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Found 1 result

  1. Pattern Ghost

    This Week in MMOs

    One of the things I'd like to do (but not a resolution) this year is establish regular writing habits. Blogging is one way to do that. I figured I'd pick a couple of subjects and write at least once a week about them. Then I realized that the forums no longer have a blog function! So, we get this thread . . . I'll be attempting to post every Friday about the inanity that was my week in MMO gaming. I may mention other computer/console but non-MMO activities, but the bulk of my computerized gaming time is on MMOs, so there ya go. Feel free to jump in with anything you have to say related to MMOs, not just responding to my babbling. Create some new babble of your own and chuck it in! I'm kind of a non-casual casual player these days. I still spend a lot of time outside of the games trying to figure out what best to do in the games, but I no longer do any organized playing at a higher level, such as raiding or organized PVP. I probably spend more time outside of games digging into the theorycrafting (which I leave to others) stuff than actually in game these days. So, on to my week! I'm going to include a bit of last week for this first post. I suppose the biggest update for this first post is that I've let my WoW subscription lapse as of the 7th. I completed my Sky Golem last week, and a few more of the largest bags. I also made a couple of the 553 epic legs to sell. So, basically my time in game lately has been logging in, crafting my daily ingredient for a large item, then logging out. I also did a bit of raid pet hunting. I got lucky and got all of the Tempest Keep pets in one run, but had no luck on anything else. I've been kind of interested in doing the whole pet battle thing, but never got around to it. It's like my backup plan if I ever have absolutely nothing amusing to do with my time. Before that, it was mount hunting. I was leveling a few alts to get more 90s to hit holiday and raid bosses. But I already have my six main characters at 90, and doing too many more runs a day would take up too much time since I'm going to have other projects to work on now that I'm starting to feel slightly better. (Current 90s: Ret Paladin, Frost Mage, Frost DK, Fury Warrior, Feral/Balance Druid, Beast Mastery Hunter; Current 80s: Frost DK, Ret Pally (abandoned chars on other servers), Enhancement Shaman.) One alt project I started recently was to start an alt on a completely new server and see if I could farm up enough money and Darkmoon Prize Tickets to get it geared up with heirlooms. I did this before the cross-realm BOA mailing was put in. Mainly because new players complain about old players and their heirlooms, and I knew they could catch up pretty quickly with a little effort. So, the idea was to test out my theory before offering up advice to newbies on the WoW forums. Here's how you do it: 1. Get professions up to 75. 2. Get character level up to 15. 3. Go to the Darkmoon Faire and do all of the quests, including all the dailies. 4. Fish the shipwreck debris pools for Sealed Crates. 5. Open said crates and remove all the high level crafting materials. 6. Get an auction mod, like Auctioneer or Auctionator and install it. 7. Sell the goods. Profit. 8. Join one of the high level guilds that spams invites. Make sure they have all the perks unlocked to buy heirlooms. 9. Buy cash heirlooms. 10. Buy quest turn in items from AH, and turn them in. Make sure you only buy the level 15 items. 11. Turn in tickets for an heirloom item. You should have enough to get at least one, unless you're going for a two handed weapon, which will take two Faires for a lowbie. Obviously, some of those steps will be out of order. Creating a second character to gather tickets on will get you two items the first week. Fishing may have to be done in off hours if there are too many high levels with water walking abilities, but even in high traffic times, a lowbie can still make some good money. This post is probably getting too long, so I'll continue babbling below. Next up: GW2, DDO, Neverwinter Online, DCUO.