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  1. Cassandra

    Superhero power archetypes

    Most Teleporters are Martial Artist.
  2. Cassandra

    Superhero power archetypes

    Mystic Warrior.
  3. Cassandra

    Whats YOUR Champions universe like?

    It sounds like Four Rooms.
  4. Cassandra

    Random Television Quotes

    When someone asks "What Time is It?" you don't answer "It's Time to Die."
  5. Cassandra

    Random Television Quotes

    Thank you for showing up at all.
  6. Cassandra

    Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe

    The guy in the 1988 The Blob could have used that.
  7. Cassandra

    Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe

    Look out, behind you.
  8. Cassandra

    Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe

    That's just what they want you to think.
  9. Cassandra

    Whats YOUR Champions universe like?

    Superhumans have always been around. At first they were though of as Gods but as Humanity gained knowledge and technology they were hunted as Demons and Witches. Finally they were accepted after helping out in the American Revolution which started the whole costume adventurer tradition while fighting the Tories. Currently non-powered costumed adventurers are called Crime Fighters, and those with powers are called Superheroes. Legally those who aren't working for the Government are Bounty Hunters.
  10. Cassandra

    Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe

    If you have an evil twin you will end up taking their place in prison/psycho ward.
  11. Cassandra

    code question

    From The 5th Edition it's a psychological limitation in which the character respects authority, always keeps their word, abd protects the innocent. It's what Superman has along with the Code Versus Killing.
  12. Cassandra

    Charmed Reboot

    They talked about doing that in the Bewitched movie and replacing Will Ferrell half way through with Jim Carrey.
  13. Cassandra

    Charmed Reboot

    I saw that movie. It was about an Army Officer who's bravery was question escorting five soldiers nominated for the Medal of Honor in Mexico in 1916.
  14. Cassandra

    Charmed Reboot

    I never could figure out the rules of Bewitched or I dream of Jennie. And why did Sam change husbands and no one noticed?
  15. Cassandra

    Charmed Reboot

    I love the Addams Family TV Show.