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  1. The Divide by William Overgard is a 1980 novel where Germany and Japan won the Second World War in 1946, and Hitler and Tojo are going to meet in the middle of the former United States. It does describe some aspects of life in the Japanese occupied West, including the China Lake Battlefield Memorial where a Japanese General using Tiger Tanks defeated Patton.
  2. Rising Sun Victorious edited by Peter Tsouris is a book where various scenarios of a Japanese Victory in World War Two are examined. None of which have Japan taking over the United States. Victory is defined as surviving the war in better shape then when they started it. Scenarios include Invading The Soviet Union instead of attacking Pearl Harbor. Fighting The U.S. Pacific Fleet off the Philippines. Invading Australia after winning the Battle of the Coral Sea. Winning the Battle of Midway and bombing the U.S. West Coast. Invading India.
  3. Cassandra

    How do you place a fictional city?

    In the four part JLA/Avengers Crossover it was mentioned that the Justice League Earth was slightly larger so there was room for places like Gotham City and Metropolis. If you made Earth just a little bit large you'll have room for Hudson City, but will lose the need for Leap Years.
  4. Cassandra

    Random Television Quotes

    "I can't hold your hand anymore, Vader, a hand that I gave you by the way."
  5. Cassandra

    Random Television Quotes

    "You know what parents are afraid of?" "Clowns?" "No." "Evil Clowns?" "No." "Crazy Clowns named GiGi who Whisper Under the Bed?" "No."
  6. Cassandra

    Random Television Quotes

    "May I use the phone?" "It's broken" (Phone Rings) "See, it rings without any warning at all. Drives me Batty!"
  7. Cassandra

    Easter Eggs

    In the Final Batman: The Brave and The Bold, Bat-Mite is convinced the show should be cancelled because it's "Jump The Shark". He replaced Aquaman's voice with Ted McGinley famous for getting shows cancelled. Ambush Bug voiced by Henry Winkler tries to spot him. Henry Winkler literally Jump the Shark on Happy Days starting the trope in the first place.
  8. Well that explains hiring Laura Dern.
  9. Cassandra

    Easter Eggs

    The Master Jailer captures Supergirl with red solar energy in the first season. The Master Jailer in disguise used red solar energy to keep Supergirl prisoner in a 1982 Superman Family comic.
  10. Cassandra

    Random Television Quotes

    "I'll be on the veranda. You're already on the Cross."
  11. Cassandra

    Easter Eggs

    Tim Hutton dresses as Ellery Queen for a costume party on an episode of Leverage. Tim Hutton's father Jim Hutton played Ellery Queen on the TV show in 1975.
  12. Cassandra

    Easter Eggs

    Kara Danvers saves an airliner from crashing into the Otto Binder Bridge in the first episode of Supergirl. Otto Binder created Supergirl in 1959.
  13. Cassandra

    Easter Eggs

    Garrett Morris in Ant-Man Garrett Morris played Ant-Man in a 1979 skit on Saturday Night Live hosted by Margo Kidder.
  14. Cassandra

    Random Television Quotes

    "With this technology we've finally defeated privacy."
  15. Cassandra

    Random Television Quotes

    "Well, it's nice to know that people can safely eat off our unexploded bombs."