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  1. GhostDancer

    On This Day in History

    On this date in 2002, the first Free Comic Book Day was held. Check it out tomorrow! May the Fourth be with you.
  2. GhostDancer

    Martial Hero

    The same martial arts movie made me think of something weird, a Presence Damage Shield, Fascinating Injury, whereby your attacker is so interested in the blood spray from your mouth or the crunch of your rib or such that s/he may miss a beat. Ha! Perhaps your foe turns their back to you, and shakes their fists in the air to an audience. You're kinda like Moon Knight, wearing opponents down by being their punching bag.
  3. GhostDancer

    Martial Hero

    I seem to recall a note somewhere about how Flying Dodge was designed for Speedsters. Can anyone point me to that reference? After watching another martial arts movie yesterday, where some of the characters would back-flip away from an attack, it seems that could be a Flying Dodge too. As our local George King says, "I bust a flip!"
  4. GhostDancer

    Martial Hero

    Yay! I remember this!
  5. GhostDancer

    Funny pics

    SNOT DOES NOT MELT. You can wait out snow, but for really huge snot drifts, you'll need to rub Mucinex on your tires and wait for the snot-eating birds (gulls, pigeons, some less-discriminating crows) to clean up the mess. - Jason Torchinsky
  6. GhostDancer


    & https://geektyrant.com/news/here-are-45-awesome-mythology-creatures-that-will-scare-your-pants-off?utm_content=buffer9df54&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  7. GhostDancer

    Martial Hero

    Thanks again, megaplayboy. Your post prompted a free library loan of the The Rebel dvd!
  8. GhostDancer

    Martial Hero

    Very nice! My Dark Champions character, The Kraken, is ethnically Vietnamese, and impressed with his scissors kick.
  9. GhostDancer

    And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    To go boldly where no man has gone before.
  10. GhostDancer

    Martial Hero

    Kung Fu Hustle In the film, during the last fight with Beast, Sing uses the Buddhist Palm leaving a massive palm-shaped hole in the building. In the real Buddhist Palm fighting style, however, the fighter delivers powerful punches using his palms. A relatively modern Southern Shaolin style of Kung Fu, Fut Gar Kuen, or the “Buddhist Family Fist,” utilizes mostly punches, palm strikes, low kicks, and evasive footwork to beat the opponent.
  11. GhostDancer


    Encantado; were-dolphins http://cryptidz.wikia.com/wiki/Encantado
  12. GhostDancer


    Yokai http://yokai.com/
  13. GhostDancer

    Funny pics

  14. GhostDancer

    5e rules question on multiple weapons

    Also, in the older 5th Edition book, not the Revised edition, this rule is stated on page 309, as a GM's option.