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  1. Dr. MID-Nite

    Superdraft: Back Benchers Unite!

    But....The Grandmaster? He would never sully his hands by engaging these....heroes...directly. Too true....but he has some....associates who will....Option Pick Number #1: The Squadron Sinister!!(59 issues) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squadron_Sinister
  2. Dr. MID-Nite

    Superdraft: Back Benchers Unite!

    So...we have our assembled team of heroes....more or less. Who would be interested in taking on this (considerable) challenge? A challenge you say? This looks like the perfect scenario for....The Grandmaster!!! (Villain pick-169 issues) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grandmaster_(Marvel_Comics)
  3. Dr. MID-Nite

    Superdraft: Back Benchers Unite!

    So...for my 6th hero...we have most of our bases covered....oh wait...those nasty mental powers. We'll need someone to help with that...how about Moondragon?(596 issues) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moondragon
  4. Dr. MID-Nite

    Avengers Infinity War with spoilers

    if only...
  5. Dr. MID-Nite

    Superdraft: Back Benchers Unite!

    The team is coming along, but....we need someone to handle all that magical/metaphysical junk that comes up. How about.....The Enchantress(the DC one)....(293 issues) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enchantress_(DC_Comics)
  6. Dr. MID-Nite

    Superdraft: Back Benchers Unite!

    So we have our team leader(Katana), team powerhouse(Gladiator), and the team brain(Ironheart). What else does a good team need? Oh yes...that odd character with unusual abilities. My pick for that "role"....and this time playing on the side of the good guys....the rarely seen Spider-man foe...Will O' The Wisp!(68 issues) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Will_o'_the_Wisp_(comics)
  7. Dr. MID-Nite

    Avengers Infinity War with spoilers

    I have to note that his plan in gaining the stones wasn't to "impress" Lady Death. Death brings him back for the mission of killing off half the universe. He sees the stones the easiest way to accomplish this and...in typical Thanos fashion...sees it as a way to bring himself up to Death's level so he can be a worthy mate....as well as boosting his own personal power. In gaining omnipotence, he actually becomes many levels above her..and thus she is no longer worthy to be considered HIS equal. His frustration at obtaining ultimate power, but still not getting what he really wants...causes him to behave more irrationally as time goes on. Mephisto is the one that plants the seeds of "impressing Lady Death". I agree with the look of Thanos. I'd have preferred even the look from Guardians of the Galaxy. Gamorra tries to kill herself, but Thanos uses the reality gem to get rid of her blade....so she's not entirely at fault. Quill though...yeah...totally a tool. On the other hand, humans behave irrationally all the time.
  8. Dr. MID-Nite

    Superdraft: Back Benchers Unite!

    As every good team needs a Techie....I choose....Ironheart!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riri_Williams
  9. Dr. MID-Nite

    Superdraft: Back Benchers Unite!

    Hero #2: Serving as the team's all around powerhouse: GLADIATOR! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gladiator_(Kallark) (806 appearances)
  10. Dr. MID-Nite

    Superdraft: Back Benchers Unite!

    First Hero pic and leader of these.....Back Benchers....Katana! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katana_(comics)
  11. Dr. MID-Nite

    Superdraft: Back Benchers Unite!

    This draft just became much more difficult.
  12. Dr. MID-Nite

    Superdraft: Back Benchers Unite!

    Location: Tokyo, Japan.
  13. Dr. MID-Nite

    Superdraft: Back Benchers Unite!

    Now...can I draft lesser known villains and use them in a heroic role?
  14. Dr. MID-Nite

    Avengers Infinity War with spoilers

    Having just seen it....I did enjoy it, but it's not a perfect 10. As I feared, the lack of backstory for Thanos(which they had all the time in the world to develop) hurt my investment in his character and the events in general. The "snap of the fingers"....which should have been a big moment...just sort of happens as an afterthought as Thanos ports away. It didn't feel like the epic "moment" it should have been(as it was in the comics). The heroes in general all came off fine, but it pains me to think that the henchmen of Thanos were arguably more interesting to see than Thanos himself(especially Ebony Maw). It was ambitious and still overall a fun watch, but it fell just a tad shy of being the "end all be all".
  15. Dr. MID-Nite

    Black Widow

    I didn't like Age of Ultron mainly due to the poor portrayal of the main villain. While Ultron does have human emotions(mostly negative ones), his humor wouldn't be of the quipy type. They also had a major fail in his general personality. Ultron is a classic megalomaniac...so utterly convinced of his superiority that he literally invites attacks during his many encounters with The Avengers in the comics. When Ulton ran from the heroes in the movie...it completely derailed the entire thing for me...forever leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I know part of this characterization was because he wasn't made of Adamantium, but they could have kept his basic personality at least. This issue alone made Age of Ultron a major miss for me.