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  1. Mark Rand

    Is there a higher quality map of San Angelo?

    They are on the area map which is in the Hero Store San Angelo PDF.
  2. Mark Rand

    Is there a higher quality map of San Angelo?

    I think you're right.
  3. My thought was that while the Allies were fighting Germany and Italy, Japan made advances and took Hawaii and began attacking the west coast.
  4. If the Japanese won World War 2 what changes would've occurred in the United States? Offhand, I can think of three. First, Japanese would be an official language. Second, the Japanese flag would replace Old Glory. Third, many people would practice Shinto and Buddhism. What say you?
  5. Mark Rand

    The Sailor Senshi are in Pittsburgh

    I was, once again, giving thought to placing the Sailor Senshi (or Guardians, or Scouts) in Pittsburgh. They would simply be normal teenage girls who have powers that need to be awakened before they start their heroic career. Sailor Mars would simply be a clergyman's granddaughter.
  6. Mark Rand

    The Barnhouse Effect

    Has anyone written up "The Barnhouse Effect" from the short story The Report on the Barnhouse Effect?
  7. Mark Rand

    Is San Angelo suitable for the Sailor Senshi?

    The San Angelo River Delta enters into the Yuba River one mile upstream of where it flows into the Feather River, the major tributary of the Sacramento River. Electric power and natural gas for San Angelo are supplied by Pacific Gas and Electric, which is headquartered in San Francisco. Serena and her family are Conservative Jews. Serena never celebrated her Bat Mitzvah because she flunked out of Hebrew School due to her poor study habits. Her teachers were surprised because that had never happened before.
  8. Mark Rand

    Coastal City

    Coastal Metro Power Company, from the module, is replaced by Southern California Edison, which actually serves the region. Wayne Air Force Base, from the module, is gone. Both Edwards Air Force Base and Vandenberg Air Force Base are close by.
  9. Mark Rand

    Coastal City

    Somehow, I'm making typos today. Should've said "from their mothers or grandmothers", but your idea's cool.
  10. Mark Rand

    Coastal City

    I think the local team's going to be a group of magical girls who have inherited their abilities prom their mothers or grandmothers. One may have a male civilian identity. If so, he'll have an interesting life.
  11. Mark Rand

    Coastal City

    Wasn't your butt kicked the last time you tried something here? As I recall, Prometheus was exposed as a front for a terrorist organization and all its funds and property were seized and all the property sold at government auction.
  12. Mark Rand

    Coastal City

    Probably in the neighborhood of Danbury, the home of Coastal City's so-called "silicon belt". If it sounds familiar, it should. I'm taking a lot of information on Coastal City from Mayfair Games Atlas of the DC Universe article on Coast City.
  13. Mark Rand

    Coastal City

    Definitely going to add hospitals (the main one being the UC Coastal City Medical Center), food kitchens and homeless shelters (mostly run by religious groups), and city-run community centers. However, Prometheus and Atlas will not be there. Of course, some homeless shelters and food kitchens could be run by fronts for VIPER or some other evil organization.
  14. Mark Rand

    Coastal City

    I thought Sunnydale was in Santa Barbara County.
  15. Mark Rand

    Coastal City

    Using the Coast City map as Coastal City's places it in Ventura County, on the Santa Clara River, replacing the cities of Ventura and Oxnard. Wayne Air Force Base is on the edge of the city. Edwards Air Force Base is northeast of it in Kern County.