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  1. Asperion

    Answers & Questions

    Q: Did you hear that the Guardians of the Galaxy are now putting out a blog? A: That was done by the Illuminati.
  2. Asperion

    Answers & Questions

    Q: This place is a mid-evil reproduction. What are we really doing here? A: We understand how these things work.
  3. Asperion

    NGD Scenes from a Hat

    Black Leather - has the consistency of the real thing NT: Signs that you would not expect to find on a boat/ship.
  4. Asperion

    Answers & Questions

    Q: I told you to get my car. Did you need to bring the Governor's car? A: I am now ready for my Sith trials.
  5. Asperion

    Defender Writeup

    The way that I would define it in game would be the suit AI has the ability to read the current and past actions of the team. This way, it can feed him suggestions on what should be performed that would improve his natural teamwork skill. Anyone else wearing the suit might get the info, but might not understand it and not gain the bonus (assuming that the AI even talks to them).
  6. Asperion

    Answers & Questions

    Q: What are you doing walking around? I thought that you were in a medical coma. A: That compactor made a great rocket.
  7. Asperion

    Answers & Questions

    Q: So Bill and Ted, What are you going to perform for your next report? A: The Blue Screen of Anti-Life. 😰
  8. Asperion

    Answers & Questions

    Q: What is Hank Pym doing on this job? A: That drink will KO the Flash.
  9. Asperion

    Answers & Questions

    Q: What makes you so happy that all those bass flew into your net? A: Welcome to Dork Hotel.
  10. Asperion

    Answers & Questions

    Q: Why are you making your home on the Marianas Trench? A: This machine gets paid in souls.
  11. Asperion

    Answers & Questions

    Q: Are you really going to model your relationship off of the Fifty Shades series? A: That sleep serium gave him more energy than any energy potion.
  12. Asperion

    How would you build a ghostly Girlfriend?

    I agree with this question. Also, will the ghost be able to follow the character around, interact with the physical world? Will others be able to detect the ghost? At the basic level, this would be a good excuse for the character to acquire skills, talents, and other abilities that are outside his normal concept and design. Imagine how good a security system she would be - someone entered the designed area and (on the appropriate roll) she returned and let's him know all the details the the GM thinks that the character should get. The character does not need to have security systems, clairistence, or anything else that would lend itself to this ability - they are all a result of the ghost spying on the area and telling him what is going on.
  13. Asperion

    Answers & Questions

    Q: Welcome to the Show of Your Life. Do you have any special comments? A: The Insanity Project is completed - we can now make everyone normal.
  14. Asperion

    Answers & Questions

    Q: Did you say that you would like a demonstration of what I could do with this stick? A: This shadow has its own unlife.
  15. Asperion

    Answers & Questions

    Q: What is the most frustrating thing about visiting Jellystone Park? A: We hope that you have enjoyed your Death Day.