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  1. Doc Democracy


    Instantly in real life (often lots of seconds) is very different from instantly in HERO (often a segment). 🙂 I think that you are right though. It very much depends on what you think a TASER actually is - an immobilising device that tends to do no long lasting damage or a weapon designed to knock people out rather than killing them. The builds would be very different. Doc
  2. Doc Democracy

    Name for superhero w/ fog powers

    You might use the Scottish term for a sea fog - Haar
  3. Doc Democracy

    Name for superhero w/ fog powers

    What about Silhouette - all you usually see of the hero would be his silhouette within the fog...? Doc
  4. Doc Democracy

    Easiest system game

    I would go with BRP as everyone understand the chance to do something. The key problems for most systems come during combat or magic use because everything else is hand-wavy or very clear. BRP has that simple hit parry chance - very easy, though it has strike ranks and other stuff. I would also proffer WEG Star Wars. Everything is a bundle of D6, if you have 5D6 Blaster and want to shoot three times, then you drop a dice for each additional shot you want to make. If you want to dodge an attack, you roll the D6 and compare the sum of the dice you roll with the sum of the dice the other person rolled. Multiple skills work the same, you want to fire, dodge AND hack your way through the locked door? Fine, drop all the skills by 2D6 and go for it... It is VERY simple to learn. And it has a great theme for Star Wars, I have not tried it for other genres, though the core D6 books are very cheap on Drivethrurpg - about $3 for D6 Space, D6 Fantasy or D6 Adventure and only $2 for D6 Powers (superhero rules). Doc
  5. Doc Democracy

    Resourcing Hero games on Roll20

    Beyond my ken, but Darren does - see the conversation on character sheet... Alpha version of character sheet: https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/6441787/finished-alpha-version-of-new-character-sheet HERO turn tracking API: https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/6277448/hero-turn-tracking-api
  6. Doc Democracy

    Resourcing Hero games on Roll20

    That would be good - there are a couple of folk on there doing similar stuff. Worth us working together. I will go now and upgrade you to GM in the sandbox. 🙂 EDIT - all done. Am sure you and Darren might have fruitful discussions on character sheets that might benefit all HERO players on Roll20.
  7. Doc Democracy

    "On Your Feet, Soldier!"

    ooh! is this where psychological complications might bite folk in the behind? If your character has "sulky" or "hates authority figures" or anything of that ilk then the healing effect is diminished one dice for every five points in such a complication. That would bring home the complication element of such complications... Doc
  8. Doc Democracy

    Barrier which repairs itself.

    That is an interesting point unclevlad... If you need to lower your shields to fire then is that a limitation on the shield or on the attack?? Cannot attack if under continuous attack, or shields do not work against continuous attacks in segments when weapons used. I think the second looks more apt and the limitation would depend on how common continuous attacks were in the campaign. Doc
  9. Doc Democracy

    Barrier which repairs itself.

    Essentially you have a custom limitation here that completely negates the barrier. I would decide how likely it is, probably +0 limitation for how often it is likely to happen. You then have to decide how they might go about this and put in a limitation of "not versus attacks where opponent makes a [something] roll".
  10. Doc Democracy

    Resourcing Hero games on Roll20

    Done. There are now 38 people in that particular sandbox - a decent number of folk that are looking on how to use Roll20 to play HERO. I use it weekly for D&D purposes and I find it laggy. The problems are worse as the size of the group increases, I cannot imagine playing with more than four or five people (including the GM) and even with three, not using video, dropping out can be an issue. I think that they grew more quickly than they could cope with but if I this was not the best of a bad bunch of options (for my purposes), I would be looking elsewhere. I am hoping it continues to improve.
  11. Doc Democracy

    No penalties for Fast Moving targets?

    Of course, if you were going to talk about what makes sense, someone continually rapidly changing direction is more difficult to hit and someone moving directly toward or away from you, even at high speeds are not hugely more difficult to hit. Combat is already complicated enough without adding relative velocities to it...though the velocity based DCV does provide an easy way to introduce a flavour of it.
  12. Doc Democracy

    character hologram build

    It all comes down to what is meant by "cannot interact with the real world". If there is no input or output then it sounds very much like unconsciousness... However your take is as valid as any of the rest that have been put out there. Stephen
  13. Doc Democracy

    5th Edition Revised Psychokinesis

    This is one of the big sticking points with people and HERO. There are no rules for psycho-kinesis. There are only rules for the powers in the book, everything else is about how you want it to work in the game. You might decide that you want psycho-kinesis to be built using TK based on ECV because your ECV is so good. That means you have to abide by the elements of BOECV as described in the book. I now realise that you did not say which edition you are using. In the one I checked (6th edition) BOECV does not confer the advantages of a mental attack (such as line of sight) and would not have the limitations associated with those. You might decide that you want to build it using just TK with the special effect that it is a mental power, and can be perceived as such. You might decide to build it any number of ways based on how you want it to play in game.
  14. Doc Democracy

    character hologram build

    I think I would stick with the minute template is the best bet - shrinking is supposed to be for when you can alter your size, if you are always small or big you should buy the effects of that size. The best thing about buying them without the shrinking power is that you do not need to buy the invisible power effect - the powers all have the special effect of "hologram wearing a projector". What is interesting to me is the following. Obviously the damage thing works normally if he is hit and destroying the badge is essentially killing the character. The badge being struck could be a complication along the lines of a vulnerability. I would give you points for a complication where, if an IIF is hit in combat that you are stunned for 2 phases (that is a big complication!!). The need for charging is essentially replacing eating food with plugging into the wall. You could leave it as a straight replacement and treat lack of charging the same as you would a lack of food. You could also build it as a dependency - if you do not charge at regular intervals then bad things happen..., Doc
  15. Doc Democracy

    How to Build: Narcotic kiss

    Hmm. My thoughts were going the opposite direction. I was thinking of a STUN and REC drain that was all or nothing. If if it is enough to overcome the whole thing then the victim keels over with no STUN and no REC. I would the. Further limit the drain such that when the REC fully recovers then the STUN instantly recovers to full as well....