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  1. slikmar

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    That lack of any real interpersonal connection is the point of Quantum of Solace. Completely different then the short story, obviously, the title came from the story teller's description of the smallest part of affection and the lack of any real caring.
  2. Well, saw something depressing today, but slightly less so as I realized isn't part of the new Spiderman reboot. Apparently Venom, the movie, will be coming out later this year. So sorry to hear this.
  3. This is kind of why in groups like the Avengers and JL aren't really a playable group in a champions scenario. I mean, what couldn't Thor or Superman not solve that you would actually need a Hawkeye/Batman in a true game situation, if you built them with no points limitations.
  4. slikmar

    Anyone else looking forward to Battletech

    I use steam almost exclusively now. My friend and I joked years back that Steam is making us poor at $5 or less every summer. I think I have over 200 games with them, most of which I will probably never play and may not run.
  5. slikmar

    Funny pics

    I would think worse would be that no matter what you drew, the Dealer would always draw 1 more, especially when you draw 20 and you can never draw 21. That gives you that moment of hope before crushing it. OR, the dealer always draws the same as you, thereby causing every hand to be a push.
  6. slikmar

    Ready Player One

    So, who has seen the movie and read the book? Opinions? I am almost done with tax season and only 2 movies I have seen are Black Panther (thought was excellent and a very good addition to the MCU) and Tomb Raider (made me want to go play the new reboots again, not sure I am happy about the relatively unskilled Lara). I am hoping to still catch in theaters RP1, Pacific Rim uprising and Rampage.
  7. slikmar

    The Incredibles 2

    Bird's directing of the Mission Impossible 4 saved that series to me. I liked 5 a little better, but 4 was so much better then 1-3. Tomorrowland wasn't horrid, just wasn't good. Never read Ayn Rand, so can't comment on that part.
  8. slikmar

    A Thread for Random Movie Lines

    Why didn't you bite him back?
  9. slikmar

    The Incredibles 2

    I think you mean from Fox(?). I don't believe Marvel Studios has had a shot at the FF yet.
  10. So far, he has and looks good. He appears to have dropped 30 or so pounds and seems to be running better. I like the Angels depth in their lineup now. 7-3 is the best they have started in 15 years, as they are usually a slow starting team. I was saying to my brother that Ohtani is probably a better fit for them then most contenders as they more then most needed someone at the back end who was a legitimate threat. I think most teams would love his pitching, but few needed his bat like the Angels did.
  11. slikmar

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    I liked that the "twist" was setup well. I commented early how similar the 2s style were, and it was explained well.
  12. slikmar

    "Neat" Pictures

    This is making me sneeze.
  13. I think Angels will depend on the health of their rotation. They got bit in first game by same thing that seems to happen to them a lot, this time Richards, but could have been 1st game out of spring and tiring, especially as he hasn't really pitched for 2 years. 3rd time through lineup, 5th inning, they seem to give up 2 out walks and homeruns to let other team back in games or fall behind. Happened again. And, judging by first game, as fan(atic)s are supposed to - Mike Trout sucks and should be benched. Cole Kalhoun should be an all-star. Cozart might actually turn into the best signing of the off-season for them. His versatility (playing 2nd with Kinsler having nagging groin given extra day) despite mainly playing 3rd and some short all spring showed a lot. Ohtani looks like you could get him out on away pitches all the time. He has that falling back long looping swing - sort of Ichiro but longer arc to swing, so not sure his outside coverage is great. Strangely, they keep trying to pitch him inside.
  14. slikmar

    "Neat" Pictures

    Hmm, purple, is this where Thanatos landed in the next Avengers movie?
  15. I just saw that Djimon Hounsou I assume as Korath.