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  1. So, to keep my tv/mlb conspiracy alive, I present cowboy Joe West and replay robbing Jose Altuve of a 2 run HR in game 4. At worst should have been ground rule double.
  2. slikmar

    Charmed Reboot

    They should have used the first episode with Dick Sargent, by having it been Aunt Clara having transformed Darren into something, and due to her messed up magic, he didn't come back exactly the same.
  3. Yeah, but part of my problem, and call it conspiracy theory, is that if it gets to game 7 IN Fenway, I don't trust MLB and the television "powers that be" not to try to interfere in some way (oh look, strikes being called on Houston aren't on Boston, and yes, there have been studies showing that the strike zone for teams like NY and Boston are not the same as their opponents). I would actually say same thing about National series, wanting the Dodgers to get to WS.
  4. Dammit, Houston letting Boston take series lead. They had one job, make sure that NY or Boston, whichever they played, did not go to world series and they are trying to mess it up.
  5. Not sure it was lack of vision, as trying to fit, what is really a "mystic" character, into a street level, "realistic" campaign. Sadly, if they had gone into it thinking Hong Kong Wire-Fu, might have been better.
  6. The one good thing about the movie, is whether you agree or not, you can see both sides of the argument - unlike the travesty that was the Civil War in the comics.
  7. slikmar

    Babylon 5 Spoilers

    My friend and I often described Babylon 5 as the answer to the PC ST:TNG, and often having endings that seemed very TNG and then having the B5 ending. Deathwalker was probably the best example of this, though the episode with the child who had a genetic disorder that didn't allow it to breathe right and was curable by modern science his parents wouldn't allow was another.
  8. So what your saying is they should have hired Matt Murdoch or Jennifer Walters (would have been a great way to introduce her pre-She-Hulk).
  9. Well, SS is all about using bad guys to do things no one else can do. (too soon?)
  10. One thing that strikes me about the rebooted Venom origin, and I haven't seen the movie and not sure if I will, is "why does Venom look like a black spider-man costume?" when in the new version, it had nothing to do with spidey.
  11. I was just discussing today with someone who I would want to win, as my team isn't in it: Teams I would like to see win - Brewers, Rockies, Indians (cause been a while for all three if ever) I don't mind Houston or Braves winning, they both earned their way by being horrendous for a few years. Let the world end before the Red Sox or Yankees win and please have a survivor camera going in the TV executives rooms when they lose, just for the looks on the faces(I am hoping one team sweeps, then gets killed against Indians or Houston). I wouldn't mind Dodgers either, I grew up with them and it has been awhile, but more then anything, I really would like to see Kershaw have a great playoffs (last year he was good, but not as good when you look as people give credit, not for a guy who might is in the discussions for best of our generation).
  12. It actually is even worse, unless they have fixed it at some point, which they may have. Back, I think in 1995, Seattle and Anaheim were tied with New York on the final day for 1st/wild card. Because of the way it worked, that meant the Yankees (much to the delight of the channels showing the playoffs, I am sure) automatically qualified as the lone wild card because they don't actually call it a tie breaker, but game 163, which is stupid also as you said, because that means stats count from it for regular season also.
  13. I actually like it, because it puts back the impetus to win the division. We don't get nearly as many teams cruising the last month of the season we used too.
  14. slikmar

    Funny pics

    I am waiting for the comis about crossing an Octopus and a Turkey - multiple legs and boneless.
  15. I would want one that is closer to NBA, where the current team can simply offer more anyone else, but it would have to be something that doesn't kill a smaller markets luxury tax threshold. That's why I say the franchise player contract should only hit tax halfway. The player still has the option of signing somewhere else, just for less.