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  1. Even though I won't actually play in this game, I would agree that I don't play FH for D&D. I like a separately defined magic system, even if it just the Colleges of Magic 4th edition had to offer. Anything but the D&D "you only get 4 first level spells per day" system. 😃
  2. MrKinister

    Superhero vs Fantasy

    In my observations, fantasy is more "black and white". It is easy to say, "Orcs are evil", and then you proceed to slaughter the entire tribe, no moral, ethical, or any type of, quandary or fallout. Fantasy also carries the old medieval romanticism of the "shining knight" and the "damsel in distress". Admittedly, fantasy is "fantastic", with wonder and discovery aplenty.
  3. Well, if it is online, I may have some time open, depending on schedule.
  4. MrKinister

    [CLOSED] Interest Check: Online Supers Campaign

    The link to your game takes me a "page not found" page. Have you perhaps set it to private?
  5. MrKinister

    [LFG] Fantasy Hero Online

    You don't need to pay for it. The client is a free download. And there are so many open public servers, you can easily squeeze a dozen people into one of them and it will only barely register since the system is so bandwidth-efficient.
  6. MrKinister

    [LFG] Fantasy Hero Online

    I'd be interested in a Fantasy Hero game. I've been looking for something that might fit me for a while. Do you have a particular schedule in mind? Bluesguy: Have you tried TeamSpeak? It is takes very little bandwidth, you can access open servers easily (which don't require paying for them) and the sound quality is high.
  7. MrKinister

    LFG: Fantasy Hero Online

    Hello Steph, I would certainly be looking for a GM. Would you be interested in running a Fantasy Hero game? You have at least three players here. That would make for a fine party. Keep us posted. =)
  8. MrKinister

    LFG: Fantasy Hero Online

    Anyone running a Fantasy Hero game online looking for one more player?
  9. MrKinister

    Weapon Speed

    If you are looking for weapon speed, I'd say, you can get the thief Lighting Reflexes with his daggers, to go first maybe at DEX 20 or so. You then get him Two-Weapon Fighting and Rapid Attack, and a few combat skill levels with daggers to offset the multiple attack, and he could do something sneaky like running up to the barbarian before he can attack, and strike him two or three times ... and hopefully hit. Of course, the inevitable counter attack will follow, so play defensive. This method however, describes a trained combatant who is masterfully practiced at using her daggers. It is not so much weapon speed, but personal training in using a weapon very fast. It is entirely possible for the barbarian to be just as good.