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  1. Burrito Boy

    Ursula K. Le Guin 1929-2018

    Damn. I loved the PBS version of The Lathe of Heaven starring Bruce Davison and read The Left Hand of Darkness just last year. I really need to track down more of her books. She was great.
  2. Burrito Boy

    Quote of the Week From My Life.

    "This is Josh, he lives up on the mountain. He's a mountain man." "It's just a hill. I'm a plain ole hillbilly."
  3. Burrito Boy

    2017-18 NFL Thread

    But I don't wanna accidentally burn my house down.
  4. Burrito Boy

    2017-18 NFL Thread

    No, I haven't burned Spanos in effigy. Even though it's winter, we haven't gotten much snow so it's still too dry to play with fire.
  5. Burrito Boy

    2017-18 NFL Thread

    Another year that I don't get a Chargers vs. Chargers Super Bowl. Why do I even watch football anymore?
  6. Burrito Boy

    5th Edition 250 Points Superheroes Random Generator

    Awesome. Now that all of that is in one place, I need to get off my lazy butt and copy it so I'll have it if I ever get back to my books.
  7. Burrito Boy

    2017-18 NFL Thread

    I care about that too. The Vikings were my dad's team so I always root for them. But I also care that the Chargers won. Against the Raiders. No matter where they move the Chargers, a win against the Raiders is soothing to my soul.
  8. Burrito Boy

    Quote of the Week From My Life.

    "I don't know if there's another storm coming or what." "Why, you achin'?" "Yeah, bellyachin'."
  9. Burrito Boy

    Genre-crossover nightmares

    I recently saw this in the comments on a YouTube video and thought it was hilarious: Mild Max: Light Traffic Road It's not a genre-crossover in itself but it would be if Mild Max was played by Mr. Rogers.
  10. Burrito Boy

    Funny pics

    Must have!!! Note: I still hate AC/DC. Yeah, I said it. And science. Damn, do I hate science. But I loooooove Tesla.
  11. Burrito Boy

    Funny pics

  12. Burrito Boy

    2017-18 NFL Thread

    Too soon, man. Too soon.
  13. Burrito Boy

    Stranger Things

    Even though I don't like the show, I would play the heck out of that game. Edit: I thought this was something you needed an actual game system to play. Now that I know it's available in the Google Play Store, I can change "I would play the heck out of it" to "I will play the heck out of it".
  14. Burrito Boy

    2017 Word Association Game

    Bomb shelter
  15. Burrito Boy

    Destroy Your Geek Cred!!

    I've been doing that for a while now. I can hardly watch a movie without wondering how much the sets cost to build and how they were built, who made the props, how many people it took to film the scene, and so on. In my case, I blame the special features on DVDS. Back in the days of VHS I didn't care about those things.