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  1. Saw Battle Angel Alita. Decent live action anime. From reading Wikipedia I get the impression they condensed a lot. The previews showed Godzilla-can't wait, and apparently they are remaking dirty rotten scoundrels with Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson, though it is called something different. Also a remake of pet cemetery.
  2. Saw preview today when saw battle angel alita. Might be first movie I have truly considered seeing in imax. Godzilla vs Ghidorah in giant size.
  3. I think he means the Gelflings from Dark Crystal.
  4. I loved me some Country Bear Jamboree.
  5. Technically, still married too, since neither died and no annulment was made. Course, I have not watched last season at all as I read the books and got seriously annoyed that GRRM apparently will only finish the series on tv.
  6. I almost feel like people should put the show they get these quotes from, but that might be cheating, but I spend a lot of time copy and pasting to find out what show it is (maybe 25%, unlike the movie one, where it might be 5%)
  7. What Starlord said. I do same thing except during tax season as no real days off. I tend to go to the noon to 1:30 shows at a small town theater. most crowded I have seen it is maybe half full and tends to be older audiences not younger, even during summer.
  8. Shouldn't this be in the creepy pics or the horror ones. I mean, all that ruined bacon.
  9. That is one of the things I have enjoyed in most the movies, that their choreographers have thought about how they can support each other. Even Winter Soldier with Cap and Sam had some stuff, not to mention watching Bucky and Cap defeat the death squad in Civil War.
  10. I think would be interesting if you had Flash or Diana asking Afleck - how did you get started doing this and him telling the tale like a year one, with a younger version of him during it. gives some continuity and lets them transition to new actor. Having said that, them getting away from the Frank MIller stuff isnt a bad idea. I really liked his stuff, the returns and year one, but WB gets to fascinated with his dark morale versions of things.
  11. wait, the deposed aristocracy are a bunch of high school singing club? (yes, I know what you meant, but autofills make me laugh, one of the best parts of Ralph Wrecks the Internet is the over aggressive auto fill).
  12. Wait, Godzilla's epidermis is made of poop? well, now we know Kong stands a chance cause apes love to throw $h!t around.
  13. I would also say that, and maybe this goes with the impatience, that WB never gave Johns the power Feige has enjoyed once Iron Man came out and was successful. As a matter of fact, they seemed to hand the reins over to Snyder instead. They didnt seem to learn that Feige may have been the big in charge, but he didn't direct/write the movies, but seemed to for the most part let the talent do what they do and made changes only for "continuity" for his plan rather then say, NO, DO IT MY WAY most of the time.
  14. I wonder, with the success of Into the Spiderverse and the way DC tries to follow the Marvel Movies if that won't lead to a Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle movie, animated or otherwise.
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