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    Converting/Importing old Hero Creator files?

    Although that is what I feared, at least now I have a definitive answer to my question... Thanks again, Simon, for the input! As I key in a few things, I might find a place to share some of the old treasures I managed to dig up. Things like: the Pro Wrestler Fighting Style, including the old rules for Style Disadvantage, etc. We'll have to see just how ambitious I feel after converting a few characters
  2. TLoATDaE

    Converting/Importing old Hero Creator files?

    Thanks for the reply It looks to me like it's 5th edition compatible. There was a reference for an export file (HD.flt) that could possibly be used for that propose, but I can not for the life of me, find where to use such a filter for output. Thus, the thread. Anyone with some experience here? I am still hoping to avoid keying in everything the Hard way... Thanks again!
  3. Greetings fellow Champions Players! I have a batch of old characters from my Hero Creator software days that I would dearly love to convert to Hero Designer file format for my most recent campaign. Does a system exist for that, and can I get some step-by-step instruction? My hope is that I won't have to enter each and every bit of data by hand back in for each character. That would be a terrible pain. Thanks in advance!
  4. I am so glad to see that previous prefabs are (for the most part) compatible with this new version! Particularly, "Fears-3-Column.hde" that comes out almost exactly like the old 4th Ed character sheet examples. Add to that, the "Real World Martial Arts" assortment, and you never have to guess about those silly things again. Now, to skulk around the old boards and resources for hidden gems, and start a "My Hero Academia" based game! Thanks for the help, folks!
  5. Thanks folks for the help here! It truly is appreciated! Now, to get all the stuff I had in prefabs from the v3 to see if they'll work with v6 (like the Martial Arts templates and prefabs). Thanks again! I have a manual to read, and files to test! Peace!
  6. Thank you, Simon! What I found was the logo/link that ultimately led me to the page was not actually a Hyperlink until just a few minutes ago... It's downloading now, and I will likely be up and running in a jiffy. Just a quick question, now that I finally have the new software: Is there anything dramatically different in the UI that I should know, or is there a handy FAQ Page you might be able to point me to? Thanks again for you help!
  7. I have the payment confirmation email (both Hero games and the Payment process). I cannot find the link you mention. The link in the message takes me to the "Orders Page" where I can see that it has been paid for, but I see no links there, either... I have Item ID, transaction number, Status "Approved" with a check-mark. No sign of a "Download your order here" type link... Curiousier and curiousier...
  8. Thank you, kind sir! Now, to figure out if it's emailed to me, a D/L link, or I have to wait for a package of some kind...
  9. Thanks for getting back to me Now, do you happen to have a link to where it's available? I can't seem to find any links, or such anywhere... Maybe, I'm just a bit blind, or having difficulty navigating the site, but I have tried the searches, and looked through the products, but am having abysmal luck.
  10. It's been many (many) years since I dusted off my Hero Designer software and 5th edition books to have a gaming session with my friends, and I checked my good ol' HD software. Seems I'm running the Hero Designer v3 [Build 2008100210]. Now, I know it's been more than a decade since I have come here, but my account still exists, and that in itself is a good sign. So, as the title states, where might I find the newest version of the software? Is it something I'd have to buy again, or can I simply upgrade, since I have it from ages past? Thanks folks! Peace!