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  1. Greywind

    Armor with Body?

  2. Greywind

    RIP Paul Allen -- and what comes after

    Paul Allen was one of the good guys. A wonderful patron of Seattle-both the city and its legendary rock scene. He was a shy ultra wealthy super nerd who worshiped at the alter of the rock ethic. Somehow he managed to remain a really nice super generous guy especially when it came to supporting rock musicians. He and Heart had a long solid relationship where we traded playing shows at his magnificent Experience museum in exchange for recording studio time in town. We also helped provide concepts and content for some of the museums installations. He took the band guys out on many songwriting excursions on his yachts which also doubled as floating recording studios. Seattle and so many rock singers players and songwriters from everywhere have a lot to thank him for. Thank you Paul Allen. Have a beautiful jam up there with the big man! ~ Nancy Wilson on Facebook
  3. Greywind

    Babylon 5 Spoilers

    G'Kar carries his sword in his heart and his mind. T'Lon only carries one in his hand.
  4. Greywind

    Babylon 5 Spoilers

    ...especially the way some of the prosthetics and makeup changed from pilot to season to season.
  5. Greywind

    Babylon 5 Spoilers

    Singing in the church?
  6. Greywind

    Babylon 5 Spoilers

    Once he did he tried to get out. Morden did an end-around and hooked up with Refa. Then Londo had to attempt damage control there, as well.
  7. There is also The Icarus Project by Kessler and Kittredge (Black and White and Shades of Gray).
  8. I picked up Marissa Meyer's Renegades. Haven't started reading it yet. The second book in the series is called Arch-Enemies.
  9. Greywind

    Random Television Quotes

    Do you know what this is? No I can see you do not, you have that vacant look in your eyes that says "hold my head to your ear, you will hear the sea." Insert other media
  10. Greywind

    Random Television Quotes

    He came all the way out here, risked his health and endangered his life so that he could stand beside a Narn in neutral territory and apologize. For all the things the Centauri have done to your people. For all the things his family did. He said: "We were wrong. The hatred between our people can never end until someone is willing to say, 'I'm sorry' and try and find a way to make things right again. To atone for our actions." Said it was the only choice he ever made in his life and now that's been taken away from him.
  11. Greywind

    Babylon 5 Spoilers

    Bester's left hand is constantly clenched. No explanation is ever given in the show.
  12. Greywind

    Random Television Quotes

    I am the villain of the story.
  13. Spider-Man's costume for Far From Home is red/black.
  14. Greywind

    Cheek Pouches?

    What about a prison pocket?