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  1. csyphrett

    Superdraft: Kids on Bikes SciFi

    I would like to option night warrior kit for my kids. CES
  2. csyphrett

    Superdraft: Kids on Bikes SciFi

    I think I am two picks behind. I am optioning Springer from Night Warriors and Van Pelt from Jumanji. One is a helpful adult the other is an antagonist. CES
  3. Expiration Date by Powers. When the ghost of Thomas Edison is ingested by a kid, it sets off a chain reaction of events that leads to a showdown on the Queen Mary. CES
  4. csyphrett

    Superdraft: Kids on Bikes SciFi

    I'm picking Brute and Glob from the seventies Sandman as my antagonists CES
  5. csyphrett

    Create a Hero Theme Team!

    They call him the Bilateral Man. The reason is he can be in one place, doing something, and in another running a giant thing brought out of the ground. He has the world's biggest marionette and he pulls the strings. CES
  6. csyphrett

    Superdraft: Kids on Bikes SciFi

    I would like to pick John COnstantine as my benign adult CES
  7. csyphrett

    In other news...

    Thanks Old Man. It looks like me and the Badger's burrow are going to get rain. CES
  8. csyphrett


    the most common thing is hero takes body damage. Every time he is wounded, bam, ego roll to see if he goes berserk and starts wailing on his enemy. "It's a cut. I can handle it." "I got hit by a car. I'm a little miffed. I can handle it." "Set me on fire? Leeeeeerrrrroooooyyyyyy Jenkins!" CES
  9. csyphrett


    might want to go with enraged/berserk with a high ego roll so he's not turning his enemies into flattened gummy bears every time he goes into combat. CES
  10. I haven't thought about it like that, but you're right. His lawsuit is going to chew some of that up unless he wins. CES
  11. csyphrett

    Superdraft: Kids on Bikes SciFi

    I would like to pick Wendy Darling as my fourth kid CES
  12. If Kalpernick wins his lawsuit, he might never have to play football again. He's heading to trial at the edge of discovery. All he has to prove is that the team owners got together to say they didn't want him to play for their teams. CES
  13. csyphrett

    The One Million Word Project

    The Queen's Knight is up at Dev Art CES
  14. csyphrett

    Superdraft: Kids on Bikes SciFi

    I got the name wrong. I should have used wikipedia instead of my memory. The character's name is Jed Walker CES
  15. csyphrett

    Superdraft: Kids on Bikes SciFi

    How the West was Won? What's that? CES