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  1. New trailer....main adds are the 'intimidation" line and the Rodan/King Ghidorah face off(Rodan is so screwed).
  2. From my FB review.... Movie review: Captain Marvel(2019): This movie got a lot of bad press going into its release. Luckily, the majority of it is unwarranted. This is another in a long string of good comic book super hero storytelling. The film's only real weakness is its awkward attempts to fit the events into the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe...which is rather clumsily done. The "cat" stuff(no spoilers) is also pretty stupid....though admittedly funny. It's paced pretty well for a two hour flick and the casting is terrific. Some fun Easter eggs for the comic fans and a good amount of action/humor for everyone else. There are two after credit sequences(of which only the first is worth the time). Ironically enough, the name "Captain Marvel" isn't used even once in the film. Though the "finding my true self" troupe is a common theme used in films, it works well here. Overall, I enjoyed it.
  3. The Invictus issue was such an obvious error that I just ignore it all together. As for Holocaust and the appropriateness of his name....well...he is a villain. He's a megalomanic and a casual killer. I think the name fits. In my campaign, he is one of the more obvious 'we need to stop this guy" villains.
  4. Honestly, I've never had much of an issue with any of the published villains as I just adjust them to fit my campaign. OCV to high....lower it. Damage too high...reduce it. Easy peasy. Someone brought up certain villains being way overpowered....like Gravitar. Well....many CU villains are homages to published Marvel/DC characters....in this case....Marvel's Graviton. In his first appearance, he suspends a HUGE chunk or real estate in the air while SIMULTANEUOSLY pinning most of the Avengers to a slab of rock(including the Vision...so Affects Desolid), fighting...and getting the better of...Thor, and protecting himself with a nigh impenetrable Gravitic force field. This is after he previously defeated The Avengers...sans Thor...with ridiculous ease. Gravitar fits right into that displayed power level. That said...she's as easily adjustable as any of the other published characters. I adapt them as necessary to make for interesting game sessions. To answer the original question....It depends on the type of scenario I'm running and what kind of story I'm intending to tell. Sometimes they need to be more powerful....other times not so much. Again...adaptability is your friend. The important thing is does this bad guy add to the story you're trying to tell and is everyone having fun. If the answer is yes, you're fine.
  5. I still want to see it. It may disappoint, but I'm happy to see Fassbender as Magneto again.
  6. Robin Captain America Carol Danvers Deadpool Magnus Doctor Doom Doctor Manhattan Green Lantern Sailor Moon Superman Batman Wolverine
  7. Only a couple months left until we see if Western film makers can capture the feel of the kaiju genre....or if we have another dud. The trailer is extremely promising, but then...so was the trailer for G2014. I'm definitely excited to see it though. Can't get enough kaiju in my life....
  8. All-Star Superman Armor Wars (Iron Man) Avengers vs. the Greek Gods arc OR Camelot 3000 Crisis on Infinite Earths Doctor Who: The Forgotten JLA/Avengers limited series Thor - Simonson's  run Squadron Supreme Maxi-Series The Judas Contract The Dark Phoenix Saga Watchmen Astonishing X-Men (Whedon) My picks...
  9. JLA/Avengers limited series Avengers vs. the Greek Gods arc
  10. Toho Godzilla of late is basically said to subsist by absorbing radiation. It has never been shown as having a need to excrete...so the point is likely moot.
  11. And starting to see commercials on regular TV!
  12. All good things and all that. He's given us decades of amazing work. I think that counts for something.
  13. Well...the Shazam movie has Mark Strong in it...who is usually good in just about everything he does.
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