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  1. Mark Rand

    Which Champions Franchise would you join?

    If it was there, I'd have chosen Pittsburgh, my home town, after parts of it were rebuilt after Godzilla wrecked it when Detroit was wrecked. Since it isn't, I'll have to go with Charlotte.
  2. Mark Rand

    half asgardian teenager

    The minimum qualification is that she bond with a pegasus that's part of the herd the valkyries have.
  3. Mark Rand

    half asgardian teenager

    As I understand it, this is the level of the characters in the New Mutants comic book at the beginning of their careers. Danielle Moonstar, without her mutant powers, might be the basis, with her STR and DEX boosted from 13 to 20. Her CON is already 25.
  4. Mark Rand

    half asgardian teenager

    Right now, Valkyrie is going to be a weaponmaster (sword) that's tough, because of her Asgardian heritage. One other option is a camper (maybe a girl scout) who got separated from her parents on a camping trip and found herself on Asgard where she rescued, and bonded with, a pegasus. That way, I can use Danielle Moonstar's characteristics that I found on the Wild Hunt Hero System site.
  5. Mark Rand

    half asgardian teenager

    I'm working on a teenage female character that's half-human and half Norse deity who becomes a Valkyrie. How would this change her characteristics? I already have her Valkyrie sense-death power taken from another site.
  6. Mark Rand

    Teen Mystics or Magical Girls For CHAMPIONS campaigns

    Tabitha Jean Clark has been renamed Miriam Clark, to better fit in with some NPCs who are named for women from the Holy Scriptures. A Conservative Jewish Girl Scout, she practices yoga, is in the drama class at Ravenswood, and, like her mother, Sarah, an osteopathic physician, belly dances.
  7. Mark Rand

    Philosophy of Complications: Secret Identity

    After rewatching some of the first season episodes yesterday, I have to agree. When Sailor Venus, in her civilian identity, met the other Sailor Guardians in their civilian identities at the shrine, she stated that she didn't recognize them and Sailor Mercury said that they didn't recognize her.
  8. Mark Rand

    Is San Angelo suitable for the Sailor Senshi?

    In the main San Angelo book it states that superhero bases need a special use permit from the city. The Sailor Scouts don't have one because they don't have an official headquarters. Instead they meet, in their civilian identities, either at the entrance to the shrine Rei serves as a miko at or in her house
  9. Mark Rand

    Teen Mystics or Magical Girls For CHAMPIONS campaigns

    Most of what she picks up from her previous incarnations are her fighting skills, including dirty infighting and a head butt. However, she and "Moonie" do insult each other in Ancient Egyptian. (She knows how to speak it, but can't read or write it.)
  10. Mark Rand

    Teen Mystics or Magical Girls For CHAMPIONS campaigns

    This is an idea based on The Mummy trilogy and for the Court of Dreams campaign, wherever: Sun-Spell (Tabitha Jean "Tabby" Clark) is the reincarnation of Princess Nefertiri of Egypt and has her combat skills with staves and sais. One of the team's foes is the reincarnation of Anek-Su-Namun (who Sun-Spell calls Moonie).
  11. Mark Rand

    Is there a higher quality map of San Angelo?

    They are on the area map which is in the Hero Store San Angelo PDF.
  12. Mark Rand

    Is there a higher quality map of San Angelo?

    I think you're right.
  13. My thought was that while the Allies were fighting Germany and Italy, Japan made advances and took Hawaii and began attacking the west coast.
  14. If the Japanese won World War 2 what changes would've occurred in the United States? Offhand, I can think of three. First, Japanese would be an official language. Second, the Japanese flag would replace Old Glory. Third, many people would practice Shinto and Buddhism. What say you?
  15. Mark Rand

    The Sailor Senshi are in Pittsburgh

    I was, once again, giving thought to placing the Sailor Senshi (or Guardians, or Scouts) in Pittsburgh. They would simply be normal teenage girls who have powers that need to be awakened before they start their heroic career. Sailor Mars would simply be a clergyman's granddaughter.