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  1. Asperion

    Star Trek RPG

    While it may not be Hero-centered, This is a powerful site that deals with everything ST oriented. You will need to study the site and figure out how to translate from what they are saying into Hero terms.
  2. Asperion

    Answers & Questions

    Q: Can you inform me as to why that chicken is carrying that weapon around? A: Only the lifers my pass here.
  3. Asperion

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Donald Fletcher was a master of the regional archery club. He was on his way to winning another competition with the club one day when someone driving DUI nearly hit their van,making them go off the road. After the ensuing crash, Fletcher discovered that he could generate and project feathers that act exactly like arrows. Now he tries to prove that he is the ultimate archer around and at the same time humiliate the heroes as Fletcher.
  4. Others have the essential core idea of these seizures, but they are not stating the entire ability correctly. There are several things going on at the same time and the average seizure lasts around ten minutes and will KO even the most powerful for several hours. During the actual seizure, I would create it as a powerful TK that is uncontrolled with a lim "only to induce seizures". There would be an attached Drain (END+STUN) large enough to render the standard person unconscious.
  5. Asperion

    Critical Hits in the Hero System

    With the good crits, I am a big fan of those things like bypassing def, or automax dam, although the bit about benefit that must be used next attack sounds like a good concept. Going the way of the crit fumbles, I have been known to make them hit a teammate or even them self (even if using a blast attack). More than one char (either PC or NPC) has been killed in such a manner.
  6. Is it even possible for Trump to withdraw the nomination at this stage? If it is, what would be the repercussions on both Trump and Kavanaugh if that were to happen? I always thought that once the nomination was submitted, the most that the President could do is withdraw his supports but the nomination would still be there. The nominated candidate would still continue as an unsupported candidate, which would not make any official difference in the official processes. Everything would still continue as it normally does in this situation.
  7. Asperion

    Answers & Questions

    Q: What is there that troubles you with Ebenezer Scrooge's shoes? A: I have no time to be dead!
  8. Asperion

    Answers & Questions

    Q: Why can I not get in to speak with the Cheese Wheel from the Cheez-it commercial? A: My death got better.
  9. Asperion

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Alexa DeSoto was raised in a strict middle class family. From her earliest memories all that she ever wanted was to be a ballerina dancer. To make this come about, her family looked around for schools that they were able to afford, even if it meant go I into debt. Everything seemed to be going great. She was even visited by a talent scout for the premiere company in the state who hired her after one interview. Then several months later during one of her performances, there was an explosion. The investigation pinned it on her and the company blacklisted her and attempted to arrest her. However, before the charges could be formalized, all records and evidence disappeared, so everything was dropped except the blacklist. Today, she desires revenge on the industry and society that she feels wrongs her in several different manners.
  10. Asperion

    A Knockdown/Knock Prone Adder?

    If the intended effect is only to cause KB, then I would say to buy an attack as normal with the lim "only to cause KB (-1\4). The reason that I gave it such a low value is that most attacks do KB in addition to the damage. All that this lim is doing is removing the damage component. The KB can be further modified by the mods mods mentioned in other posts.
  11. Asperion

    Balanced Starships

    There really is only one concept that I follow when building vehicles: all vehicles in that class must be balanced. By this I mean that all fighters must be within a reasonable spread of each other. However, if that fighter chooses to go against a battleship, then the comparative greater points in the battleship will almost guarantee a victory for the battleship. (There can be situational deals that alter the picture, but it will be extremely lucky shots from fighter to have any possibility. That is why there generally many fighters against one battleship - it increases the odds of fighter victory and destroying the battleship.)
  12. Asperion

    Answers & Questions

    Q: What do you mean by calling off your wedding? A: That bus was riding the bike.
  13. If NYC were destroyed (all buildings and every thing else with it) then I see two eventual possible outcomes: 1: Land basically abandoned or returned to the natives as a reservation depending upon the nature of how and why everything was destroyed. 2: Federal government starts rebuilding program similar to what we did in Europe after WW2. Government will create a lottery system and the super wealthy will make certain that they receive their portion, even if that means there is nothing left over for the average citizen. In either situation, I wonder why the U.S.A. needs a financial center. The Federal Reserve is no in NYC, most financial operations (including stock, bond, and other Wall Street deals) are actually performed away from NYC, even while Wall Street is closed. Most of the other things that NYC is famous for is better performed away from NYC.
  14. Asperion

    6e1 Binding Repair?

    If you do not mind the expense, when I needed to get my copy of FREd repaired I went to a copy store along the line of Kinkos. In place of the original binding, I got a spiral binding that still held up years later, long after the original binding is expected to wear out.
  15. Asperion

    NGD Scenes from a Hat

    All the channels are now the fireplace shown during Christmas. NT: Ways that Disney has messed with DC Comics.