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  1. Funk Thompson

    Ablative (-1/2) & (-1) Difference?

    And the lesser version is probably better for non-resistant defenses than resistant.
  2. Funk Thompson

    Theorycrafting: Ship to Ship combat and simplified maneuvers...

    That is more or less what I am wanting. Again I want to simulate naval style, long range combat, with the whole intercept/escape pre-combat part done by skill contests, where the actual math and numbers are largely ignored beyond the time it takes for things to happen being back-of-a-napkin correct. Days to weeks for an intercept, then minutes of fighting once in weapons range.
  3. Funk Thompson

    Shared Vehicle Question

    Not in every campaign. And, if the vehicle is really only a plot device, then other powers or perks better represent such. If you will not ever use the vehicle you build, then there is no need for a character sheet for it, no need to buy a vehicle. Call it a campaign norm, or buy teleportation with extra time, physical manifestation, an must cross intervening space
  4. Funk Thompson

    I surrender: The Fox Armory Project

    I misread this as "Foxbat's Armory Project" and am highly disappointed.
  5. Funk Thompson

    HtH & Ranged Combat Maneuvers

    Well, the simplest is Block, then next phase Counterstrike, which is best used against foes with the same SPD as you but higher DEX. Counterstrike lets you go first in your next phase if you successfully block an attack; against that foe (you act on their DEX.) Add legsweep and/or martial strike or whatever as combo on the follow-up round. Grab + Squeeze + Throw I think is specifically illegal (as it stacks too much damage into a single grab contest roll) but could be wrong. Grab + Off. Strike or Haymaker (for non-MA characters) is nasty, since the grab offsets the downsides of those to an extent. If you just want to max out damage, Legsweep then Martial Strike + Offensive Strike, or those last two followed by Martial Throw. Just remember they all take the worst bonus / penalty of all maneuvers, so the lower damage moves are easier / better. And if grabbing or sweeping, grab or sweep first, then strike; if throwing, strike first, then throw. You can also "build your own maneuvers" using naked advantages - more powers than maneuvers, obviously, but you can do like rapid-fire punches using autofire NA applied to base STR, etc.
  6. Funk Thompson

    Shared Vehicle Question

    That is double-dipping, though. Player(s) pay 1 point per 5 points or whatever for base, base pays 1 point per 5 points or whatever for vehicle. I would just use a "custom perk" and note it as the player's point investment into either the vehicle or the base, or even just use the default vehicle / base entry with each character spending their share of points. Then keep a tally elsewhere of that total amount along with the base and vehicle character sheets.
  7. Funk Thompson

    Skills: useful or just for flavor?

    My Star HERO game sees much, much more usage of skills (Systems Operation rolls to determine how long something takes, Tactics rolls for my NPC's to see if they can work out an intercept on the faster player ship, tons of Paramedics rolls for the ship's Doctor to patch up players or NPC's, etc.) than my FH games (which mostly feature "security systems" and/or mechanics as "disable device," lockpicking, stealth, etc.) My rare Champs games sees little beyond deduction, security systems, computer skills, and the occasional use of various conversation skills.
  8. Funk Thompson

    Theorycrafting: Ship to Ship combat and simplified maneuvers...

    Right, 1G is " cruise control" and they will do hours-long 2 to 3 G burns or minutes-long higher G maneuvers.
  9. Funk Thompson

    Low Level, Mid Level, High Level.

    Low level allies: Steve from marketing and his jack Russell terrier Mid level: A squad of marines High level: Foxbat Next: "Plan A"
  10. Funk Thompson

    Theorycrafting: Ship to Ship combat and simplified maneuvers...

    Well, it's more for the NPC craft - and smaller ones, drones, fighters, shuttles - than the player's ship. Range for any "capital ship" is effectively unlimited in-system, and then limited by the JumpGates for interstellar travel. There are interstellar ships that don't use the JumpGates - or, use them where they exist then just slowboat to non-gated systems, which takes months / years depending on said system - most are distant binaries to gated systems, or at most a LY or two off the network. There are also kind-of-FTL ships but even those can take months to years to get where they are going. Again, player ship doesn't really have this limitation. But, it still takes days / weeks to travel in-system from planet to planet, as do other ships. Most ships burn around at 1 G of thrust, capable of more in short burns (a few hours, due to limits of the crew - no "inertial dampeners" or at least none that are 100%.) So, the "setup" would / could be days of maneuvering until someone gets in weapons range. Then timescale goes to combat time.
  11. Funk Thompson

    Duplicate: Autonomous Hand 5e

    Yeah, I don't see this as duplication at all; summon or follower, summon being more mechanically apt (since you can "summon" it by detaching it.) That said, summon / follower doesn't solve the core issue: Does the hand need all the various life support and resistances to make it a "mechanical hand" with all appropriate mechanics? I'd say the answer is yes, at least were this my campaign. The single most difficult character to make, for those I've tried, insofar as getting everything I felt I *needed* within the point limit, was a Cyborg clone. And he didn't even have a detachable hand. Just the senses and computer-assisted skills and such took up about half the character points (in 5E, 250; in 6E, even 400 wasn't quite enough to "do it right.") Then brick plus his arm-cannon? Plus cyberkinesis over machines? Not happening
  12. There's a handy chart in the book, but it only goes so wide / so tall - some of my Star HERO stuff has insane advantages, as do a handful of FH spells and such.
  13. Funk Thompson

    Theorycrafting: Ship to Ship combat and simplified maneuvers...

    Right, that is what I was thinking (insofar as how long it took; hadn't really considered the fuel part but that should very rarely come into play. "My Lord, we lost them. Well, it seems... ah... we didn't bring enough unobtainium fuel for a chase scene, sir..." *hurk* *thud*) The maneuvers table in OP is (mostly?) for the combat part; pre-combat maneuvers will depend on the pre-combat setup so far as where all participants are and such. Underrun/overtake are the only maneuvers listed that would or could really apply before weapons range, but, again, I want that pre-combat part to be as quick as possible (while also capturing some level of fun and tactical options.) The combat maneuvers will all need to be things the ship can do in moment-to-moment timeframes.
  14. Advantage on the attack also changes how many DC's you get for extra DC's. +1/2 on the attack = 7.5 per DC so 4 extra damage classes for +1d6k (I think. I suck at the math of "adding damage" on the fly, and usually note it on characters for their STR and/or martial maneuvers with weapons.)
  15. Funk Thompson

    Theorycrafting: Ship to Ship combat and simplified maneuvers...

    And for slingshot - don't need a primer, just an approximate of how long such a maneuver might take to see if it can work as a "combat maneuver." I am thinking it will not.