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  1. Asperion

    NGD Scenes from a Hat

    Setting the oven to par broil, and forgetting to close the door.
  2. Asperion

    Answers & Questions

    Q: Mr. Dwibly, why are you not going on with your wacked out mechanations? A: That was a polite thief.
  3. Asperion

    Answers & Questions

    Q: You wanted to make your home impervious to most forms of damage. Just exactly what did you go for? A: One must never look into that mirror.
  4. Asperion

    Answers & Questions

    Q: I only came here for your business license. What made you think anything else? A: When I said I wanted a boom, that was not what I had in mind.
  5. Asperion

    Answers & Questions

    Q: Why are you taking a protection deal from Lex Luthor? A: No, there are NO superhumans from other planets.  Now go back to bed.
  6. Asperion

    What Your Dice Say About You?

    My dice collection contains aspects of every one of those dice listed above with the exception of the metal dice since they are so expensive. As my character requires it, i will display all those aspects that they mention in that box, especially the one where I get the gm to display the constant face palm (even when I am the afore mentioned gm).
  7. Asperion


    I have had this problem before. As a result, today anything that I determine is really important I will save in a minimum of two locations plus a hard copy backup. That way if anything were to happen to one location I could get to one of the other locations and restore with little lost time and effort. The possibility of losing all sources is extremely unlikely.
  8. Asperion

    Answers & Questions

    Q: So you gained your business, car, home, and fortune. Why are you so distraught that she is now gone? A: Time for our secret weapon - Bring out the Gungans!
  9. Asperion

    Most playable archetype

    While reading the Easiest Game System thread, I got wondering which archetype people tend to find the most playable. This does not necessarily mean that the archetype will be the easiest, hardest, simplest, most complex or anything else. Only that this archetype tends to bring the player the greatest satisfaction while running it, and as a result will (if subconscious) gravitate back towards that archetype most often.
  10. Asperion

    dark champions was...

    I was thinking that the original concept of dark champions was similar to 007/James Bond in the since that people would discuss not pulp, vigilantism, or anything else that it has eventually developed into. The original concept of modern day espionage style games had more the detective with minor to no powers relying on whit and skill to get through a world similar to one that we currently live in.
  11. Asperion

    Summoning Weapons

    The way that I was picturing "summoned weapons" was similar to Mjölnir in the since that it could be thrown, hit target (with successful attack), then auto return all in one phase. Although I can see a weapon teleporting in either step one or three, if not both. In either case, the game effects will still be the same, it will only be described in a slightly different manner.
  12. Asperion

    Welcome to the PsiGames

    I would like to welcome everyone to the PsiGames. During these games the realm of the mind actually becomes the arena that everyone participates in. Anything that a person can imagine will become reality to deal with their opposition. The sky is not the limit, the possibilities of what someone can imagine is. Effectively anything will go during these games. What are some possible suggestions that someone could do to trip up their opposition?
  13. Asperion

    Answers & Questions

    Q: What was the substance that made Wolverine act so crazy? A: Hi - I will be your spokeshorse.
  14. Asperion

    Animal Friendship, dogs only...

    In most modern cities there are a LOT more dogs around than one is generally aware of. This does not include the obvious ones that are seen in homes or guarding places. Semiwild dogs roam all parts of most cities, usually out of sight of humans. People have made several attempts to count these dogs and the latest estimate is that the typical city possesses more semiwild dogs roaming around than people in the city plus suburbs combined. As a result, I would make this a -1/4 to at most -1/2 limit on the power, especially if the character also has the ability to detect where the dogs are located.
  15. Asperion

    Answers & Questions

    Q: Why did Paul Baunin leave his blue ox? A: shiny