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Found 1 result

  1. BoloOfEarth

    Red Alert!

    Hi, all! I'm creating a Russian superteam -- basically, Putin's superpowered enforcement arm, which has a boring official name like Bureau 86 but is colloquially known as Red Alert -- and I'd like a little input. Membership thus far is: Major Vasilov -- the son of the late Colonel Vasilov (from Champions 4E Classic Organizations' Red Doom), who is a literal super-spy thanks to cybernetics and super-solider serum Darkforce -- a darkness-controlling mutant with a sadistic streak, able to see/listen through shadows, teleport through them, and even summon a creature of darkness to do his bidding Mother Russia -- what if the baby sent from a doomed planet was a girl instead of a boy, and landed in Russia instead of Kansas? Trickshot -- an archer, because one third of all superteams have archers, and the other two thirds suck. Wight -- barely alive former cosmonaut, horribly burned during atmospheric re-entry and able to drain / steal bio-energy; he's also the frequent nemesis of Maker, one of the PCs in my Champions campaign, since both got their powers in the same orbital accident. 1) I'm still looking for a few more members for Red Alert. I don't want this to be formerly-Soviet Stereotype Superteam, so please don't suggest "Comrade Collective" or the like. 2) Writing up Mother Russia, I need something to be her version of kryptonite. Figuring that most of the rocks carried in the wake of her escape pod would have landed in the then-Soviet Union when her ship entered the atmosphere, I figure an element in meteorites discovered by Soviet scientists in the 1980s might have been given a USSR-centric name. But what? Sovonite? Stalinite? Mosconium? Or am I breaking the rule in #1 above by doing this?