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  1. csyphrett

    Superdraft: Back Benchers Unite!

    I don't have a title. I think the Big Blue Ape Affair would be okay CES
  2. csyphrett

    Create a Hero Theme Team!

    Abu el Khayr Hazim is at once one of the more powerful members of the Seven Pillars and the most limited. His ability is to pray for a helping hand from above. This can result in miracles if Hazim has sufficient need. If he doesn't, then he has to figure out how to handle things on his own. CES
  3. csyphrett

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Okay I took the Batman, and I'll take Green Lantern too. Gifted with the world's ultimate weapon, Hayseed McCoy likes to take it easy and spruce up his trailer and little lot in the hills of California. But when enraged, this goodnatured good old boy is a force of destruction second to none, powered by anger, and capable of anything he can imagine. CES
  4. csyphrett

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    The monster known as the Dark Fangs descends from the night and attacks his victims before they know he was there. He leaves behind broken bodies and the fear that he might come back to ask them his one question: WHERE ARE MY PARENTS? CES
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    "Neat" Pictures

    Poor Uni. Reduced to a pauldron CES
  6. csyphrett

    The One Million Word Project

    secret service 1938- 10 Inspector Hawley looked up from the paperwork on his desk. Catching Billy Bones with the gun that had killed a mass of his fellow countrymen, and foreigners touring the city, had been a stroke of luck. The case had been sent over to the Crown as part of business. Bones refused to finger who had hired him. There was no doubt that Mick Brown had ordered some of the hits he had carried out. The victims had been rival mobsters getting in Brown’s way. His phone rang. He wondered who was going to rain on his parade now. “Hawley,” he said into the receiver. “Hello, Inspector,” said the voice of his latest pain in the neck. “What do you want?,” said the inspector. “I have a lead,” said James Rafferty. “I need your help with it.” “Go ahead,” said Hawley. He pulled a notebook close and picked up his pen. “The man that I am chasing is driving Litner’s auto,” said Rafferty. “I was able to look inside the glove box for a moment.” “Are you sure?,” asked Hawley. He made a note to call down to the records bureau and get the license number. “Yes,” said Rafferty. “Also whomever it is, he doesn’t work for Brown. He tried to kill Brown as well as me.” “So we have a third party on this,” said Hawley. He shook his head. “And the connection is the failed murder case against Brown.” “I would say so,” said Rafferty. “Where was the car kept? I don’t remember a car at the home.” “I don’t either,” said Hawley. He looked at the files on his desk and pulled out the relevant one. “There was no mention of Litner owning a car from the file.” “So no one we talked to knew he owned one,” said Rafferty. He paused for a second. “And he had no family, or close friends?” “That’s what the interviews said,” said Hawley. “Obviously he had one true friend that wants to get back at the people who killed him. Good on you for that.” “I know,” said Rafferty. He paused as if considering something for the first time. “Wasn’t Litner in the Army?” “Yes,” said Hawley. “But you know his record will be guarded from outside agencies.” “I know somebody I can call,” said Rafferty. “Maybe he can get a look at the record and give me somewhere to go.” “If you’re wrong?,” said Hawley. “Then we’ve lost nothing since we have nothing,” said Rafferty. “That seems about right,” said Hawley. He scanned the file. He noted that there were bills for a storage company not far from the victim’s place of residence. “Try the Sure Lock Storage Company.” Hawley gave the address that went with the bill. “There were two receipts found for the place,” said Hawley. “It might be big enough for a car.” “Thanks,” said Rafferty. “I’ll check it out.” “All right,” said Hawley. “Let me know if you find anything. I have to talk to Billy Bones and then try to find more evidence to close his case on the docket.” “Talk to the girlfriend,” said Rafferty. “Maybe she will help you.” “Doubt it,” said Hawley. He looked at the file one more time before he closed it. “Be careful at this storage place. If the car is still being stored there, then the shooter is still visiting.” “Don’t worry,” said Rafferty. “I can take care of myself.” The line went dead. Hawley hung up the phone. He had nothing better to do. He could talk to Bones’s girlfriend and see if there was something to it. First, he had to talk to Bones. Maybe the man would give him something he could use. It couldn’t be a coincidence that his gun had been used to kill targets speaking out against the Jerries. Bones wasn’t political, so someone had paid him to operate on the side while he was still working for Brown. Did Brown know that? Would he care? More importantly, would he get rid of Bones just to erase a loose end when it had nothing to do with him? Hawley felt that Bones was as good as dead as soon as he entered a prison. He found a lack of concern a problem, but it was something he would have to deal with like he dealt with all of his problems. He would have a pint and play some darts until he felt better, or took everyone else’s money. That should put him right as rain so he could chase the next rabbit that came his way. Hawley walked down to the desk. He asked for the sergeant on duty to have the prisoner escorted to the interrogation room. He needed a talk with the man before he asked the lady in his life some questions. If he could prove the connection to the German Intelligence machine, he could export his problem to the Counterintelligence office at MI-5. They could share Bones with their fellow services. And maybe they would be able to crack Brown with their extralegality. He hoped their reasoning would follow his own, but there was no way to tell. Brown was a local problem. It was doubtful he would be a national security threat except under the most narrow of circumstances. Hawley walked down to the block that included the cells for people of interest and the interrogation room. He hoped he could wring some kind of clue from the prisoner so he could figure out what was going on. Rafferty’s ouster might have been a blessing in disguise. He could do things that the police couldn’t. If he kept pushing for answers on the outside, that might make it easier for Hawley to push from inside. He had been chasing Mick Brown for a long time. The man was as slippery as an eel. This latest trial where Corklin had stepped in and offered testimony to impugn Rafferty was just another in a line of dirty tricks. The problem was they couldn’t break the frame fast enough to clear Rafferty. And the higher ups didn’t want the frame broken at all. He wondered about that, but with Corklin dead, he had no way to fix things. Rafferty was considered just as guilty as if the charges had been proven beyond a doubt. He arrived at the interrogation room. He pushed open the door. Bones and his guards were already present. The two constables stood in the corners of the room. Bones sat the table. They had fitted him with manacles so he couldn’t attack any of them. Hawley thought that was a wise precaution. He sat down opposite the gunman. He leaned back in his chair. What could he say to get anything out of this man? Could he say anything? “What do you want?,” Bones demanded. “Nothing,” said Hawley. “I don’t believe that for a minute,” said Bones. “Why bring down the hall then?” “Maybe to see if you can still walk,” said Hawley. “Who shot you, Billy? Let’s start with that.” “It was some masked man,” said Bones. He tried to wave his hands but the manacles prevented wide movements. “He was wearing a uniform from the Great War and a union jack over his face. I thought I had him, but he shoots me in the leg, and takes off. The next thing I know this toff is handing me over to the peelers.” “You think this toff and the masked man could be the same man?,” asked Hawley. “No,” said Bones. “He was taller and he had a different car. I saw it when he left. The first car I shot at was gone.” “Your gun was tied to some killings, Billy,” said Hawley. “We’re in the middle of asking our counterparts across the channel how they want to handle this. We’re going to reserve the right to try you. That should take care of extradition.” “It was the masked man’s gun,” said Bones. “Really?,” said Hawley. “Yes,” said Bones. “He must have dropped it when he fled.” Hawley scratched his eyebrow. He frowned at the gunman. “So the masked man shoots you with the pistol we found you with, and drops it on you,” said Hawley. “Then he flees before the patrolmen can arrive.” “That’s right,” said Bones. “That’s stupid,” said Hawley. He leaned forward. “The bullet in your leg came from an old .38, the gun dropped was a .45, and your fingerprints are all over it and on the bullets. I think the masked man is a figment of your imagination. I think you tried to shoot some victim who decided that he would rather fight back, perhaps someone attached to Mick Brown, and you got shot. I think that’s a better explanation than some masked man, don’t you?” “That’s not what happened,” said Bones. “I told you the truth.” “Except about where the gun came from,” said Hawley. “Does Mick know you’re doing work on the side?” “No,” said Bones. “Why would I tell him that? He would want a cut.” “What do you think he’ll do now that you’re going away?,” said Hawley. “He’ll get another bully boy until I get out,” said Bones. “You don’t have a case except for that gun, and any explanation can be given for that with the right barrister.” “I’m going back to my office,” said Hawley. “I’m going to decide whether to cut you loose and pick up Mick Brown on your testimony, or see what the Crown prosecutor wants to do. They might second you over to Intelligence to see if our brothers can squeeze something out of you.” “You can’t do that,” said Bones. “I have rights.” “You killed twenty six people according to your gun,” said Hawley. “It will be my pleasure to turn you into a target and let whomever wants you have you. That would be a certain amount of justice in my opinion.” “What do you want from me?,” asked Bones. “Everything,” said Hawley. “I want to know who paid you, who got killed and why, how many more are in it with you, and everything else. If you got paper, I want that too.” “You can’t be serious,” said Bones. “I want it all, Billy,” said Hawley. “I want enough that if you die, I don’t have to dig up another pigeon.” “This could get me killed,” said Bones. “Don’t give me anything, and I will hang a noose around your neck and see who I can flush out with you as the bait,” said Hawley. Bones looked up with a hand over his face. “Don’t cry,” said Hawley. “It will go over a lot smoother.” “I hate you,” said Bones. “That’s no way to talk to your new best friend,” said Hawley. “I hate you even more,” said Bones. “Get Mr. Bones some paper, Constable Packard,” said Hawley. “As soon as we get something we can check and prove, we can talk about reducing the charges.” Constable Packard left the room. He returned with a pad and pen. “I would rather plead guilty and take my sentencing,” said Bones. “If it makes you feel better, you probably won’t get a trial,” said Hawley. He gestured for the other man to start writing. “Everything depends on what you tell us.” “No trial?,” said Bones. He started writing. “What does that get me?” “A bunch of nameless men talking to you about what you’ve done,” said Hawley. “Then a bullet in the back of the head when they don’t need you anymore.” “I would rather take my chances in prison,” said Bones. He frowned as he put down his confession. Hawley knew the prisoner had to get his assignments from somewhere. If Bones betrayed his handler, that would be another link in the chain. And once they picked that man up, they could see if he would tell them who he worked for until they reached the end of the line. It wasn’t perfect, but it gave him something to do while he waited on Rafferty to give him something else to chase. He didn’t like a masked man showing up while Rafferty was trying to gather enough evidence to stop a murderer. The timing was suspect in his mind. He would deal with Rafferty about it when this was over and done.
  7. csyphrett

    2018 Superdraft Central

    I'm sorry you're having problems, bud. CES
  8. csyphrett

    2018 Superdraft Central

    Post the rules when you're ready. CES
  9. csyphrett

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    The Fridge emits ice as a weapon, but is also able to store any item inside himself without harm. Humans stored like this suffer frostbite CES
  10. csyphrett

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    The Appliances are a third rate team of rogues that work together. Their schtick is household machinery gone bad. Who are these four budget bandits? CES
  11. csyphrett

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Jamie The Shoe Moden is a walking arsenal which she keeps in her pockets. She always has the right gadget or gun for the job. CES
  12. csyphrett

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    We can do a whole team. We have Bolo and DT CES
  13. csyphrett

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Double Duece is a duplicating villain, but he doesn't duplicate himself. He duplicates equipment, and weapons. CES
  14. csyphrett

    Create a Hero Theme Team!

    The struggle is both within and without. Every man has to struggle with his devoutness, carrying out his duties, doing good. This is the greater most important struggle. The lesser struggle is dealing with others and things trying to affect the inner struggle in a terrible way. Conflict has become known for grappling with exterior problems and turning them aside from his fellow heroes. His skill with the martial arts and ability to turn an opponent's strengths against him has worked well for the Pillars in protecting their region of operation. CES
  15. csyphrett

    Superdraft: Back Benchers Unite!

    What has happened: The Red Ghost seeking to harness the powers of cosmic rays left in the body of the Blue Bolt and make more loyal super apes decides to kidnap the primates from the Idaville zoo and experiment on them. Cobalt Blue, with the warning of his cosmic awareness, and the aid of Lancelot Strong, creates the Blue Man Group to stop him. Blue and Blue Fox lobby for a more inclusive name as they aid in the search for the Red Ghost. naturally the threat is the energy from the Blue Bolt will unleash uncontrolled powers in people for miles around and not just in the primate test subjects. CES