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Found 16 results

  1. Note: I use "simplified" perhaps incorrectly here.... This was brought up in / by the "Balanced Starships" thread. For my Star HERO campaign, I was trying to make somewhat simplified rules for doing ship-to-ship combat with minimal use of minis or maps, since weapon and engagement ranges in my setting can range from a few hundred meters out to several light-seconds (or, more, using guided missiles or munitions - if you don't mind waiting a few days for results :D) I had the idea to adapt the very simplified Air-to-air chase / follow rules, from the 6E APG page 190-ish, but replacing "chase" with "advantage." Basically, all pilots / helmsmen make Combat Piloting rolls as Skill vs. Skill contests. Faster ships (whether by acceleration or current actual velocity) have a bonus to this roll, I hadn't exactly finalized this but was thinking +1 per 10m of difference in base flight speed. Winners of the roll have "advantage" over the opposing craft, and get to fire first on their next phase regardless of comparative SPD or DEX values - like the block / counterstrike mechanics. Advantage also means you can increase / decrease range between the craft by the difference in their velocity. But even this simplified setup gets REALLY complicated and time-consuming at realistic velocities and ranges. Assuming you start just outside of weapons range, 1.2m KM or so, 10m difference in flight speed means you are increasing / decreasing range by a few thousand meters per action phase. Dozens of per-phase rolls to whittle down that range. ----- Example: Rogue Trader (SPD 2, DEX 8, Flight 20m x512) is trying to escape from two Federation Interdictors (SPD 2, DEX 12, Flight 30m x256) The interdictors get +1 to their Combat Piloting roll due to higher base flight speed (higher base meters of flight = higher acceleration), up until the Trader reaches a velocity the interdictors cannot (it has a higher cumulative flight total.) If the trader were moving at more than 30x256m velocity, it would get the bonus, instead. (+1 per doubling of velocity?) At the start of combat, it is assumed / determined that both ships are on similar vectors (both "in orbit") and similar velocities (10m x 128), but outside of weapons range. 1.2m KM. Trader rolls 10 on 16-, interdictors roll 8 and 11 on 15-. One interdictor has "advantage" on the trader, and chooses to do a non-combat burn to catch up, reducing range by 60x128m. The other loses the contest, and the Trader opts to increase range to that interdictor. ----- Eventually, ships get in weapons range. At this point, you start actually doing combat maneuvers, and I set up the following: Broadside: -0 to CP Roll. +2 OCV, 1/2 DCV. This maneuver sets your ship up for a broadside attack, but makes your own craft a large target. Can fire all weapons on one side ship facing, unless multiple targets exist on multiple facings. Evasive Maneuvers ("Dodge") (Abort, vs. all attacks): -2 to CP Roll. -1 OCV, +3 DCV. Interpose: (Block, Abort) -2 to CP Roll. +0 OCV, +0 DCV. Only to block fire aimed at other ships. This maneuver places your ship into the path of an attack aimed at another ship; you take the damage rather than the target ship. Minimum Aspect Ratio (Abort): -2 to CP Roll. +0 OCV, +5 DCV (vs. one attacker.) A maneuver designed to make your craft as small a target as possible. If not aborted to, can be used in conjunction with forward-firing weapon attacks. Overrun: -2 to CP Roll, +2 to next CP Roll; Full Phase Action. +2 OCV, -1 DCV. Increase / Decrease distance on a single target by current velocity difference. Can fire forward weapons during maneuver if chasing; rear-firing if being chased. Strafe Run: -0 to CP Roll; Full Phase Action. +1 OCV, +2 DCV. Unless multiple targets exist on multiple vectors, ship can only fire weapons from forward facing and one side-facing of ship; so long as initially facing target ship and making a turn during the maneuver, or turning to face a target ship. Stabilize and Fire for Effect: -0 to CP Roll, Full Phase Action; +2 OCV, 1/2 DCV. +2 to offset range penalty. This is "Set + Brace" for spacecraft, basically. Can only fire weapons from one ship facing, unless multiple targets available on multiple vectors. Underrun: -2 to CP Roll, +2 to next CP Roll; Full Phase Action. -1 OCV, +2 DCV. Decrease / increase distance between your craft and target craft by target craft's current velocity. Can fire forward weapons during maneuver if chasing; rear-firing if being chased. The bonus / penalty to the CP roll applies to the roll made to make the maneuver, and this roll is a skill vs. skill roll (success = you complete the maneuver and gain the CV and other benefits, but can still lose the contest.) Just looking for input and/or dire warnings on this. The one scene I did on RPOL worked well enough, but I didn't really get much player feedback, and it was a very small encounter (them running from a larger fleet) and thus limited testing.
  2. dlapine

    Norfressa For Wizards

    Norfressa For Wizards View File 4 page Template for Fantasy Hero 5th edition. Based on the default template. Designed for two-sided printing. Prints the real costs for items in a VPP, so that spell casters can immediately see what real points each slot is using. Includes point totals for each section in the header and Total Equipment costs in SP Includes a PSL section in the combat summary Pg1 Characteristics/combat tables Pg2 Skills/Powers Pg3 Martial Arts/Perks/Talents Pg4 Disads/Equipment NOTE: use the first 2 lines of skills for PSL or leave them blank! The template will print the first two skills as PSL's Submitter dlapine Submitted 06/04/2018 Category Export Formats Output Format HTML (Browser) Rules Version HERO System 5th Edition  
  3. Cantriped

    Star Hero Complete?

    I'm working on a premise for a Star Hero campaign, and is crossed my mind that Star Hero Complete would make a nice addition to the Complete​ product line. The idea has bounced around in my head for a few days now, so I thought I'd leave it here to get some feedback. If such a product were in the works, what unique elements would you like it to contain that would differentiate it from Champions and Fantasy Hero Complete? For example, ​Fantasy Hero Complete​ differentiated itself by including Ranged Martial Arts, and Talents drawn from Fantasy Hero ​(such as Turn Undead), but excluding modern skills (such as Bugging and Computer Programming). It had a more extensive collection of templates, example characters and a nice starter bestiary. It also included a larger list of primitive weapons and armor, but excluded modern ones. To answer my own question. I think Star Hero Complete should include Ranged Martial Arts (like FHC did), while retaining the modern skills. It should have some iconic alien templates, and perhaps a few alien monsters to encounter. Obviously the example Automaton should be a Robot instead of a Zombie, the Example Base should be a Space-Station, and the example weapons and armor should generally be futuristic (laser and gauss rifles, thermal detonators, light powered armor, etc). Most of all I would like for it to have more extensive vehicle rules (including the rules for G-Forces from Star Hero, and plenty of example Vehicle stat-blocks (battle-mecha, space fighters, transport ships, battle-ships, carriers, etc.).
  4. AlHazred

    Vehicular Combat

    Version 1


    On the Star Hero boards, crayadder asked about vehicular combat, and I took the opportunity to create a vehicle-based martial art -- it's as if the pilot/driver is the martial artist, and the vehicle is the weapon. It's not appropriate for all genres and all playstyles, but for certain vehicle-heavy games it might do the trick. For a pdf of the martial art in standard Hero format, click this Dropbox link.
  5. Version 2


    In the grimdark future of the Warhammer 40K universe space marines wear incredibly advanced power armour (the developers are British, so I have retained their proper spelling). The heaviest suits of power armor are the Tactical Dreadnought suits, essentially mounting vehicle weaponry on a man-portable platform. They also bear the Crux Terminatus, a powerful relic and award which wards the wearer from harm. The Deathwatch rulebook contains additional options which have been converted as well. This package contains the prefab, and an armor card.
  6. Version 3


    In the grimdark future of the Warhammer 40K universe space marines wear incredibly advanced power armour (the developers are British, so I have retained their proper spelling). These are precious, specially-fitted devices that are practically an extension of the marine himself -- the Black Carapace organ, when implanted, provides a neural link with the "machine spirit" of the armour, making it an extension of the wearer. The Deathwatch rulebook contains additional options which have been converted as well. This package contains the prefab, and an armor card.
  7. Version 2


    In the grimdark future of the Warhammer 40K universe space marines are subjected to an intense series of modifications to make them into the premiere "human" warriors. These modifications include the implantation of genetically-engineered organs to give them superhuman abilities. This package includes a prefab file and a version in standard "package deal" format.
  8. Version 2


    The ultimate expression of personal defense in the Third Imperium setting of the Traveller Hero game is battle dress -- powered armor suits. This file describes several suits at different Tech Levels, and for varying functions, from the rudimentary (but still more advanced than the modern day) TL10 Battlesuit to the TL15 Imperial Marine Assault Battle Dress. In addition, there are a suite of options for all of the suits. I also included individual suit cards so that you can track the power left for each suit. The suit cards are 5.5" x 8.5" to print two-to-a-page on US letter paper.
  9. Version HDv6


    This is a Prefab of Cybernetic Implants we used for a 6e Star Hero game. I think every implant or enhancement is based on one found in Kazei 5, some may include modified Limitations or Advantages. It includes Cyberears, Cybereyes, Bodyware, Cyberweapons (melee and ranged), Auto-injectors, Filtration Systems, as well as items like a Vehicle Control Link and Encrypted Transmitter.
  10. Version 1


    Some time ago, I was looking through the list of Dark Champions professional package deals, and realized one very interesting option was missing -- Astronauts. I did research on astronaut training and found quite a lot of detail online. Putting it together, I worked up the package deal and this is the result.
  11. Spence

    SH - Traveller - Battle Dress

    Version v1


    SH - Traveller - Battle Dress HERO System Sixth Edition Genre: Star Hero My version of Battle Dress (Power Armor) for Traveller Hero. See the thread here: http://www.herogames.com/forums/showthread.php/90041-Traveller-Hero-Battle-Dress-(Power-Armor) Downloads: 62
  12. Spence

    SH - Scifi Medical Drugs

    Version v1


    SH - Scifi Medical Drugs HERO System Sixth Edition Genre: Star Hero This package was detailed out by my lovely wife Cherylyn who is the C.M.O aboard the ship. She wrote down the main drugs in her supply and I added the rules to them. I wish you to enjoy as we have more to upload for Sci-Fi packages. Downloads: 80
  13. Spence

    SH - Sci-Fi Power Armor

    Version v1


    SH - Sci-Fi Power Armor HERO System Sixth Edition Genre: Star Hero A set of 3 types of Sci-Fi power armor. Includes standard combat armor, heavy combat armor, and stealth armor. Downloads: 354
  14. Spence

    SH - Phasors

    Version v1


    SH - Phasors HERO System Sixth Edition Genre: Star Hero A phasor pistol and a phasor rifle, with stun and kill modes. The rifle has a 3-round burst, in addition. Downloads: 197
  15. Spence

    SH - Leadership

    Version v1


    SH - Leadership HERO System Sixth Edition Genre: Star Hero A "Leadership" multipower that grants various advantages to friendlies. Downloads: 229
  16. Spence

    SH - Cataian Thief belt

    Version v1


    SH - Cataian Thief belt HERO System Sixth Edition Genre: Star Hero This Item was designed because my players caught on board their ship a cat burglar ( catatian , quite literally) and i needed to design what was in her Thieves belt. I hope you enjoy this Thief utility belt for the future Downloads: 22