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  1. slikmar

    Animated Ariel sitting on a rock

    It's funny, I have been watching a lot of the Shaw brothers Hong Kong movies, and this picture looks almost identical to the opening logo of their films, with the girl sitting on the rock. Sadly, my google foo is weak and no matter what I use, I can't find the image I am looking for.
  2. Problem for Angels has been revolving GMs. Reagins handicapped their minor leagues with bad trades and handicapped the pro club with bad contracts. DiPoto was fixing a lot of that stuff but couldn't get along with Scioscia and decided to bypass him, which was dumb when you had a clubhouse that had some very old school style mentalities (Pujols etc). Going straight to the clubhouse and players with coaching and player positioning information was stupid. Eppler is trying to fix stuff, but is under pressure due to the Trout contract. I think he has done well improving the minors and making the team viable in the future. Other problem is guys signed, coming here and not just underperforming their career numbers, but doing so badly. Most pundits at beginning of year with Cozart, Kinsler and Upton signings and supposed health of pitching staff actually predicted Angels to be where Oakland is in division right now, but injuries to their pitchers, mainly, have killed them and a bullpen that could not seem to hold a lead after the 6th inning doomed them. People can say that part is their own fault (Pujols contract for instance, though again, an inherited contract for Eppler), but I don't care who you are, no one could have expected with the guys who seemed healthy that only 1 of the 6 starting rotation for them would be pitching at this point. And we have had 2-3 other starters come in and 2 weeks or less later - Tommy John surgery.
  3. slikmar

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Darkest Minds - basically Divergent meets X-Men. Was ok, clearly first of a series, which is sad since what if it doesn't do well in theater. What was the conversation in the DC thread about starting a franchise.
  4. Angels just brought up guy who is basically their best minor leaguer - Taylor Ward. Am I wrong, or is bringing him up, for a team that has no chance of making playoffs, 3 weeks before sept callups just mean we will lose a year of his eligibility (ie rookie and arbitration control)? Maybe I read it wrong. This seems stupid to me, but again, maybe I am wrong. Yes I want to see the guy and see if he can play in big leagues, but not if means we lose control a year early for and extra 14-15 game viewing.
  5. slikmar

    Random Television Quotes

    as your personal astrophysicist I ask you keep looking up
  6. slikmar

    Random Television Quotes

    Missed me by THAT much.
  7. In his case, it's not even age thats the problem. It's that he basically has pitched more innings then anyone else in the 13(?) years he has been pitching. Seattle basically rode that horse every time he pitched then put it away without combing or brushing it.
  8. One thing with video challenges, get rid of - the call stands - as a result. How many times have you watched a replay on tv, said, oh this should be overturned and it come back the call stands (not out or safe). I almost feel like no one actually looked at the play.
  9. I think it says everything that I can say about Venom in that it came out of the original Secret Wars. Despise the character and hate most things that were "changed" in the Marvel Universe from that point on (Kitty and Colossos breakup, alteration of the FF, Symbiote Spiderman).
  10. Well, if DC decides to do another Green Lantern, maybe they should talk to him about doing it.
  11. slikmar

    "Neat" Pictures

    Space Mothra?
  12. slikmar

    Random Television Quotes

    Truly one of the greatest scene's in television.
  13. Agreed - maybe even go so far as giving VR glasses to umpires hooked into the pitch trax (even John Smoltz and some of the other MLB guys are coming around to robo umps). I would supplement this to add regardless of team (see Yankees and Red Sox), Batter or pitcher. Disagree, but shorten it. Should not take as long as it does. I would also get rid of challenging the guy came off the base unless all such instances could be challenged (Angels back picked a guy other day who over slid 1st going back and ump claimed Marte pushed him off, when clearly he didn't. Never. Other then a handful of pitchers, i hate seeing them bat. And don't try to argue strategy BS. When a pitcher bats, amazingly even most the decent hitting ones, and there is a man on and 1 or no outs, he will be told to bunt. I am indifferent to this one. I like iNterleague sometimes. In other words, it's a foul ball, not a missed swing. Indifferent, although I have heard pitcher analysts say it helps the pitcher, because they don't have to get used to throwing non strikes and then get back into the zone. Agreed. Agreed. Could be interesting. Agreed wholeheartedly. Agreed. Agreed. My brother and I think one other stat change. Bullpen guys who come into a tied game with a man on first and 2 outs who then walk next batter and give up game winning single should be given loss. Also, if you come into a close game, say trailing by 1 and give up 5 runs, then your team turns around and scores 3, the starter who left should not be the person who gets the loss.
  14. We keep saying DC, but there might be the real difference between Marvel and DC. With Marvel, they created their own studio and appear, although owned by Disney, to not be being meddled with much by their overlords (movies, not tv). With DC, I have always felt it was Warner Bros calling the shots and not a "separate" group, no matter who was in charge. So as you say, putting Snyder in charge of a series of deconstruction movies makes sense, but putting him in charge because he has made other movies make money seemed like a corporate decision, not a "create our own universe" method. In some ways, reminds me of the Monster Universe (DRacula, Mummy, Invisible Man etc) that was tried, where each one was going to be the beginning. I like that they now seem to be changing direction, but until WB stops interfering, I am not sure we will actually get the universe we want.
  15. slikmar

    Random Television Quotes

    There's just one more thing, sir!