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Found 6 results

  1. I’ve been admiring Hero System from a distance for some time now. Over the course of a few years, I’ve started and stopped reading the rulebooks, occasionally intending on “Buckling down to RTFM cover-to-cover this time, then I’ll know it!.” Each time I stopped because I couldn’t maintain interest, gleaning only the most elementary understanding of the rules of the game. I recently tried kickstarting a game with my friends by reading both a 2 and 3 page version of the rules and then just finding premade characters on the internet to do a mock-combat with. The idea was this: after being forced to look up things we were seeing on the character sheets enough times, we’d have a high enough resolution gestalt of the game to start digging around and making our own characters (and playing quickly and smoothly). We were using these premade character sheets: http://surbrook.devermore.net/adaptationsvideogame/hl2/combine_overwatch.html http://surbrook.devermore.net/adaptationsvideogame/hl2/antlion_soldier.html http://surbrook.devermore.net/adaptationsvideogame/hl2/weapons.html We acknowledge the possibility that these character sheets are the overwrought brainchildren of a theory-wanking grognard, and might feature extravagantly avant garde applications of the rules that are satisfying only to the “clever” guy who thought of them. It’s a scenario we hadn’t much opportunity to avoid, so we opted to treat them as fine examples of character sheets. Nonetheless, there are certain concepts that are used on these character sheets that we can’t find anything about by CTRL-Fing through each of the core rulebooks. The shotgun’s damage is “reduced by range”, which is a string that we just literally couldn’t find in the rulebooks, and the pulse rifle utilizes “autofire” which we couldn’t find a core definition for (everything we found was an explanation of how “autofire” works for specific Powers and how it affects the strength requirements of melee weapons, it wasn’t listed at all underneath “Firearms”). Most of the terms we searched could be found in either books' glossary, but those definitions were often too abbreviated and none of them directed us to a page that would give us the full scoop. In addition to this, when we tried to use our best judgement about how these rules should be applied, we couldn't find a way to produce a result that seemed sensible. What I mean is, we couldn't figure out how these Antlions were supposed to penetrate the seemingly very strong body armor of the Combine Overwatch. This is just an example of the problems we have been facing. So what we want to know is: What are we doing wrong? Is this whole “trial by fire” technique just a bad technique? Is there a video or series of videos that we could watch that would connect the dots for us? Should we actually just read the books cover to cover before attempting to play? We can’t seem to find many straight answers to the questions we have just by digging through the rulebook, and so we’re kind of stuck.
  2. Is there any sort of Adder or Advantage that one can add to a power to cause an knockdown / knock prone in combat? The player's request is that it could force a DEX check to stay standing, or work automatically. But is there some power add-on (or maybe a Power, like Change Environment?) that can cause that kind of pressure and difficulty to stay standing?
  3. Hi, I'm unclear about the rules for Psychokinesis. The way I'm understanding it, Psychokinesis (or Telekinesis + BOECV) is basically Telekinesis but with: 1. Uses ECV to target 2. Works on Light of Sight 3. Limited Indirect 4. Is Visible and sensed by Mental Awareness Does the other limitations of BOECV also apply? AKA: 1. Does no BODY 2. Cannot affect objects with no EGO such as inanimate objects and robots Does this mean that a character with basic Psychokinesis can't do the classic spoon bending trick? Would a character with Psychokinesis be able to lift rubble that's collapsed on someone or unbend metal bars that are holding someone captive?
  4. Hello, How would you be able to block, deflect, or reflect area of effect attacks? Are AoE's unable to be stopped by those maneuvers/powers? Let me know as this came up in my last game.
  5. OK this discussion has happened a few times on this site and to my great regret I do not recall the first person who brought up the idea, but I credit them completely, if anonymously. The idea is to take killing attack out of the realm of using a different die roll and turning it into a specialized normal attack. So, instead of rolling d6+1 for a 4 damage class killing attack, you roll 4d6. The stun and body are applied as normal to defenses, but the dice used are the same. So you roll it as if its a normal attack, but if they have no resistant defenses the body goes through completely, but the stun is defended as normal (taking at least one stun per body that you suffer). The reasoning behind this has several advantages: 1) It simplifies Hero combat by using only one basic damage resolution technique 2) It eliminates the often baffling "Damage class" notation 3) It gives killing attacks a better curve and more dice to roll which is always more satisfying. Rolling 2d6 for an attack just gives you lousy randomization and feels weak. 4) It removes the stun multiplier/stun lotto entirely Now that's all to its advantage and I think its a lot. So much so that I am planning on implementing it for my Players/DM books for Jolrhos Fantasy Hero. However, that said, there are a couple of little things that need to be cleared up and I'm hoping to lean on better minds here than my own to work this out. I've crunched and run long lists of stats (you can find some of the results elsewhere on this board, somewhere) and they work pretty well. The main problems as I see them (other than rewriting monsters, weapons, and spells) are these: A: Technically, a killing attack has an edge on normal attacks. Because the killing requires resistant defenses to block killing body damage, that makes it better than the basic normal attack. This woudn't be a problem except the cost for a damage class of KA is the same as a damage class of Normal damage right now. That would seem to make them just port right across: 10 damage classes is 10 damage classes, that 3d6+1 attack now is 10d6 killing. But that makes 10 d6 of killing have a quasi AVAD effect on the body, which is more powerful for the same cost and dice as normal. How do we fix this without monkeying with cost and dice, complicating matters again? B: Knockback is typically lower on a killing attack than a normal attack (you roll 3d6 and subtract that from the body instead of 2). But with this system the body damage isn't any higher or more pronounced, so should that be adjusted? There's nothing innate about a killing attack that should lower its knockback, logically -- that would depend heavily on the special effect. C: Increased Stun Multiple is a bit of a puzzler, should it be dropped as a mechanic entirely? Personally I like it as a system for differentiating types of attacks: this one just hurts more. Maybe this could be worked into the way the cost is balanced (maybe killing attacks do less stun than normal attacks, making up for their body AVAD, and you buy this to make it normal?) D: Hit Location Tables need adjusting, and perhaps multipliers aren't the way to go any longer for body and stun adjustments by location? E: Adding strength to killing attacks, should that be default or require an advantage? If the damage is the same as normal, then being able to stack strength on top seems like a bit of a bonus, but then you can do that with normal attacks too. Anyway if possible I'd love to see this puzzled out here with the Hero brains we have available. If we can make this work I think it would be a big breakthrough in Hero Gaming.
  6. Version


    One of the great perks of being a Hero System gamer and member of this forum community, is that we're able to ask rules questions of the guy who wrote the rules, Steven S. Long, and get a prompt reply. In the past Hero Games has compiled these very exhaustive rules questions into a FAQ, viewable on the website as a webpage, and later as a downloadable PDF. Several years ago Hero Games management redesigned the website, and according to Jason Walters, decided at that time not to include the FAQ. But since I still frequently see Hero fans asking rules questions on these forums, there's obviously still a demand for info like this. So I decided to upload my own copies of the rules FAQ. Jason has approved of this. Here you'll find three separate PDFs, each with rules questions relevant to one edition of the Hero System: the original Fifth Edition (updated until 2004); Fifth Edition, Revised (updated 2005); and also a more abbreviated FAQ for Sixth Edition (as of 2010). I hope you find these helpful.
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