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  1. IndianaJoe3

    Martial Art(s) for a Batman-esque Character

    If I was becoming a Themed Avenger, I would choose one of the military-derived arts (Commando training, krav maga, etc). I'd be less concerned about the philosophical aspects and more concerned with how to take a bad guy down.
  2. IndianaJoe3

    And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    This lion could be Fabio. It's just a whim away.
  3. IndianaJoe3

    Genre-crossover nightmares

    Wait, I thought everyone went in a sewer?
  4. IndianaJoe3

    Las Vegas - Champions Universe

    When creating my Impact! setting, I debated having one of the cometary fragments hit near Las Vegas. I decide that would kill too many people, and dropped it north and east of Reno instead. 😁
  5. IndianaJoe3

    Lost genre's?

    I think Fate Accelerated would work well with this, mapping the Toon stats to FA's Approaches. (If I still had a copy of Toon I'd do it right here.)
  6. IndianaJoe3

    Converting/Importing old Hero Creator files?

    I don't think it will ever happen. The file formats are totally different, and you also have edition problems. (Or was HC updated for 5th Ed?)
  7. I did not expect to get a, "Like" on a 7-year-old gaming quote. :)

  8. IndianaJoe3

    Should anime hero be its own thing?

    Fitting both Fist of the North Star and Hamtaro into the same genre book might be a bit difficult.
  9. IndianaJoe3

    We lost a good one.....

    Another one of the good ones gone.
  10. IndianaJoe3

    Cursed item creation

    One of the neat things about Hero is that you build the power you want, rather than picking from a list of existing powers. You have to approach this from a different angle. So, leaving the game mechanics aside for the moment, how do you want this power to work?
  11. IndianaJoe3

    And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    I've seen this photo on FB with the caption, "I think this raccoon is my spirit animal."
  12. IndianaJoe3

    Is Area Effect needed for this power?

    Right, you can punch or squeeze with it. Neither attack would require AoE, so I was wondering if I'd missed something. Carry on.
  13. IndianaJoe3

    Is Area Effect needed for this power?

    The power description seems incomplete. It's described as telekinesis, but you then refer to things taking damage from it. Did I miss something?
  14. IndianaJoe3

    Happy Star Wars Month!

    And with your spirit.
  15. IndianaJoe3

    VPP questions....

    HD displays the power text in blue when you've edited it. You can reset it by deleting all the text. HD will then recreate it.