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  1. IndianaJoe3

    Sectional Body Armor: Reality vs. Game Play

    I suspect that a lot of it is environment and, "wearability." Body armor is not something you want to be wearing for several hours in a hot climate. On the other hand, in a cooler climate with a shorter mission, it makes more sense. Doctrine may also play a role.
  2. IndianaJoe3

    Fast Damage Calculation

    I'd avoid using Hit Locations entirely. Low damage rolls are limb hits, high rolls hit the head or torso. Low stun multipliers that do BODY anyway slip through a chink in the armor, high multipliers that do little BODY are square hits that hit the armor solid.
  3. One tip that I haven't seen so far is to keep the CV spread fairly small - no more than 3 or 4. (If the lowest character has a CV of 5, the highest should be an 8.) Don't forget to include Skill Levels and maneuver bonuses in this. This is because the standard deviation of 3d6 is about 3, so that 3 CV spread keeps character's to-hit rolls towards the middle of the bell curve.
  4. IndianaJoe3

    GM Tips; Cyberpunk space world

    I see X as being a business rival of Rogen's. His original plan was to catch Rogan doing unauthorized gas mining, and get the concession/claim for that area himself. He'd sent the aliens into that area to record Rogan's activities, without expecting them to get captured. When that happened, he tipped off the authorities anonymously and concealed his involvement in the matter. (The aliens will not be happy when they learn he abandoned them.) I'd thought about the idea of X having a mole in Rogen's organization somewhere. Freelyx's idea of Spencer being wired would work well for that.
  5. IndianaJoe3

    GM Tips; Cyberpunk space world

    Maybe Rogen was being set up? The energy beings were planted where they were specifically to get Rogen in trouble and allow Entity X to take control of his operation. Naturally, X will try to prevent the misunderstanding from being cleared up. OTOH, once the mission is completed, X will ignore the PCs (from his perspective, they're just hired muscle).
  6. IndianaJoe3

    Cool Guns for your Games

    Autofire skill levels, Visible.
  7. IndianaJoe3

    Random Television Quotes

    "It's robot fightin' time!"
  8. "Wait, did I just say, 'Bleep'?"
  9. IndianaJoe3

    Random Television Quotes

    "Come on down!" "I'd like to buy a vowel." "Remember, your response must be in the form of a question."
  10. Now I'm trying to imagine a WH40K-style game where, "Heresy" is a stat much like, "Sanity" in CoC.
  11. I think it would be great if 6e was available again. However, I don't think there's enough general interest to make a Kickstarter viable. Too many potential backers already own it.
  12. IndianaJoe3

    Random Television Quotes

    "Engage." "I don't know how to turn off the weather machine!"
  13. IndianaJoe3

    Representation Matters

    Grrr. Just had to call someone out in a PM for a transphobic comment. Hopefully they'll take the hint and rephrase.
  14. IndianaJoe3

    Grenade Pool

    I think it would probably be -1/2, assuming that the character can return to base relatively easily. If something routinely prevents the character from doing so it might be -1.