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  1. I am going to give the transmute form to something acceptable to recipient as a freebie. Too much detail for what will ultimately be cosmetic/game interaction. I am going to go with cosmetic transforms for the items of clothing, the transform is invisible and cumulative effect and is to provide a complication of "I LOVE this hat!" etc. After that, I am thinking they are foci for abilities someone already has rather than the ability being inherent in the kit. So, Mr Persuasive might have skill levels on persuasion skills that rely on the focus, the other two levels look like Mind Control with the hat limited to first tier effects. So Mr Persuasive might have Mind Control that costs END and is visible, these foci allow the invisible, END free use of that Mind Control. 🙂 Doc
  2. Doc Democracy

    How would you price this Limitation?

    Hmm. I have slowly been convinced by Hugh (yup, it can happen on internet discussions!). Those advantages delivered by END are not advantages, they are the baseline of the rules. What you have to consider, if you were to change the Charges limitation is whether you have it properly stripped down. If the Charges limitation is simply how many times it can be used per day then that is all it should be doing, no hidden limitations or advantages. Why should a charge not be able to be pushed? Why shouldn't you be able to reduce the effect of a charge? We have limitations that can add these things if they are required. There is an interesting point on being able to get more charges if you reduce the effect but I think the gain is minimal for the level of bureaucracy you would add when END Battery already exists and would probably be a far better mechanism to use for that kind of power. Doc
  3. Doc Democracy

    Adjustment Power Framework Thoughts

    Cassandra is right - there is a fundamental need to get a better idea of what you are doing. I was thinking though, there may be a way other than what you are thinking - probably not 100% rules legal but the construct tickled my fancy. I was thinking that you need a cosmetic transform - when you use that on someone they are 'linked' to you. Once they are linked then they can tap into the STUN and END that you have bought usable by others at range. That means that anyone linked, rather than subtracting from their own STUN when hit can draw from this secondary source, or when using their powers can draw END from this secondary source. It does not allow you to replenish the END and STUN that they have used but it does allow them not to have to use any more of their dwindling supplies. What you then need is a godly REC to replenish the pools. Of course, to complete the conduit thingy, you might up the transform such that it links someone and, when it does, it adds a limitation of "not versus the Conduit" on any POW Defence the character might have. Can' remember if 5th had transfer - you would transfer STUN and/or END to the pools you have made available to other people. That would allow you to more effectively draw END and STUN from those that have lots and make it available to those that are in most need.
  4. Doc Democracy

    How would you price this Limitation?

    I'm confused, do you support charges with END by default or not!! 🙂 You say you are, first clause, then argue against it for the rest of the sentence....
  5. Doc Democracy

    Hacking Field & Powerful Radar

    Christopher I hope I didn't put you off. What I was saying was give us more detail of how you see these things playing in game and we will give you lots of stuff to consider. 🙂 Doc
  6. Doc Democracy

    How would you price this Limitation?

    There is a point in the rules where charges switch from being a limitation to an advantage, there is no such threshold in END Battery. i am sure that there must be a point where the END Battery is a limitation. Just have not been able to sit down and define where it is...
  7. Doc Democracy

    How would you price this Limitation?

    Lots of good points there Hugh, though I am not sure that they are wholly focussed on what the OP was looking for but I appreciate the interaction. 🙂 As you say, if the limitation on taking time to build up enough "charge" to deliver greater healing is small in relation to the other limitations placed on the power, then you are not going to get much bang for your limitation buck. Wont save a lot of points but it does have significant game impact. If we go with your 3D6 Healing example. If the power is straight up - no other limits then, as you point out you have a 45 point power that costs you 4 END to use at full power. If you want the power to slowly build to its 3D6, then your example becomes Healing BODY 1d6, BODY & STUN (+1/2) (15 Active Points); full phase (-1/2) = 10 real points + Healing BODY 1d6, BODY & STUN (+1/2) (15 Active Points); extra phase (-3/4) = 9 real points + Healing BODY 1d6, BODY & STUN (+1/2) (15 Active Points); full turn (-1) = 7 real points Your 45 point power has become a 26 point power. That is a significant saving without any of the other flim flam added in. If you wanted to compare it with 0 END then the 60 point power becomes a 39 point power. If you, instead, use the END Battery, which allows you to fine tune things with more finesse than the compound power (and can look much less untidy on the character sheet) then you get the following. The powers will have a base cost, the "cost END" version comes to 30 points (45 with a -1/2 for Double END) and the no END version costs 45 points for the power. As compared to 26 points and 39 points for the compound power. The cost of the END battery might not be an awful lot. I would have limitations on it anyway - to reflect that it would not start full and would only recover when the character was concentrating on it gaining power. It might only be 2 points in total but those would be adding to powers already costing more than the compound version. It should be no surprise that a power with limitations (the compound version or the straight up limitation) cost less than the vanilla power. The limitations make the power more difficult for the character to use in-game. That makes sense. A 60 point power becomes a 39 point power. Using the END battery in the way I describe also makes the power more difficult for the character to use in-game, to almost the same extent. But in this case the 60 point power becomes a 47 point power. I dont think I am doing myself any favours!! 🙂 The END Battery solution is therefore a decent way of reducing the cost but not as efficient as the equivalent limitations would be....
  8. Doc Democracy

    Hacking Field & Powerful Radar

    One of the key principles that you need to be aware of is that the design of the campaign really influences the playability of it. If the GM has put some effort into thinking about things then you should find building characters like this easier. When you say you want the power to "allow the character to hack any computer system, Androids and humans, blocking or unblocking memories and abilities" there are a few flags that rise in my GM brain. One is the use of "any". That means that the character will have to have all the powers necessary to affect anything that might be thought to have memories or abilities. There are ways to do it but it can get costly and it can get complicated OR the campaign will have to have a single mechanism for anything that might be thought to have memories or abilities so that the character can hack those things with a single power (then it just needs to be strong enough). Another thing is the talk of hacking humans. I am not sure what that might mean in game. Another is the talk of blocking or unblocking memories and abilities. What do you mean by that? There are numerous ways such things might be done and did you intend to be able to utilise (or make the owner utilise) those powers on your behalf?? The "radar" is another flag. You say electrical devices. Does that mean anything where electricity flows along wires? Steve's suggestion covers a lot of that but HERO works best when you have (or develop) a detailed idea of what you mean (and what you don't mean). Then the power of the system can be applied to deliver that in-game. If you can come back with a definite idea of what the power is and some examples of how you would see it working in a game. I often find that me and a player agree 100% on a build until they try to use in particular ways in a game that the build does not allow. That means we did not communicate well enough, we need to go back and think again what the player actually wanted. It is often best not to think in terms of the HERO system but in terms of what you want to do in the game. THEN you go to the system to design that, and where everyone here will proffer numerous suggestions on how to do that. Doc
  9. Doc Democracy

    Avengers Infinity War with spoilers

    I watched the film with son and friend at the weekend. I could easily have fallen asleep at almost any time in the first hour, the second hour was more entertaining but the film did not grab me and while it passed some time quite pleasantly, I cannot imagine ever wanting to watch it again. Unlike Winter Soldier which I would re-watch any time it happened to be on.
  10. Doc Democracy

    How would you price this Limitation?

    Just because there are always other ways (I think eepjr24 gave you the response I would have had I been here first) and because it feeds my current hobby-horse. END Battery would give you the perfect vehicle to do this, but it would cost you points rather than save you them. Have the healing draw from an END Battery that only Recovers when you are focussing on the battery and completely discharges whenever it is used. You can then delay while the battery fills until you have enough END to cast whatever amount of dice you want and then need to start from the beginning again. It is odd that something that makes something more difficult should cost you points. 🙂 (I stretch things here but it is a decent mechanism that I think should have, at least, a way to make it cost neutral). Doc
  11. Doc Democracy

    Choice of Supervillains

    I usually use pre-written villains, though I will usually have re-drafted their powersets to work the way I want them to, unless they are particularly straightforward and to ensure their defences etc conform to my campaign. Too often I used things out the book that were either too easy to defeat or too difficult to harm in ways that a quick once over did not catch. Doc
  12. Doc Democracy

    How would you build this?

    I am not familiar with Time Limit, is it a sixth edition introduction or have I simply been blind to it for years?? 🙂 It does fit the bill, though +3/4 seems a HUGE discount for it, I would imagine that most in-game uses of the power do not need it in existence for 5 minutes, never mind 1 hour... Doc
  13. Doc Democracy

    How would you build this?

    Give it a side effect, fixed point BODY drain on the barrier...
  14. Doc Democracy

    Different REC based on powers used

    I have no issue with END batteries and indeed have used them in many character builds. It is their applicability in doing something that is supposed to just complicate matters for the character. If F-E Man can use fire and electricity powers, which use END and recover normally, costs 200 points. Then F-E (complicated) Man can use fire and electricity but the electricity ones take longer to recover from, should cost fewer than 200 points. If the answer is to add in an END battery, then the cost will not be less than 200 points, it will almost certainly be more. You might say that using the END battery provides benefits to F-E (complicated) Man that F-E Man does not have, but that is not what was asked for. You might reduce the costs of the END battery by limiting it (such as making it cost real END) but again, that will be a greater cost, just by not as much points. Doc
  15. Doc Democracy

    Different REC based on powers used

    Yeah, limitation or complication - either saving you points or filling your complication requirements - but definitely not something that you should be spending points on...