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  1. Hello, I just recently purchased HCM and HD and I really like them both. However I can't use HCM on my "main" PC which is hooked up to a 4k TV Monitor as the font is so small I can't read it. Hero Designer fixed this problem via a command line telling what size font to use. Specifically the following: javaw -jar HD6.jar 18 (Yes I know that points to Hero Designer and not Hero Combat Manager) Where 18 is the size font to use (I personally use 45) Even more specifically in Windows 10 I created a shortcut to the Hero Designer program and added the font size in the "Target Window" for the shortcut properties tab like so: "D:\Champions Games\HERODesigner\HD6.jar" 45 That structure does not work with HCM and I was hoping that in an update it might have command line options added. Thanks for the programs, Dustyn "Monitor" Hughes
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