she wasn't asked to do a lot of nuance. Maybe in another role we will see Gadot displaying some more exceptional acting talents. But comparing WW/CM ... Larson. Okay, maybe I shouldn't be comparing. (Who the hell am I to tell either of them how to act? I sure can't act.) But they're now the female leads in the competing brands so it's gonna happen. "I don't have anything to prove to you." is a great line. But before I go on about it, I should maybe ask my female friends what they think of it. It may indeed be weak sauce to the female audience for whom it is clearly intended. But I liked it. CM (the movie) did everything understated. WW (the movie) did everything BIG. Both approaches are fine. I prefer the first. I will say I hoped for a better pay-off in the end. A BIGGER pay-off even. I think what would have made that pay-off for me would be if the movie had given more play to the parallels between her back of story growing up and eventually achieving her goal of becoming a pilot, and her breaking free of her Kree mental conditioning. It was there, obviously. But I would have liked to see more development of her background, to make it more impactful. As for changes to the Skrull, or anything else, between the comics universe and the cinematic: I have no problem. Skrull with Aussie accents? Bonza, mate. (Oh, and believe me, you hear plenty of Aussie accents using Americanisms.) I liked Goose. But then I have a soft spot for cats. And flerkins too, it would seem. My wife loved Goose. But it's a solid movie with good standout bits (I liked Larson, both for herself and with Jackson. And Jackson and the cat. And Aussie Skrull.) The fight scenes were good (bar the taking out of the Kree fleet.) The plot was fine. It's an origin story, the plots for those things are never great, but I liked that they did it differently. I don't rate this as my favourite MCU movie. That's still Captain America First Avenger. (Top five: CA 1st Avenger, Thor Ragnarok, Black Panther, Winter Soldier, GotG1. Maybe not that order...) But it's good, probably top 10. I should also mention I loved the soundtrack. (Would have preferred to hear Amethyst to Celebrity Skin, but it's Disney movie.)
  10. Maggie Simpson. She's shot people before.
  11. Awesome. Thanks. (I also watched the King Kong comparison.)
  12. I noticed he has a couple of hunted, but not from Faerie. Are the faerie not interested in him?
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