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  1. The last FH game I ran, I ruled that, "real armor," "luck-based," and, "magic" did not stack with each other.
  2. Build the AI. Build the car. Say that the AI is in the car. It's that straightforward.
  3. It's hilarious when a mole in a friendly agency relays the hero's opinions back to VIPER R&D.
  4. Some of the SFX in The Ultimate Energy Projector might have had a negative adder, but I don't have a handy copy to check.
  5. ...you're getting ready for bed, you take your polar-tec sweatshirt off, and the static discharge zaps your nipple.
  6. Aren't Hunteds worth more if the character is easy to find?
  7. 6 points is arguable, but (IMHO) incorrect. 8 points is ridiculous unless you think that STR should cost 2, which is ridiculous for different reasons. Consider that Extra DC is functionally equivalent to STR, 0 END, Only for martial maneuvers. What is the last bit worth? If one thinks it's -1/4 or -1/2, than charging 6 points for a DC is reasonable. If it's more than that, than the current 4-point cost is correct.
  8. I'd love to be playing any 4+ version (with a slight preference for 6e), but I'm idle.
  9. If you need a temporary email address you can use Guerrilla Mail.
  10. Spoiler tags are [ SPOILER ] and [ /SPOILER ].
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