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  1. ArmlessTigerMan

    What "Pulp" have you read lately ?

    Not 'reading' per say, but I've been working my way through Clark Ashton Smith's oeuvre in audio form on youtube. Some of the narrators are better than others, but you can't beat the price. Some examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdGscVDaxZk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obbgTkWgGbM To get the most out of his stuff, you'd probably want to google the contents of his different story collections (Zothique, Hyperborea, ...) and organize your listening that way. Also lots of REH on youtube as well, but haven't gotten around to those just yet.
  2. ArmlessTigerMan

    What "Pulp" have you read lately ?

    Just finished re-reading Grant Morrison's Society of Superheroes: http://www.dccomics.com/comics/the-multiversity-2014/the-multiversity-the-society-of-super-heroes-conquerors-of-the-counter Featuring a Doctor Fate / Doc Savage mash-up as one of the main characters! Filled with the requisite pulpy action!! Go read it now!!! If you're into that sort of thing... Dark Horse is also publishing a Grendel vs The Shadow mini series which looks interesting, but will withhold judgement until i can read all the issues.
  3. ArmlessTigerMan

    Q & A Game

    Re: Q & A Game A. Mortal Kombat. Street Fighter will be forever associated with Jean Claude VanDamm. And I thought the fatalities were entertaining when it first came out. Q. How do you NGD people keep a thread going for 379 pages?