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  1. Q: With me as your zombie, what can possibly go wrong? A: Dinner is at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.
  2. In addition to this, no matter the genre armor is not always accepted. Most social functions will require everyone to come in conventional (nonarmored) clothing. Also unless the armor is extremely light it will extremely restrict their ability to rest, this includes modern armors. While RAW may allow def to combine, in reality the def will not combine in the same manner. You might want to house rule a more realistic (and complex) system where greater def yields less effect. Eventually the effective def will equal zero but still add mass, making it more difficult for the char to move (if not impossible).
  3. The way that I have generally seen this is by a multiple step system. This is a brief description of what I have in mind. Mundane: Equipment so basic that it is assumed that everyone will possess it. While most of these items are not meant for combat, it would not be difficult for one to discover combat uses for them. Examples are conventional cutlery sets, bakeware, pocket knives. Most of them can be obtained at most stores for figurative pennies. Everything here will be obtained at no point cost. Basic: This equipment is more capable than mundane but still available to most individuals. While mundane equipment will not have power, basic equipment could possess simple powered devices that people would have used two or more decades ago. Examples or basic television, radio, vehicles, buildings. Everything here should be free to everyone. Modern: This is where technology is currently is in the real world. The equipment here will be pushing what someone can obtain. Examples here would be smart phone, internet enabled devices, most computers. Not everyone will possess these items even though they are easy to get. The big problem here is that they tend to be on the expensive side to obtain and maintain, despite their variety of sources. Weapon: In this category one will find devices that are specifically designed to deal damage to another. It could be as simple as a sword, a bow and arrow to more common guns. For them to be free, none of these weapons can be anything other than what is available in conventional stores. Fancy, high tech weapons are not available here. Advanced: This category is for devices that are on the limit of conventional equipment. Iron Man's armor would be an example of this category. If someone could get this it would be extremely restricted. Most likely, the PC should be required to pay points to obtain this category. This is the way that I have considered dealing with technology. You might consider another method.
  4. Q: I said that I wanted my walls painted brown. Why does everything look like grass? A: Clean your knaves!!
  5. Q: Now that Thanos has had his Snap, when are we going to Disneyland? A: This is the Infinity Cheesecake.
  6. Place dummy cams around with a message that says "I know what you did".
  7. Q: What was the first thing that Galactus said to Norran Raad when he became the Silver Surfer? A: I can see through anything, as long as it is not transparent.
  8. Dealing with the Trojan Llama! 😲😲😲
  9. Here is an extremely over used concept: personal goal gone to extreme. The most common use of this is a group that is trying to protect the earth to the point that they are working against the laws and aims of most societies in existence.
  10. Another question that I would ask is how long it would take for your character to return from dead. In the OP, you state that it takes it a while but it that minutes, hours, days, or longer? In the Marvel FASRIP system, they have an immortality power that works in the manner that you mentioned and require the person with it to wait a certain amount of days equal to the power rank. The higher the rank the faster one returned from dead. They never got to a level where they could return faster than one week (unless the char had it at godly level). Basically it sounds as though this is the power that you are describing.
  11. Q: I thought you said this was a wand of levitation. Is there an Elder Wand that would make up for the error? A: The storm was so powerful that it put out the Sun.
  12. He bought all his campaign supplies from Walmart and put them on a stollen card.
  13. Here is something else to remember: during the conditions that are mentioned a person will QUICKLY loose their direction, even if they have abs dir talent. Under normal conditions it takes a person around fifteen to twenty minutes to walk one mile. During the afore mentioned conditions, this time can be quadrupled or more, and it only takes seconds to get totally lost. As a result, one can be convinced they are going north when in reality they are going any other direction, possibly south, north, any where in between. They might even be going in circles and not getting anywhere.
  14. Q: What happened to everyone's pants? I only made a comment about the full moon out tonight. A: All ahead zero!
  15. Q: You have a choice of prison - this soy farm or the rice farm. Which do you choose? A: This device has 100 TB of capacity, after the first 100 KB though you will be billed per byte.
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