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  1. As someone who creates character on 250 Points I've been considering this subject quite a bit. Here are a few thoughts. 1. Many skills like Bugging assume the character has access to equipment to use the skill without paying any points for powers. And Paramedic doesn't require any special equipment to use. I think this rule would work for other skills like Security Systems for setting a trap that would at least alert the heroes or villains of an intruder entering an area. Naturally there would be GM decided skill roll penalties for more difficult situations. 2. The Money Perk could be used to provide more conventional equipment like communications equipment and transport for the hero and his team. Of course anything purchased this way could be negated for free say by a villains systems operation or bureaucratics roll. ("Sorry, Justice Squad, but your craft if not authorized to land in our country.") 3. Sometimes the game mechanics can take the place for addition equipment or powers. If a hero is captured the villain can easily "Cover" them with an attack and use a Security System roll to put them in a death trap. If the hero can't figure out who to defeat the security system they get hit by the villains attack.
  2. I've got 250 Points 5th Edition designs covering Superman's powers and some people say I'm less reasonable the designing a character built on 2000 points.
  3. You're not taking into account the number of points you lose to paying Taxes.
  4. I was just talking about his TV series Booker.
  5. First Daredevil, then Batman. Coming up next, Hellboy!
  6. This is why I stick with the 5th Edition, along with the ability to look like Lynda Carter for 5 Points.
  7. And it's too bad you're not in a gopher suit! What's your point?
  8. How can the 6th Edition be the best when you can't pay 5 points to look like Lynda Carter?
  9. Anytime you notice something like that, a Wizard did it. But . . . Wizard!
  10. They will launch a nuclear attack on your orders, Prime Minster. What if I get drunk? That's all right. No one will ever know.
  11. There was a group of villains in Alien Enemies called the Pantheon. Alien beings took over the bodies of four individuals and gave them powers based on Ancient Gods.
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