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  1. IndianaJoe3

    Batman builds/STR Chart/NCM

    This sounds a lot like the Heroic Lift table from APG1.
  2. IndianaJoe3

    Power builds/abuses of Hero

    Way back in 2e I figured out Extra-Dimensional Movement, Usable as Attack. The defense is having XDM. If you get zapped, you're on an extended vacation.
  3. IndianaJoe3

    Write-up Search: Dresden-esque Techbane Aura

    I remember a gadget-breaking power in one of the martial arts books.
  4. The interface is unchanged. Just be careful that, when creating a character, you're using the 5th edition templates.
  5. A friend linked to Donnie Iris's, "Ah Leah" on Youtube, and I decided to listen to the Youtube mix playlist. It's been quite a nostalgia trip.
  6. You'll need to repurchase at this point.
  7. IndianaJoe3

    Normal Dice and Does Body & Pen.

    If you're just busting down doors, would Tunneling work?
  8. As I've said before, it's the epic failure of the DCCU to hold our interest. 😁
  9. IndianaJoe3

    The dietary habits of HERO Forum members.

    My wife and I hardly ever eat out, once or maybe twice a month from a local fast food place (pizza, etc). I do about half my own cooking, although the chocolate Breakfast Essentials that I have before work hardly qualify as such. I tend to make my own lunches for work, and my wife normally makes dinner. It's usually conventional American cuisine, although we've been known to get idiosyncratic with the flavor combinations sometimes. We normally make a half-hearted attempt to grow tomatoes every year. I have some non-life-threatening food allergies (almonds, and raw apples and related fruits). I also make a deliberate attempt to eat two relatively meatless meals every day.
  10. IndianaJoe3

    Still Alive

    Glad you're still around. I had to quell a rumor of my own death a few weeks ago.
  11. IndianaJoe3

    Skill-based magic

    I'll have to fiddle around with it to see how it would affect my system. It would certainly help fit a reasonable Light spell into there...
  12. IndianaJoe3

    Skill-based magic

    I'm working on a Vancian system that uses a Multipower and Delayed Effect to represent a wizard's spellbook and ability to memorize spells. The DE cap was the size of the Multipower reserve. (A wizard with a 50 point Multipower reserve could memorize up to 50 AP worth of spells.) Spells had a mandatory Extra Time Limitation to represent the time it took to memorize a spell, with more powerful spells taking more time. BTW, you're wrong about the reserve not being able to take that OAF Limitation. It's explicitly allowed. (6e1 405)
  13. IndianaJoe3

    Cursed item creation

    The curse itself would probably be built as some sort of Side Effect, with the details depending on how you want it to work. How does the player want it to work?
  14. IndianaJoe3

    Martial Hero

    Yeah, it's the classic, "too good" maneuver. I've fiddled with ways to tone it down, but they either make it useless (removing the FMove element), or only make it slightly less effective (+3 DCV instead of +4) and cheaper too. Removing the maneuver's ability to abort to movement makes sense from a balance standpoint (and has some precedent in the rules), but feels wrong.
  15. IndianaJoe3

    Today's Dumb Criminal Story ...

    The substance they list is... acetone. That's right, nail polish remover. You can buy the 99.5+% stuff from Amazon. It can be a precursor to some rather nasty stuff, which I suspect is the real reason why they evacuated and burned the building.