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Found 4 results

  1. Version 1.2


    A nice looking well formatted Combat sheet for 6e. Includes OCV, OMCV, DCV, DMCV, PDtotal rPD, EDtotal, rED, Body, End, Stun. Along with a standard Segment/phase chart. The sheet was designed to be printed out in landscape, but should print ok in Portrait mode
  2. Norfressa For Wizards View File 4 page Template for Fantasy Hero 5th edition. Based on the default template. Designed for two-sided printing. Prints the real costs for items in a VPP, so that spell casters can immediately see what real points each slot is using. Includes point totals for each section in the header and Total Equipment costs in SP Includes a PSL section in the combat summary Pg1 Characteristics/combat tables Pg2 Skills/Powers Pg3 Martial Arts/Perks/Talents Pg4 Disads/Equipment NOTE: use the first 2 lines of skills for PSL or leave them blank! The template will print the first two skills as PSL's Submitter dlapine Submitted 06/04/2018 Category Export Formats Output Format HTML (Browser) Rules Version HERO System 5th Edition  
  3. Version February 15, 2008


    FPCA HTML Book Format HERO System Fifth Edition Type: Combat Record File Extensions: HTML, HTM This prints a book of the Characters. Characters exported in this format will display only their biographic information, abilities, and they display in a very simple format. There are no combat maneuver charts, CV notes, and so on. Just the stats, ma'am. Based on an export template by Derek Hiemforth, and modified for book printing by Anne Serene as the "Legacies Book" combat record. Corrections and bug cleanup by Silbeg (Jack Brown) : silbeg@silbeg.com. I cleaned up a couple of "bugs" in the output, and also cleaned up some formatting. I would like to add a stylesheet (embedded) and the like, but we'll see how that goes! Downloads: 428 Last Updated: Friday, February 15, 2008
  4. Version February 15, 2008


    CSV - LEGACIES GROUP RECORD SHEET HERO System Fifth Edition Type: Combat Record File Extensions: CSV This is the export template for the spreadsheet I use to track Characters at the Legacies Event. The Fields are as follows: (some are self explanatory) F - A general purpose Flag Field I use a H here for held action, S for Stunned, U for Unconscious, etc. Character - the name of the character DEX - the character's DEX SPD - The Character;s SPD 1 - 12 - The Phases an P here means the character has an action at their Primary SPD/An S means they have an action on their secondary SPD. OCV - the OCV mOCV - Durring the campaign I edit this to a modified OCV to represent frequently used skill levels, modifiers, etc. DCV - the DCV mDCV - Durring the campaign I edit this to a modified DCV to represent frequently used skill levels, modifiers, etc. ECV - the ECV ECV - The ECV tPD - total PD rPD - resistant PD tED - total ED rED - resistant ED PER Roll - Perception Roll. tSTUN - The character's current STUN STUN - The character's Normal STUN tEND - The character's current END END - The character's Normal END tBODY - The character's current BODY BODY - The character's Normal BODY EXP - The character's Experience Points Unrecorded EXP - Used to track experience I may wish to record as the character does notable actions but have not yet awarded Exceptional Actions - Actions done by the character that I want to jot down. Action - What the character is currently doing (a note to myself that is good for long sequences) Notes - Anything else I want to keep track of. I know that there are a lot of fields, I hide and show them in my spreadsheet as needed. Most of the time I keep just a few for a minimal combat record sheet showing. Send Questions and comments to: Anne Serene . Downloads: 657 Last Updated: Friday, February 15, 2008
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