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  1. GhostDancer

    War on Christmas

    I want to put together a War on Christmas convention game. Scott Bennie graciously consented to let me use Thundrax for Canada Day. Show us your holiday character write-ups, please!
  2. GhostDancer

    On This Day in History

    1952, the Great Smog of London smothered the city for five days, wreaking havoc and killing thousands.
  3. GhostDancer

    On This Day in History

    1941, 1st appearance of Wonder Woman
  4. GhostDancer

    On This Day in History

    So sorry to learn we've lost Pat Lupoff, co-winner with her husband Richard Lupoff of the 1963 Best Fanzine Hugo Award for Xero — which made her the first female recipient of a Hugo. Here she is dressed as Mary Marvel (with Dick as Captain Marvel) at the 1960 Pittsburgh Worldcon. Fifty-one years after that was taken, when the San Diego Comic-Con hosted a celebration of 50 years of comic fandom for those of us who'd been involved in it that long, I took my own photo of them holding the original image of their cosplay. My heart goes out to Richard and all who loved her. - Scott Edelman
  5. GhostDancer

    On This Day in History

    1933, Albert Einstein fled Nazi Germany and moved to the United States.
  6. GhostDancer

    On This Day in History

    October 1943. What happens when he says, “Shazam”? Uncle Marvel first appears in Fawcett’s Wow Comics #18. The story by Otto Binder and Marcus Swayze is titled “Mary Marvel Meets Her Uncle Marvel.” Cover by Jack Binder.
  7. GhostDancer

    On This Day in History

    2007: The Big Bang Theory began. The nerd-centric sitcom focuses on science and pop culture themes, relationships, and situations, including comics shop visits and Comic-Con International: San Diego trips.
  8. GhostDancer

    Martial Hero

    The following refers to one who visits dojos that teach various martial arts or weapon disciplines and challenges the head sensei to a duel to prove their worth.
  9. GhostDancer

    Martial Hero

    Cross post.
  10. GhostDancer

    On This Day in History

    2006, Argentina celebrated its first "Dia de la Historieta" (National Comics Day).
  11. GhostDancer

    On This Day in History

    1982, The United States Air Force Space Command was founded.
  12. GhostDancer

    On This Day in History

    1943, the USS Harmon, the first U.S. Navy ship to be named after a black person, was commissioned.
  13. GhostDancer

    On This Day in History

    Thanks for the corrections!
  14. GhostDancer

    On This Day in History

    Everyone's favorite beagle is 50 today!
  15. GhostDancer

    And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    Our love will never tapir off.