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  1. Armory

    On This Day in History

    This day in baseball in 1973, Bill North's bat sails onto the infield when he swings and misses the first pitch thrown by Royals rookie reliever Doug Bird, who will be shocked when the A's center fielder, retrieving his bat, unexpectedly goes to the mound and begins to pummel him. The Oakland outfielder, who will be ejected, suspended for three days, and receive a $100 fine for initiating the brawl, was retaliating against the 23 year-old KC right-hander for an incident that occurred in a Class A game played in Waterloo (IA) three seasons earlier.
  2. Armory

    Random Song Lyrics Thread

    I'm no longer counting I'm not keeping score I could say my list of lovers doesn't matter anymore But some are always in my heart And some I'm not so sure Either way they all left their mark And for some I found a cure From one you learn something Another you learn, nothing And there's one who might teach you everything But before I learned to listen And if indeed someone said it Then I guess i must have lost it on the wind Back when I was younger each one was a prize Love just came along and hit you right between the eyes And one was just a trophy catch And one was like a curse Some would want to bleed you dry Some might quench your thirst In cold water I went fishing in warm seas I cast a line And swore the heart I was reeling in was perfect at the time You couldn't tell me I was wrong, you couldn't tell me anything And if you did then I guess I must have lost it on the wind
  3. Armory

    A Thread for Random Movie Lines

    "I can't just summon a maniacal laugh. I need to see something maniacally funny."
  4. Doesn't everyone?
  5. Armory

    Destroy Your Geek Cred!!

    Yeah, there's destroying one's geek cred, and then there's an utter lack of taste.
  6. Using the power of the Stones to create infinite resources, or some other such resolution, makes Thanos a sane, compassionate hero. That equals no movie. He's a villain with a somewhat-relatable motivation, but he's been unhinged by his decades-long obsession, as villains are wont to be. If they'd turned every Marvel hero into a villain by having them try to stop a guy who wants to save the universe with rainbows and bottomless cookie jars it truly would've been stupid. I envision a two-hour long committee meeting where Thanos gathers the Avengers to show them a Power Point presentation about how to stock all of reality's planets with endless fish and boundless forests. Captain Planet: The Movie. Blech.
  7. Ironically, this is a spoiler... 😉
  8. Just saw A:IW. To tie that into this thread, DC should give Marvel all of its lunch money and slink home.
  9. This was my thought exactly. I really enjoyed it. I think it might be the closest thing yet to a Marvel comic come alive on the screen. I'm probably too close to it yet to see the flaws, we just returned from the theater, but right now it's pretty close to my favorite comic book movie. I was surprised by the characters they chose to 'kill' (because we know they'll be back somehow). I tried to avoid spoilers and speculation these past few months but I still managed to hear people talk about how Stark and Cap would die, if for no other reason than they thought the actors were done with the franchise. Well, they were wrong, which just reinforces my opinion of the incessant geek speculation that precedes each of these movies. It is an epic event film. If I didn't have a lot on my plate to prepare for surgery on Tuesday I'd go see it again. And again.
  10. And more Terminators, if I'm not mistaken. It's hilarious to hear that guy talk about "other stories to tell". Just shut up, James.
  11. Didn't Steven Spielberg recently crap-talk comic book movies? Well well. Spielberg to make DC Comics' Blackhawk http://ew.com/movies/2018/04/17/steven-spielberg-blackhawk/
  12. Armory

    The Incredibles 2

    Several critics thought so. Bird himself has stated he's not even libertarian, let alone a follower of Ayn Rand (those two things aren't synonymous, btw). But then I've noticed that many critics of Ayn Rand have no real idea what she was talking about in the first place.
  13. Armory

    Changes in a world with superpowers

    One (Normal) camera man, three cameras mounted in high-tech drones.
  14. Armory

    Changes in a world with superpowers

    I've had a camera crew following my hero team around for over a year now for a FOX reality show. Not only is it fun to have a camera man and a boom mic operator to endanger in every single session (when the team can't manage to slip away from them, which isn't often), it's been fun roleplaying. They've had to adjust their tactics (and language) somewhat, now that they know the entire world will see a detailed breakdown of each battle eventually. Next I'll have them go on a press junket around the country to promote it. Lots of new villains!
  15. Armory

    Dealing with burnout

    I agree with RDU, my group has done something similar. We have three different teams of heroes based in three different cities, so we mix it up that way. It also helps to have more than one GM. I've run about 90% of our sessions over the past five years or so. When I start feeling the burnout one of the other GMs takes over for a session or two. Invariably that gets my juices flowing again. If for no other reason than they're not as good at it as I am.