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Found 1 result

  1. TheQuestionMan

    MSH - Blindside

    Background/History: Ronan O'Connor was born June, 21, 1992 in Campaign City to Liam O'Connor, a personal trainer and martial arts instructor and Sarah (nee O'Hara) O'Connor is a nutritionist and physiotherapist. The youngest of three siblings, his twin sisters Tara and Rachel doted on their little brother. They were surrounded by a large extended family. In an old Irish neighbourhood. They were raised Roman Catholic and educated in Jesuit Schools. Ronan excelled in athletics and with his sisters help in academics as well. There were so many O'Connors in their school they formed their own clique. Three months before Ronan would turn 13 they were at a local shopping mall when giant robots attacked a group of teens. In the chaos one of the giant robots focused on him and his sisters. "Halt Mutants!" Raising its arm it began to glow. Under the stress their Mutant Powers Manifested. The twins powers granted them peak human physiology, lightning speed, and durability. Ronan's powers granted him superhuman physiology, lightning speed, and durability. In the ensuing battle Ronan and the Twins focused on evacuating the innocents and the injured from the mall. Meanwhile the mutant teens battled and defeated the giant robots. A black Jet arrived, hovering over wreckage of the shopping mall, and X-Men descended to collect their wayward charges. A holographic image of a disembodied head appeared in front of them. Hearing voice in his mind he introduces himself. "Greetings O'Connors, my name is Charles Xavier and the teens you fought beside are my students. The giant robots are called Sentinels and they hunt Mutants." Basically he convinces them to return with the X-Men and New Mutants to the Xavier Academy for Gifted Students. A bald man in a powered wheelchair introduced himself as Professor Charles Xavier greeted them A huge blue furred man introduced as Dr. Henry McCoy gave them a quick and painless medical examination. While a beautiful red headed woman introduced as Ms. Jean Grey explained about Mutants, their Powers, and took them on a tour of the campus with the mutant teens from the shopping mall. They were finally reunited with their parents and after a long talk with Professor X their parents agreed to allow the children to decide. The O'Connor children agreed stay at the School for Gifted Students. One of the surprises from Dr. McCoy's examinations was the similarities of the O'Connor children's Powers. In addition to their physical powers, lightning speed, and durability. Tara possessed Empathy Powers and Rachel possessed Healing Powers. Ronan only possessed their physical powers, but at superhuman levels. In addition to a superior education they learned how to control and use their powers. Tara and Rachel graduated with honors and went on to study medicine. Ronan chose a different path. Taking the code name Blindside he joined the Young X-Men and then the X-Men. After graduation he took a year off to travel across the country. At the end of the year he chose to join S.H.I.E.L.D.. He attended the S.H.I.E.L..D. Operations Academy and graduated to become a Superhuman Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.. After 5 years Ronan quit S.H.I.E.L.D. and became an Independent Superhuman Agent and Superhero. Personality/Motivation: Powers/Tactics: Blindside possesses an incredible superhuman physiology, lightning speed, and durability. He is an Expert Martial Artist (A), Weapons Master, and Acrobat. He was an remarkable X-Man and incredible SHIELD Agent. Quotes: "Bad day to be a Bad Guy" ... "You've just been Blindsided!" Appearance: A tall red head with bright green eyes and a dancer/martial artists physique. His fair skin and freckled complexion and features strongly hint at an Irish ancestry. He is always well dressed to blend in, but has taken to wearing black combat boots with everything. He speaks with an Irish brogue, learned from grandparents most of the time, but never in costume.