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  1. The Supreme Serpent and his Council of Thirty could simply be ruthless businessmen, making Viper a realistic multi-national criminal organization. Demon is more of a con than anything else, but something made Luther Black, a power-hungry criminal, Immortal ages ago. If the Hzeel ship never crashed on Earth, Warlord would be just an arms dealer and his War Machine would be various mercenaries who, might, know each other.
  2. Two came through what passes for my mind while I slept. In both, the government of the United States mirrors that of the United Kingdom. In one, the United States is a member of the British Commonwealth. Donald Trump is Prime Minister. His residence is One Observatory Circle. John Kerry is Governor General. His residence is The White House. In the second, the United States is a constitutional monarchy. Donald Trump is Prime Minister. His residence is One Observatory Circle. Queen Caroline I is the Monarch. Her residence is the palace at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
  3. How about The Weird West? The old West is still alive today. Air transportation is by lighter-than-air craft and horses, stagecoaches, and trains provide the main land transportation.
  4. In the 4E book, Defender's writeup lists Wendy as the family's housekeeper. Interestingly enough, the writeup for Wendy in Normals Unbound is completely different, as is the one in Everyman.
  5. I'm considering changing Pittsburgh's name to Allegheny, the name the North Side had before it became part of Pittsburgh. That way, I can make more changes, including expanding the light-rail transit system and turn some regular bridges into drawbridges.
  6. Due to the compactness of the city, Champions Headquarters Pittsburgh is going to be a bit more compact than the 4E Champions Headquarters. The house, which once belonged to a mage, has a slightly different layout. The only change to the first floor is the passenger elevator in the family room. The windows of the third floor can be seen in between the second floor windows. The elevator is at the back of the hall, the library on the third floor is a first aid room and the stairway just outside it is now a linen closet that also holds bathroom supplies. So far, the staff consists of Marie Woods, the housekeeper, and Denise Dumont, the federal liaison, from the 4E book Everyman. (I also have Normals Unbound.) There are more staff members to come.
  7. The base is for a Champions Franchise team in Pittsburgh and probably will be in the Oakland area. The alternative is to use a slightly modified version of Mobius from the 4E book Mystic Masters which I do have. Said house was willed to the Champions by its former owner, Charles Lindmer, a friend of Witchcraft's. It comes complete with a housekeeper, Marie Woods, and her calico cat, Cleo.
  8. I should've specified Champions 4E.
  9. I'm looking for floor plans for Homestead, the headquarters for the Champions. Anyone know where I can find them?
  10. My actual reason for having Godzilla, and giant rocks, wreck havoc with the city the day Dr. Destroyer ruined Detroit was to upgrade the city's infrastructure. Right now, in places, there is a rats nest of interchanges, especially those connected to I-579 (Crosstown Boulevard) and it is hard to get around sometimes without a car. I should know, I don't have one and have to walk, take the bus, or get a ride with a friend everywhere. As far as the trusted hero goes, I think Andrea "Isis" Thomas would do.
  11. If it was there, I'd have chosen Pittsburgh, my home town, after parts of it were rebuilt after Godzilla wrecked it when Detroit was wrecked. Since it isn't, I'll have to go with Charlotte.
  12. The minimum qualification is that she bond with a pegasus that's part of the herd the valkyries have.
  13. As I understand it, this is the level of the characters in the New Mutants comic book at the beginning of their careers. Danielle Moonstar, without her mutant powers, might be the basis, with her STR and DEX boosted from 13 to 20. Her CON is already 25.
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