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  1. Saw a headline on ESPN this morning about how getting Machado makes the Dodges the "NL team to beat". Last I looked LA had a lot more holes to fill than SS. Between other injuries and a few underperformers like Bellinger they need more help than Manny's going to bring them.
  2. This^. Iron Man was the only comic I had a subscription to back in the early '70s. I used to have a ton of old Tales of Suspense, including #s 39 and 40. I had no problem with the way they handled the Mandarin in IM3, for the reason you stated: he was a racist caricature, with a rather silly origin to boot. Having said that, I am interested in who this 'real' Mandarin is who was mentioned in that short, if they ever get around to showing us. I'm hoping it was more than just a sop to the fanbois who were complaining.
  3. That's probably the only good thing Manfred has done, to get rid of that "this time it counts" nonsense. It's an exhibition game, it shouldn't count for anything. OTOH I think it should be treated less like an exhibition in that I'd like to see the lineups handled like a regular game, meaning more concern for winning and less concern for getting everybody into the game. As far as expansion goes, I'd rather see them contract. Get back to an odd number of teams so we can do away with interleague play during the season. That's part of what made the All-Star Game so great in the past, it pitted players against each other who normally would never play on the same field. The World Series has lost a bit of its luster for the same reason.
  4. Armory

    Adventure or Session Titles

    I come up with titles for all of my adventures. Some are better than others, of course. I don't usually come up with one until after the session, in case the players do something that would suggest a better title than I had in mind while writing it. They can all be seen at the Obsidian Portal links in my sig, but here are the better ones: Jurassic Quark - a particle collider accident creates a breach between dimensions and the team is pitted against intelligent, evolved dinosaurs. The Shocking Dead - the team fights electric zombies...cross that one off the bucket list. He Ain't Hedgy, He's My Brother - long story short, a PC with a plant-based origin discovers his long-lost brother, who transforms into what is basically a gigantic, walking tree of destruction. Nano He Didn't - The mad scientist father of a PC's girlfriend infects the team with nanobots, which led directly to the next session where he took remote control of three PCs' bodies and forced them to murder villains, which was called: Excuse Me While I Kill This Guy - to the tune of "Purple Haze", natch. Twisted Christmas - the PC team Christmas party is crashed by their evil twins from another dimension.
  5. Armory

    2026 World Cup bid.

    "The rest of the world loves soccer. Surely we must be missing something. Uh, isn't that what the Russians told us about communism?" -- Tom Weir Thankfully I don't have to grin and bear it, I can just ignore it.
  6. Armory

    2026 World Cup bid.

    The website told me Spain, but I'm actually rooting for the whole thing to be cancelled. I am the typical American who finds soccer to be the sports equivalent of loose bowels. It's something that is endured rather than enjoyed; it feels like it lasts longer than it really does; and it stinks. 😷 😄
  7. The contract thing is one part of it. The other, I think, is that baseball is hard. Even for the best-of-the-best, it's a difficult game. I don't think it's all that easy for guys to completely change their game plans (their process, as Brian Kenny says). For a guy who's never bunted, it's not an easy skill to learn. OTOH, baseball is a game of constant adjustments and if more of them started bunting against the shift and succeeding, the shift would die.
  8. I get that. I disagree, but I get it. It did feel authentic to me. What bothered me about it was that his Celestial powers were nowhere to be found.
  9. "Meta-textually"?!? Whatever. He's human, thus fallible. That is all.
  10. IOW, it's not reasonable to consider Quill a human being. He shouldn't be a human being, because he's a hero. Pffft.
  11. Armory

    On This Day in History

    At Crosley Field, the era of nighttime baseball begins on this day (well, night) in 1935. Twenty-five thousand fans watch the Reds beat the Phillies 2-1 in the first Major League game ever played under the lights. During the pre-game ceremonies, President Franklin D. Roosevelt pushes a button at the White House to illuminate the field.
  12. Armory

    Random Song Lyrics Thread

    There's a hungry road I can only hope's Gonna eat me up inside; There's a drifting spirit coming clean In the eye of a lifelong fire. Tell Monday I'll be around next week, I'm running ahead of my days. In the shotgun chance that scattered us I've seen the error of my ways. Well we've wrapped ourselves in golden crowns Like sun gods spitting rain. Found a way home written on this map Like red dye in my veins. In the hardest times that come around, The fear of losing grows. I've lost and seen the world shut down, It's a darkness no one knows And I've poured out the pleasure and dealt with the pain, Standing in a station waiting in the rain. I'm starting to feel a little muscle again But love is lost like a runaway train Oh I'm out of control and out of my hands, I'm tearing like a demon through no man's land, Trying to get a grip on my life again, Nothing hits harder than a runaway train.
  13. I generally hate bunting except in very specific circumstances (runner on 1B, 0 outs, 8th or later; and even then it depends on the score...you only have 27 outs, don't give them any free ones!) but yeah, if more guys bunted for base hits against the shift they'd stop shifting so much. It seems that instead of going to the opposite field to beat the shift they're trying to muscle it over the shift.
  14. Armory

    On This Day in History

    This day in baseball in 1973, Bill North's bat sails onto the infield when he swings and misses the first pitch thrown by Royals rookie reliever Doug Bird, who will be shocked when the A's center fielder, retrieving his bat, unexpectedly goes to the mound and begins to pummel him. The Oakland outfielder, who will be ejected, suspended for three days, and receive a $100 fine for initiating the brawl, was retaliating against the 23 year-old KC right-hander for an incident that occurred in a Class A game played in Waterloo (IA) three seasons earlier.
  15. Armory

    Random Song Lyrics Thread

    I'm no longer counting I'm not keeping score I could say my list of lovers doesn't matter anymore But some are always in my heart And some I'm not so sure Either way they all left their mark And for some I found a cure From one you learn something Another you learn, nothing And there's one who might teach you everything But before I learned to listen And if indeed someone said it Then I guess i must have lost it on the wind Back when I was younger each one was a prize Love just came along and hit you right between the eyes And one was just a trophy catch And one was like a curse Some would want to bleed you dry Some might quench your thirst In cold water I went fishing in warm seas I cast a line And swore the heart I was reeling in was perfect at the time You couldn't tell me I was wrong, you couldn't tell me anything And if you did then I guess I must have lost it on the wind