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  1. I'm all for letting the player have his way with this one. It sounds like a fun concept. You will need to work with the player on how to resolve common situations (grappling, 2-handed weapons, shields, etc) to your mutual satisfaction.
  2. IndianaJoe3

    Archetype Arts

    It should also be noted that the two Advantages are not mutually exclusive. Stretching can be Indirect and still cross intervening space, or not cross intervening space without being fully Indirect.
  3. IndianaJoe3

    Browsing through the HERO store

    No love for GIMP? That would be easier than tweaking the sheet on the scanner.
  4. IndianaJoe3

    What’s an extra limb good for?

    For me it's a B5 reference, but you might have seen it there too. (The clip is unfortunately not on YouTube.)
  5. IndianaJoe3

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Voted here in CT. The polling place was as busy as I've ever seen it.
  6. IndianaJoe3

    What’s an extra limb good for?

    Things that an Extra Limb is good for: Grabbing and Holding multiple opponents Using 2-handed weapons and a shield Manipulating more than 2 objects at a time Surprise HtH combat maneuvers Cheating at cards Also, in 6e (and perhaps as early as 4e), the cost is 5 points.
  7. IndianaJoe3

    Days Won

    I had one like on a post that day, assuming everything was archived.
  8. IndianaJoe3

    Days Won

    I apparently have won three days, the last being October 25... 2014. I wish I remembered what I said.
  9. "Did I just say bleep instead of bleep?"
  10. IndianaJoe3

    Reduced Endurance

    The last supers game I ran, I ruled that Pushing cost Long-Term Endurance. The players really thought hard about pushing, and, when they did push, it felt appropriately heroic.
  11. IndianaJoe3

    Crushing Entangle

    I like this build, with a tweak. You don't need Trigger, since it's a combined attack. (6e2 74)
  12. IndianaJoe3

    In other news...

    You quietly sell it to a gem dealer. Unless, of course, it's as big as the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.
  13. IndianaJoe3

    Reduced Endurance

    It's not so much, "buying Reduced END," as, "making sure you don't run out of END quickly." I'll figure out how much END a character uses, and how long they can last in a fight without taking a recovery. If it's under a couple of turns I'll take steps to either reduced END costs or buy more END (or a higher REC), depending on character concept and how short on END they are.
  14. I voted for, "Setting Book" because Hero really doesn't have one. The Champions Universe is owned by Cryptic (or whoever bought them). A new setting would also be new material, which is more likely to sell to Hero's existing customer base than a reprint of 6e. What I'd really like to see is for Hero Games to set up a Patreon project similar to what Evil Hat did for FATE. Hero fans chip in a few bucks a month, Hero produces a steady stream of new material, and Hero Games starts looking like a going concern again. (Of course, there's probably some reason why they aren't doing this already, but I am not privy to their reasons.)
  15. IndianaJoe3

    Question on pathfinder

    Pathfinder is not D&D, but they're related closely enough to make any relationship between them downright creepy.