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  1. Mostlyjoe

    Looking For Input On Potential New Fantasy Product

    Or actually. A Fantasy Hero Complete, and a Fantasy Hero Companion. A tight set of 2 that expand and gives examples. Grimore, Beastiary, etc stuff beyond the core Fantasy hero with build examples and prebuilt stuff. Fantasy Hero Complete - Core rules, genre aids. Fantasy Hero Companion - Build examples, races, spells, etc,
  2. Mostlyjoe

    Looking For Input On Potential New Fantasy Product

    What I'd love to see in a Fantasy Hero book (or better line of books) for 6E is: A complete guide that opens with some talk about heroic tier play, that changes from Champion style game and why. Then the Complete series of concise rules, however I'd love linked (indexes ) when you hit some powers that point you at later sections in the book for advanced magic, class, race options. So say you show off Aid, after explaining the power, have a line of (See the spell "Healing Prayer on Page XX for example). When covering skills include some talk about different racial everyman packages, maybe showcase regional skills for desert clans, kingdoms, etc. All the good basic Fantasy perspective on the Complete core material. Then the good stuff. One of the issues I have with the Grimore book is I want to see more talk about magic systems and how they tied to a setting. Examples on stuff like prayer, odd costs for spells, etc. Slow vs Fast magic and what it does to a setting. I also would love race building to cover more about races as cultures and how you can flavor up characters with things like family and racial biases. Lastly, Kingdom Building options. How can a HERO system character act as the ACKS style adventure to king gameplay. Leading armies, having minions/hirelings. Sure, cover the classic dungeon crawl as a style of Fantasy, but I really want some talk covering more of Game of Thones, weirder stuff like Dark Sun style settings, planar adventures, Dark Sun Rising (if you read the book), etc. And then tones of example monsters and characters. I'd actually love a series of Fantasy Hero Complete books. Like a core hardback and then 2-3 soft cover supporting manuals. I'd kickstart a whole set! $100+ for a set of 3 books, etc. Like a revised series of Beastiary, Grimore, Kingdom Building books. I'd be in heaven.
  3. Burning with options.

  4. Mostlyjoe


    Re: Champions Well, I picked up my copy at Sci-Fi City after MegaCon. Wow. Love the full color work!
  5. Mostlyjoe

    Magical Engineer Commandos

    Re: Magical Engineer Commandos In almost every session we have 2+ players with VPP/multipower Batman style utility belts. Be it a Mages cantrips, pulp based adventures kit, or actual utlity belt (Champsions on up to SpaceHero) And dont' get me started on the number of playes who get Flying (Levitation) modded as a grapling launcher/zip line combo.
  6. Mostlyjoe


    Re: Screenshots How do you re-take the comicbook pic?
  7. Mostlyjoe


    Re: Screenshots Saw this girl in the city and get this...SHE's my fan! The head of my fan club no less.
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    Re: Screenshots Brand X lives again!
  9. Mostlyjoe

    6E Rules changes confirmed so far

    Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far I fight tooth and nail in my area to get more HERO games going. For a while I was a GURPS crusader...but I just feel in love with HERO's mechanics from 4th Edition on. (Though it did take me 5 years to grok the thing.) I plan on running demos, Con games, anything to get people interested.
  10. Mostlyjoe

    It's the Little Things....

    Re: It's the Little Things.... It's little glider wings on a suit, Just enough to allow you to direct 'where' you fall, not how fast you fall. I can see characters with Athletic using this. Especially if they have a grapnel or the such.
  11. Mostlyjoe

    Magical Engineer Commandos

    Re: Magical Engineer Commandos Mr. R, It's not exclusive to D&D. I've played GURPS and HERO where the MEC effect happened. It's the mentality of the players and how they come into the world. My local players do this in about any game we do. To a point. We ran a Pulp Hero game and we were really disfunctional, but that's because we built ourselves that way. In old Champions parlance, the PC's are all Pro's from Dover so to speak.
  12. Mostlyjoe

    Magical Engineer Commandos

    Re: Magical Engineer Commandos Knowing them? He'd get put through training. "You want to follow us, fine. Welcome to Boot Camp." One trained minion coming right up.
  13. Mostlyjoe

    Magical Engineer Commandos

    Re: Magical Engineer Commandos Can, does, and will happen Ian.
  14. Mostlyjoe

    Magical Engineer Commandos

    Re: Magical Engineer Commandos By the tightest defention they arn't tank mages. They'll go lightly armed, armored, equiped if the mission calls for it. I used the term Commando for a reason. They operate like one. Imagine a Fantasy version of the A-team or a team of MacGuyvers. That's what it's like. They stress mobility over raw power. The reason for the revolving self loading guns was because of the slow reload speed of flintlocks. So get 5 enchant them, toss, grab, fire, toss, grab, fire. Etc. Transport is one of their first priorites. Horses, flying carpet, airship. They zero in on transport options and nab it. They also seem to champion causes. Each new bad buy becomes a mission objective. They'll use the local people, equipment, landscape to their advantage. But all of this is in character and gradual. Once they have the SOP defined they'll get to work. In D&D they ALL chip in to equip everyone with the proper gear. Offensive, mobility, defensive, utility. (Handy Haversack, boots of leaping and striding, cloaks of flying, gloves of storing, rod of prestidigitation, etc.) And they're not afraid of scavenging parts from prior magic items or tools to make what they need. Crafting is one of their favorite skills. Could you call them Combat Gagetteers in a sense? (As far as I understood Tank Mages, optimzing damage/defense was king. This more effeciency is king mentality.)
  15. Mostlyjoe

    Microsoft loses patent infringement case

    Re: Microsoft loses patent infringement case Microsoft will elevate this up the court system. They have the money to hurt i4i, or just buy them outright.