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  1. Wyrm Ouroboros

    How To Build: Lock-On

    Mmmm. 'Locking on' usually takes time; that time could, I think, be represented by the 'Cover' maneuver. Purchase the OCV with the Cover maneuver (which basically means 'I know I hit because I already rolled the dice') and then the shooter can decide at the end of the phase whether or not the shot actually gets taken. Otherwise the lock-on doesn't happen (i.e. the Cover maneuver doesn't succeed) and no shot is taken, no END or Charge expended.
  2. Wyrm Ouroboros

    WWYCD: Justifiable Homicide?

    ... most of my characters eliminate him, with prejudice. Whether that's Freedom (he's clearly too stupid/irresponsible to use such power wisely, i.e. what Megaplayboy said), or Kiershia (because he's inversely a threat to K's own activities), the guy is toast.
  3. Wyrm Ouroboros

    Initiative Tracker

    Sooo ... what, exactly, are you supposed to put into the 'Mental' and 'Physical' columns on the first page? With no instructions, one must be clear...
  4. Wyrm Ouroboros

    Damage Classes Calculator

    It ... isn't very good. If 1 die is equal to 7.5 AP, 1 DC does not increase it by a die. The rounding in the spreadsheet gets done too often and too early.
  5. Wyrm Ouroboros

    John Wick / Keanu Reeves for 6e

    I don't think so. I don't see his name listed as part of the cast according to http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2911666/fullcredits/ but not all of the names have pics attached either. I'm pretty sure it was another actor who just looks a lot like him. I watched it again, specifically eyeballing the cleanup crew at the house looking for him. It wasn't him, though the resemblance on a quick pass by the camera was strong enough to make you think it might've been him.
  6. Wyrm Ouroboros

    John Wick / Keanu Reeves for 6e

    Mmmm. I can't deny the allure of building a 'look at what this guns-blazing guy can do' character, but ... to be honest, it doesn't strike me as what the character in question was about. John Wick - both the character and the movie - isn't about the fantastico cinematico things you see with most gunbunny movies; he isn't 'Equilibrium' cool, or The Matrix a zillion bullets flying through the air at the same time. The cinematic approach of the movie seems to me to be about doing it as realistically as possible; at one point, Wick even pulls the trigger on an empty chamber. It's about what a guy who has made his life about using guns efficiently and ruthlessly does with those weapons - first in a place he knows intimately (his house), then in a place where he doesn't want a body count (well, not of non-combatants, anyhow, meaning the nightclub), then a place where he knows he's walking into an ambush (the Church), over to a place where he knows there are defenders to take out (the warehouse) and finally in a place where he's out to finish it (the car chase). In each and every situation, Wick does his best to stack the deck in his favor; you can easily imagine him doing a bit of scouting of the church, and plotting out what moves he's going to have to accomplish to take out his targets - as well as why he made sure they were all in a single 120-degree arc, as compared to 180 or worse. From what I see, Wick's primary concern at any given moment is the absolute control of his weapon; that accomplished, he can eliminate his target of the moment. He sure doesn't go full-auto. He and Neo are both going to walk into identical buildings, but Wick is going to be carrying a (relatively reasonable) number of weapons, as compared to a truly staggering loadout like Neo. Wick will burst-fire single targets in order to either destroy cover or to punch through cover or armor; he's also using the heavy weapon (i.e. the assault rifle) as a psychological weapon, because 99% of his targets are not going to be used to a firefight with that sort of sound and punch. Neo turns on the lead hose right away, and doesn't stop until the tiles are falling off the walls. Wick doesn't take a shot that doesn't serve his purpose - he can't afford to. Both characters are going to kill every guy in the building, but Neo's going to destroy the building while he does it, and waste a crapton of weapons and ammo. Wick's going to have a 10% overage, and quite possibly emerge with a different gun than that with which he entered - because if a guy runs out of ammo for the weapon he has, he's gotta make do. Wick the character, in my mind, is less about 'lookit all the gunstuff I can do!!' and more about the absolute drive and ruthlessness to do what needs to be done. I'd make EGO his lead stat, and even go above 20 on that one (23-25 range); this character is all about the Will. This is a guy who will not stop until the task is done. He gets shot, he gets stabbed, he takes a full one-story fall onto his back, and he goes to the doc and is perfectly willing to pop the reds in order to get full mobility, tear out his stitches, and finish the job; he's gonna make that Ego roll. So sure, he needs skills - but not all the autofire skills. Rapid Autofire, Rapid Attack, absolutely - he sure as hell seems to be shifting targets twice as fast as anyone else in there, and yeah, it's because he's that good. The rest of the autofire skills, though, are definitely not necessary ... ... but all the rest of it, yeah.
  7. Wyrm Ouroboros

    John Wick / Keanu Reeves for 6e

    ... does he really need most of the autofire skills? He uses burst-fire, yes, but from what I recall of the film (last I saw was, I dunno, 3-4 months ago?) most of his shots were aimed, even the bursts - focussing so much on the multiple targets in front of him (delayed actions / covering) that he gets blindsided by a frickin' SUV. I'd have to watch it again (and I'm considering it, dammit), but I think most of his shots (trigger-pulls) are no less than a second apart, which could easily give you a 6 SPD and 'just' two PSLs to counter one additional multiple attack. (And of course, he DOES try to use cover.)
  8. Wyrm Ouroboros

    Genre-crossover nightmares

    Re: Genre-crossover nightmares *laughs hysterically* +1 to you, sir - and I'd read it.
  9. Wyrm Ouroboros

    The Non Sequitor Thread

    Re: The Non Sequitor Thread Look, term, sixteen thousand iterations all say you're both boneheaded and wrong. It's computer fact, man, you can't avoid it.
  10. Wyrm Ouroboros

    Bullet Kata

    Re: Bullet Kata Which I, at least, don't have. Nexus, I'd personally go with the missile deflection/reflection with appropriate limitations to the target reflected into; after all, with sixty zillion people shooting at you, it gets harder every time...
  11. Wyrm Ouroboros

    Follower/Summon Question

    Re: Follower/Summon Question I'd add a minor additional disad to that EB -- 'Bear can do nothing (-1/4)' -- considering that it's supposed to be adding power to the EB. Otherwise, yeah, Split seems to have a good version.
  12. Wyrm Ouroboros

    A DC Animated-style HeroMachine

    Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Holligan? You mean Hooligan?
  13. Wyrm Ouroboros

    Storn's Art & Characters thread.

    Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. I think I would've voted for yours instead ...
  14. Wyrm Ouroboros

    Archery shields?

    Re: Archery shields? Mmmm. DCV bonus, OIF (since it's strapped on) ... I suppose. Smart archers use Force Wall, OAF Bulky.
  15. Wyrm Ouroboros

    Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... *laughs* That's perfect.