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    super-hero movies and tv martial arts movies and tvmovie and tv catfights
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    deformed right arm cerable palsy,likes to eat
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    former personal assistant[retired]

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  1. bubba smith

    half asgardian teenager

    and cut them by half to represent he/she is only HALF asgardian
  2. bubba smith

    Random Television Quotes

    we're poison to you SpIder-man that's why we call ourselves VENOM
  3. bubba smith

    Random Television Quotes

    Col. Steve Austin astronaut ;the world's first bionic man we can rebuild him we have the technology we can make him better; faster stronger
  4. she DID play her in a movie of the week also it'son dvd
  5. bubba smith

    What’s an extra limb good for?

    sometimes I wouldn't mind having another arm
  6. bubba smith

    RIP: Stan Lee

    without him I sincerely doubt there would be too much interest in a CHAMPIONS game
  7. bubba smith

    RIP: Stan Lee

  8. bubba smith

    RIP: Stan Lee

    my sentiments exactly
  9. bubba smith

    Random Television Quotes

    that msn has the constitution of a vending machine that monster is totally mindless as is the quack who created him
  10. bubba smith

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    GI JOE a real American hero arise Serpentor arise
  11. bubba smith

    What about a speed of 12?

    speed 12 might count as super speed or a flash type hero
  12. bubba smith

    Hi tech Plots

  13. music choice solid gold oldies
  14. bubba smith

    Hi tech Plots

    the last one sounds too much like the armor wars storyline