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Found 2 results

  1. Seeing that there are questions on the mechanical application of Inherent in the Steve Long only threads, I thought I'd ask in general... how do you all interpret what "inherent" actually means in your games? To me, the existence of "Inherent" vs. "non-inherent" in the game applies a core assumption that powers and such are "separate" from the character somehow, thus can be affected separately from affecting the character. The classic trope of "I've had my powers drained! I'm just a normal human now!"... and Inherent was there for times when that just didn't make sense. e.g. I am Flying Guy! I can fly because I have the power of flight! And if my power is drained, I no longer can fly! vs. I am Angel. I can fly because I have wings, and if you drain my flight... wait... what? Do my wings temporarily disappear? Do I flap them but they just don't work? How does that drain work anyway? Like, Inherent vs. non-Inherent is really a way to define the SFX of a character, in a mechanical way. Essence Woman!, who is normal but imbued with magical essence, and that gives her strength and flying, but if you strip the essence, she is normal. Ok, that has an internal logic. But what about mutants... born with powers... how are Cyclops eye-beams something that can be drained, even though they are a natural part of him? Do you have to buy Inherent for all mutant powers? Now this ignores the "inherent equals always on" concept, which I don't believe was part of it, originally... was it? I've always though inherent was a way to buy, say, Growth - Inherent, to make your hill giant character. He doesn't have a "normal" size and gets bigger, he is just naturally 20 feet tall, etc. You can't drain a hill giant and make him a "normal human sized." Just like you shouldn't be able to drain Angel's wings, and suddenly he doesn't have them any more. Like I always hated that Wolverine's "healing factor" was apparently something separate from his natural self, because it could be "turned off" by various plot McGuffins. Wwasn't it simply a natural part of him? How does something magically "turn it off" without changing his body at a molecular level into something else. Could that same thing turn of any normal person's ability to heal, which is essentially saying you've stopped cellular growth and all that implies. Can you drain his "hairiness" or "shortness" and suddenly Logan is tall and svelte? Those are natural aspects of his physical self, just like rapid healing... right? When is a power something separate from "who the character is" (Steve Rogers vs. super serum adding abilities), and when is a power simply "who the character is" i.e. Forge... I'm a really, super-intuitive technological gadget designer... can you drain that?
  2. in 6e1, Inherent requires also applying Always On. Always On is forbidden for a power with the Focus limitation. Is there no way to build a Focus with a power where that power is Inherent to the existence of the Focus itself? For example, a power that represents a physical quality of the material/object in question (and is thus not adjustable)...