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Found 8 results

  1. Sorloc

    Trying to build a healer...

    Trying to build a healer in fantasy hero 5th... I'm looking for a way to do vampiric style healing; when I heal you, I take damage, but I can damage others and heal myself...
  2. Christopher R Taylor

    The Jolrhos Field Guide

    Work is ongoing with this project, and I plan on posting some things here to help give a glimpse into what the project is. Essentially, the Field Guide is a book of the other stuff in the world besides monsters and treasures and player characters. It is about the animals, plants, minerals and such that player characters can interact with to their advantage or detriment. This includes poisons, trades such as blacksmithing and leatherworking, herbs of fantastic enchanted quality, and much more. For example, in the world of Jolrhos you will find this: Pepper Moss This dappled green and white hanging moss is uncommon on trees. It dangles like Spanish moss, especially in areas away from water sources. Dust-like material grows on the moss containing spores, and a strong wind or being physically jostled can cause the dust to cascade around the moss. Most creatures are not particularly bothered by Pepper Moss, but humans, ratmen, wolfen, and zhai (not elves or dwarves) react to the dust as if it is very finely concentrated pepper. The moss causes stinging in the eyes and strong repeated sneezing. This acts as a flash attack of d6 worth of d6 (1-6d6) in the target for each plant’s worth of dust. Further, at the beginning of each phase while blinded, before moving, the target must make a Constitution Roll at -1 for each additional segment of blindness they are suffering from (so if a character has 3 segments of blindness, they must make CON roll at -3). Failing this CON roll means they are stunned and must recover as normal that phase, taking no other action. These effects are only on creatures that are affected by the pepper effect. Others only cough slightly in annoyance. All normal animals and most monsters are affected, but nothing such as dragons, demons, or undead is bothered by Pepper Moss. Naturally any creature that does not breathe is unaffected as well. Pepper Moss is found in forests, swamps, and jungles, in temperate to tropical regions.
  3. robertnownes

    LFG online

    Hi I am looking for a Fantasy hero game online to play, but im open to playing in any hero game, from champions to whatever. Would love to join an existing game, or get in on a new group, would be willing to share Gming duties to help create a long lasting hero System experience with a group of hero fans.!
  4. Logan.1179

    Fear the HFFL!

    Okay, let's get this thing kicked off! I've created a league and I need to know who's in and who's out. I've only rigged it a little bit to let me win. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME HFFL??
  5. Greetings Herophiles, I've wanted to do an homage to the Dark Sun world for some time now. I've also been hearing more about Zachariah Sitchen's Annunaki mythos. In short, Sitchen posits that ancient alien gods came to Earth, created modern humans via genetic manipulation as a slave race and then hopped on their wandering planet (Niberu) for a quick jaunt across the galaxy. I took that idea and ran with it. So first draft of back cover blurb: In Ulum's pre-history, the Annuki came down from the skies and mingled their blood with the people of Uhlrum. They created Man to mine the precious ores from the planet and then left, leaving the world fresh for the conquest of self-proclaimed God-Kings . Just a few short generations later, the Sun began to heat up, destroying all but the most hardy vegetation and inexorably driving civilization northward and southward to cooler climates. Then the great serpent, Khuladine was cast from the sky and his coming brought ruin upon what was left of the world. Civilization retreated to a few strongholds, the city-states of the God-Kings. Magic, long an unintended gift of the Annuki, became corrupted. The more a population used it, the more likely that Khuladine would be roused to move against it. Wherever he goes, ruin and tragedy follow. The Ashghuls rise from the dreaded ash seas to serve as his dread army and drag the souls that they slay back to the ever-burning embers. But magic is the key to power. The God-Kings have learned to use the perverted magic in ceremonies that have made them immortal. Most of them have ruled for thousands of years, distant in their towering temples and deaf to the plight of the common folk. Ash Storms blow in periodically, raining fire down upon the city-states, but hope rides behind the ashes. When the ash storms come, rain follows. It is from these waters that civilization continues to toil on. Merchants travel from city-state to city-state, the blood of mercenaries stain the sands, treasure hunters seek the ruins of fallen city-states and remnants of ancient cities, and the wizards huddle in secret places, perfecting their arts away from the fear of the ignorant masses. It is a world where the bold and clever can make a mighty legacy for themselves. As you may guess from the above, I am starting to construct a mini-campaign setting for Fantasy Hero as I've kind of outlined in the 2017 Gaming Projects thread. My first step was to create a map. I always like to have a map handy. It allows me to visualize the world as I go through the creation process. A map that fits the theme of the world is just invaluable. This map was actually a treat to make. After some initial disappointments, I was finally able to get Wilbur (a terrain generation program) to give me something interesting to work with. Once that happened the rest just started falling into place. The texture on the map, concepts for the world, and even the coins used to represent each city-state. I want to share the creation process as I develop things and this map is the first concrete thing I've done in the process. It will be good for viewing on a computer monitor, but will not print well. When I get everything completed, I will have a fully printable product. As always, I welcome constructive comments. I have a pretty good idea of the high concept and some of the (super)natural mechanisms of the world but that doesn't mean that I would not like to see your opinions. Thanks, James
  6. So I'm probably going to run another fantasy campaign in the near future. Frankly I find all the hand-waving that does things like giving characters the ability to use magic by buying a Skill or three, plus reducing the cost of spells like some kind of equipment thing, really arbitrary and terrible. You might as well not use the Hero System at all at that point. So rather than giving those who are able to use magic some kind of big, arbitrary Character Point subsidies, I'm thinking of doing the opposite: make characters buy the ability to use weapons, armor, and shields. This means I am also fundamentally changing how weapons work. Honestly I think it's more in line with the philosophy of the system. Rather than somehow embodying the actual Attack Powers, weapons simply become a necessary focus (and special effects) for using them (and limit the amount of your Attack Power you can use), although there's a little tweaking in that they can add some e.g. Advantages and instead of buying the base Attack Power with some kind of Variable Advantage, I essentially just apply the weapon Advantage to the Attack Power in reverse (e.g. change the number of points per DC). So I guess you could say some weapons include Naked Advantages of a sort. This could also apply to non-fantasy genres; it's just not what I'm really focused on at the moment. To make this somewhat simpler for my players (who are not very familiar with Hero and don't want to "do a lot of math" and all that) I am also introducing Damage Points, which are basically the Base Points you would spend on the Attack Power or on Str (5 Damage Points per DC for an unadvantaged attack). It just makes it easier (IMO) to say 5 DPs normally equate to 1 DC, but more can be required based on the type of weapon. Anyway, the attachments (rules document and tables) are what all of this looks like so far. Feedback welcome. You all have permission to use, modify, and redistribute the contents according to CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 * Rules: fantasyRulesForSemiHeroicCombatAbilityPurchase_v1.0_1.pdf * Tables: fantasyRulesForSemiHeroicCombatAbilityPurchase_v1.0_2.pdf
  7. Christougher


    Version Work in Progress


    My custom Fantasy Hero weapons list. It's a work in progress, and relies on a few house rules and/or custom definitions, not all of them obvious, but the math is in the hidden columns. Private message any questions, and post reviews.
  8. bluesguy

    Kingdom Project Template

    Version 1.0


    This spreadsheet (Excel) provides a GM a way to manage the creation of kingdoms and areas in their campaign world. It is a simple tool to help organize and manage the GMs thoughts while building a campaign world.