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  1. Cassandra

    The Flash

    I thought it might have been hidden by a lead barrier.
  2. Cassandra

    Genre-crossover nightmares

    Mr. Black Panther
  3. Cassandra

    The Flash

    I missed that. Thanks for letting me know. Which just proves things move pretty quick on the show.
  4. Cassandra

    The Flash

    I mean I suppose he could have gotten to her in the pipeline before taking out the hippy, but it really seems like a mistake.
  5. Cassandra

    The Flash

    Wait a minute. The Thinker used Janet Petty's gravity powers against the Flash, but she hasn't been captured by him yet.
  6. Cassandra

    The Sutherland Presidency

    Golden Avenger might be a good VP for him.
  7. Cassandra

    The Sutherland Presidency

    This might be what caused Crusader: Civil War.
  8. Cassandra

    The Flash

    The Flash really failed this season. 12 innocent (or semi-innocent) people killed.
  9. Cassandra


    She needs to breathe. The Toyman nearly killed her with quicksand when he showed up in season one. After she stood on a trap door. Come on, Kara, uses your X-ray vision!
  10. Cassandra

    Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe

    If you're a Superheroine you will end up trapped in a life size action figure box.
  11. Cassandra

    Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe

    And looks good doing it.
  12. Cassandra

    HERO System Mobile

    The idea behind this Multipower approach is to simulate characters like Vixen who can channel different forms of animal powers, Iron Man who can change suits each with a different power set, and Batman who can summon vehicles and powered armor.
  13. Cassandra

    The Sutherland Presidency

    Gryo-Jim Dugan for Press Secretary.
  14. Cassandra

    HERO System Mobile

    Anything not expressly forbidden is allowed.
  15. Cassandra

    The Sutherland Presidency

    In the 4th Edition "Day of the Destroyer" David Sutherland was a U.S. Senator. He might has been elected in the wake of that incident with Senator Jerry Relm as his VP.