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Found 4 results

  1. Enforcer84

    What's in your hoard?

    A little game. Player describes the treasure hoard of the creature/being/vault given above. It can be as general or as precise as you'd like. For example: Creature: The Nymph of Crystal Falls Hoard: Driven by her fey-born narcissism, Allura the Nymph has gathered a modest hoard of gifts brought to her by prospective suitors, as well as the remains of a few would-be ravagers - she's not without defense. She keeps her treasures in her abode, a cottage she crafted using her magic. She's surprisingly tidy for a creature of chaos and keeps her sparkly coins in small, nature magic-crafted chests - those alone being worth half the value of the coins they hold. She has a surprising number of silver mirrors, flowers from all over the world growing in pots of specially treated soil, statuettes of magnificent creatures in various stone or metal medium, and a wardrobe of gorgeous gowns and dresses. Finally, the north wall or her humble abode is a show-room of (mostly normal or masterwork) weapons, polished and cleaned, mounted next to the head of the being who tried to use it on her. Next Creature: Havnorraz, the Demon Dog of Greenwood.
  2. Here's the idea: You will be given a letter of the alphabet. You must choose three heroes whose names begin with that letter, and describe the mission these three heroes will fulfill. Then, choose another letter. Example: B Heroes: Bond (James), Beowulf, Bouncing Boy Mission: The three heroes must join forces to stop a time-traveling madman from destroying the universe. Heroes may be from any genre. First, last, and code names are all acceptable. Clear enough? Let's start with the letter S.
  3. Here the place to expose your deepest secret: your Superhero Identity! (You may, of course, have more than one of them, which can be handy to throw off suspicions.) I am ... North-End-Of-Southbound-Horse Man!!
  4. The idea is simple: Given a set of first names, identify the group. Then give a new set of names. Example: Richard, John, George, Paul Answer: The Beatles 'Group' in this context is not necessarily the same as 'Band', although it could be. Let's start with an easy, non-band example: Alan, Mike, David, Loretta, Harry, William, Gary, Jamie