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  1. So what counts as which in terms of shotgun shells?
  2. Hell yes! Delivering Christmas presents and slaughtering Xenos! For the Emp'rah!
  3. Anyway, from the ridiculous to, well, not sublime, maybe, but certainly more practical:
  4. Geez, they weren't satisfied with a Dillon, were they?
  5. And the sad fact is that Maker is probably right....
  6. There's also the Martin Jetpack and the Springtail EFV you can have your agents use.
  7. You can add Sir David Attenborough to that list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Attenborough
  8. https://joyenergizer.com/20-potential-supervillain-lairs/ Go crazy
  9. Not my best but from last week's D&D campaign. A little background.... One of the characters, Strings (Axel's PC), was told to get out of town by a friend he's trying to rescue. However Strings ignores this and we wind up having to sneak out of town because we've drawn way too much of the wrong attention. This means my character, the half-orc champion gladiator, Garshak, nick-named "the Mighty", can't now star iin the arena as he intended and he's going to have to let down a lot of people. (I tend to find I have fans wherever I go.) When he figures this out, he's not best pleased, leading to this little exchange: Garshak, pointing a thick finger at Strings: "Later, when we're away from here, you and I are going to have words" Strings: "Sorry, this is all my fault" Garshak, still not pleased at the thought of missing out on the glory and the cash he could have won: "Yes, it is" And, because my sense of humour works like this, I OOC had Garshak send out this "tweet": "Sorry, I had intended to appear in the arena today, but I've fallen in with lunatics and have had to cancel. #BlameStrings." Not the caliber of Ian or McGinty's antics, but it got a laugh from the rest of the party at the time, especially the notion of a half-orc gladiator having a twitter account. (Also #BlameLorgar" had been going around in my head that day, so....)
  10. And of course, to go along with your submersible yacht, what about your own private artificial island? Karl Stromberg, knock yourself out.....
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