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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone, I am building a template for a serpentfolk type creature. Essentially it has the body and tail of a snake with no back legs. It is the size of a human more or less and has two humanoid arms. It can stand coiling up its body or crawl on the ground as a snake does. The arms are not needed for locomotion. It has the head of a snake with fangs that are poisonous and I am giving it a constriction attack. To simulate the constriction attack I was thinking of creating an Instinctual Snake Martial Arts. The main move is Grab Five Limbs (2+3) +10 STR (+2) and -1 OCV -1 DCV (-2) for five points. I also will add a Martial Escape that ups DCV, a Martial Block, defined as the coils of the body deflecting the momentum of the strike and a Strike, a quick STR strike. To up the constriction ability I will buy a HTH attack linked to the Squeeze effect of a Grab i.e. not with Slam or Throw just squeeze that does extra damage to the target being grabbed when the creature constricts with its body or squeezes. This I think will work well to cover what I want and I have a bite attack d6+1 KA, Penetrating +1/2A reduced Stun damage -1 (-1/4L) AVAD normal PD (-1/2L). I also bought it inaccurate -1/4L to reflect difficulty targeting the bite attack. The point of the bite is that there will be a poison linked to it that requires one body be done to a target i.e. the poison has to get into the bloodstream. This iI can figure out a well. The thing I am trying to determine is how do I get the bite attack to be made while constricting since that is another attack. The only thing I can think is to buy the bite attack with a trigger that is linked to the Grab as a 0 phase action the creature can bite while constricting on the same phase as one action. Note the trigger is linked and not the attack meaning that another attack roll must be made. Not sure how to do that. The last thing is I want CSL in the bite attack (say 12 points or +6 to the roll) that are only usable when attempting to bite a target that is helpless due to a grab to counteract the inaccurate so I guess this equates to a +3 effective addition to the to hit roll on a grabbed target. What do you think?