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Found 6 results

  1. Ninja-Bear

    Kung Fu 2100

    Hello Herophiles, im finally sitting down to post about a game I would love to play in Hero system, Kung Fu 2100. I have the original Pocket Box version and the Gurps version. The premise is simple. In a near future, Clonemasters hold all the power (& technology). You are a super martial artist know as a Terminator, able to Dodge bullets and break down doors with your bare hands! Your mission is to destroy the local Clonemaster. However besides having a local police force, the Clonemaster has his own force of super martial artists which have failed to be Terminators and now work for the enemy, they are derisively known as Jellies. What’s not to love? Gurps does flesh this out a little more. The biggest thing I need to get is to set the power level correctly. On a preivious thread I stated that I keep falling into the trap of trying to do an exact translation instead of a paraphrase of you will. One element I would like to keep if possible is that in the PB version, Terminatora and Jellies can lose their super martial abilities.
  2. I think this is a quick, easy, question... but often there are nuances in Hero that come up, especially in the world of 5th/6th and the naked advantages as well as this allowable build that stacks damage abilities on top of equipment damage. (Extra DCs on top of a gun you didn't pay points for... which has always struck me as breaking a fundamental concept of Hero... powers and equipment don't mix... but anyway...) If a character has Deadly Blow "Headshots only" and Weaponmaster "Pistols" and ranged Martial Arts with added damage classes with his Pistol... it is correct that there is nothing in RAW to stop all this damage from stacking? So a 9mm pistol does 1d6+1K... plus 1d6K if a headshot, +1d6K for being a pistol, plus 2 more damage classes from Far Shot or whatever... pistol does 4d6K? (Not involving hit location multipliers at this point.) Correct? As per RAW, there is no reason these all can't stack together? (I'm not saying there aren't issues of balance here, just checking RAW.) There is also nothing in RAW saying that this only applies to human/soft targets... because now that 9mm isn't just a perfect shot to the eye... even if you take away Deadly Blow, and now only 3d6K, that 9mm is doing hellacious damage to non-headshots as well. Just checking to see if I'm reading this right.
  3. In 6E, I can't seem to find where the rules state the ratio of Martial Art DCs to gain extra damage on Nerve Strike/Choke Hold maneuvers that do NND damage. For example, Mr. Artist has bought Choke Hold (2D6 NND), and then buys four Damage Classes with his art. How much damage does his Choke Hold now do? (Also, it was kinda difficult just to find the rules on *buying* extra Martial DCs...)
  4. Hello everyone, Upon reading the 6th edition Martial Arts HERO book, I noticed that there is a power called Summon Ancestral Spirit (pg. 163) that describes a summon power, but never stats out exactly what the ancestral spirit is. Does anyone have the stats or information for the Ancestral Spirit? If so, please let me know where to find it- or post it here.
  5. A question for interpretation vs. RAW: How do you rule on Martial Dodge vs. multiple different kinds of attacks? For example: Scenario 1: Character has Martial Dodge, uses it, gets +5 vs. all attacks until his next action. Ok... pretty typical. Whether being shot at, electrified, punched... his DCV is +5 with dodge. Scenario 2: Character has Martial Dodge AND +3 levels with Martial Arts. Uses dodge, gets +8 vs. all attacks until his next action. Hmmm... really? How are levels with Martial Arts helping with avoiding bullets and energy blasts? But maybe... Scenario 3: Character has Martial Dodge AND +3 levels with HtH Combat. Uses dodge, gets +8 vs. all attacks... or wait... these are HtH levels, so only vs. HtH attacks? This is weird... because HtH levels cost more than levels with Martial Arts, but wouldn't give as much benefit to Dodge? That seems wrong. But it also seems wrong to have levels with HtH be effective against Ranged Attacks, right? So... what this seems to be indicating is that either Martial Dodge was, all along, ONLY supposed to be vs. HtH attacks and I've been interpreting it wrong all along... but that seems incorrect, because the basic Dodge maneuver is flat +3 vs. all attacks, so why would Martial Dodge be worse? New Scenario 1: character has Martial dodge, +3 with Martial Arts and +2 with swords (3 pt levels). Uses dodge without sword in hand, gets +8 DCV... draws sword and dodges, gets +10 DCV... hmmm... weird... - now, in a HtH fight, having the sword out and using to help deflect or keep distance from HtH attackers totally makes sense, so I could see the extra +2 DCV. Having the sword out vs. guns and energy blasts... I don't see how that should help? - so... do 3pt levels used for Defense only count for either HtH or Ranged? Do you have to define such when you buy them? Essentially, when playing supers, most of this doesn't matter as much, but for more "realistic" Danger International level games, it makes no sense why a samurai is suddenly harder to hit with a machine gun when he has his sword in hand. And yes, I've been playing Hero since 1st Edition and I get the basic rules, but changes in 5th and 6th Ed, especially around the whole "ranged Martial arts" vs. "hth martial arts" starts to confuse the issue... so I'm more interested in how people interpret/rule on these things in their games... not just the RAW interpretation. Thanks
  6. AlHazred

    Talislantan Martial Arts

    Version 1


    These martial arts are from the Talislanta game, originally published by Bard Games in 1987. Talislanta was an attempt to make a fantasy setting very different from the vanilla fantasy settings then dominating the market -- the tagline for the game/setting is "Talislanta. Still No Elves!" Among the many elements of the setting are martial arts systems. Back in the 90s, I converted several of them for the 4th edition Hero System, then when 5th edition was published I uploaded several of them to the Hero Games webpage Digital Hero ezine. Sadly, those submissions are lost to the Internet Archive. When 6th edition was made, I updated the martial arts yet again (adding Aerial Combat and renaming Zandir Bladesmanship to Swordsmanship, as per the then-recently-updated Talislanta rules), and uploaded them to the boards. They didn't survive the changeover, but I see that they're still popular enough to warrant being resurrected. So, here they are. The prefab file contains: Aerial Combat: The fighting art of skilled warriors of the flying races (Aerdians, Stryx, Gryphs, etc.) Arimite Knife-Fighting: Provided in both melee and ranged flavors, the lethal fighting style of the dour Arimites is presented. Swordsmanship: The flamboyant fencing style of the Cymril swordsmages, Zandir bravos, and Gao-Dinian corsairs. Tazian Combat: The brutal and effective hand-to-hand style of the Thralls of Taz. If you want to try a different setting (it's based on an easy-to-learn rules system, but can readily be converted to Hero System), I recommend you give it a try. Most of the books for it are available for free on-line, by the grace of setting creator Stephen Michael Sechi. A pdf of the martial arts styles, formatted in standard Hero style, can be found here.